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33 Task To Outsource And Why People Fail In Online Marketing

Duplicate yourself and maximize success!

Before I talk about outsourcing, let me tell what happened the other day. This week I went to an Internet marketing workshop in the Four Points (Sheraton) Hotel, and the room was full of people that have tried to earn a living online but fail, and a few looking to start a new business or to learn how to make some extra income on the site. But, all the members at the seminar had something in common, they were all Internet marketing beginners, only 5% of the attendees new what SEO or search engine optimization was, but didn't know nothing about how it really works or how to make it work for them.

Now, in the other hand the people at conference knew what I knew, that
95% of the attendees were newbies when it comes to marketing and building a business on the web, and they were ready to take advantage of this situation. They were offering little value to the people there, because most of the seminar was to sell them a second conference (a paid one), where they gonna get a whole day training session with some experts. I said they didn't offer much quality because the only valuable thing they thought was how some can actually start a profitable Internet business by targeting a specific on-demand niche.

I notice that most entrepreneurs fail online because there is too much to learn about web marketing, which can confuse anyone, specially if you never did marketing or any business task before. Some of the things that an entrepreneur needs to learn are:
  1. Search engine optimization.
  2. Social media.
  3. Creating a blog.
  4. Writing blog posts.
  5. Article marketing.
  6. Online PR.
  7. Back link building.
  8. Search marketing.
  9. Pay per click or PPC advertising.
  10. Market research.
  11. Keyword research.
  12. Keeping up with customer support.
  13. Local search optimization.
  14. Web brand management.
  15. Building authority.
  16. Managing technical stuff.
  17. Email list building.
  18. Squeeze pages or lead capture pages.
  19. Permission email marketing.
  20. List management.
  21. Ezine Advertising.
  22. Join venture partnerships.
  23. Coregistration campaigns.
  24. Pay per view or PPV advertising.
  25. Manual traffic exchange.
  26. Display Ad Retargeting.
  27. Display advertising.
  28. Web analytic and metrics.
  29. RSS marketing.
  30. Content syndication.
  31. Interactive media.
  32. Reputation management.
  33. Split testing.
  34. Conversion tuning.
  35. Landing pages.
  36. Affiliate promotions.
  37. Viral campaigns.

As you can see there is enough factors to make a newbie quit in hard beat. Don't get wrong, i don't want you to quit, I just need to you to understand that; Yes, there are many methods and mediums to distribute your message, but you don't need to know all of these element to start a successful Internet business... What you really need is to learn how to duplicate yourself, by outsourcing some of most of your tasks, at least those that you have trouble with so you can focus on what you are good at, like:
  • Planning.
  • Marketing.
  • Brainstorming ideas.
  • Setting goals.
  • Creating new projects.
  • Etc..

At the beginning can be really hard to use outsourcing as a tool to build your business, not for everyone but for a lot of people can be hard to put together a big budget for a new start-up. Don't worry, that's why I created this blog to teach you how to do it for little or no cost at the beginner. And you can outsource some of your tasks as soon your business starts generating a profit you can work with.

Just remember that outsourcing and duplication are the main reason companies like McDonalds, Dominos, Subway, and others are so successful, and you can apply the same principal to your company. On the following week I'll writing about how to use outsourcing in your business to take it to the next level and how you can start with a small investment, then grow from there.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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