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38 Free Articles Marketing Secret Tactics From

EzineArticles Directory

One of the lessons I learn in the world of business is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel in order to become successful, in fact there are more success histories of top entrepreneurs that follow or copy what other successful people were doing and their level of success passed those that they follow. For example; Bill Gates with Microsoft.

That's the same approach you can take when it comes to articles marketing, writing and syndication. That's why i thought it would be great to feature more top article writing and promotion methods from EzineArticles it self. Below is another set of some awesome free advice by the dudes that are the top master on the content distribution industry (

   1 * Golden rule of HTML for Article Writers: Every HTML tag you OPEN, must be CLOSED.

   2 * Tip: Don't use URL Shorteners in your Resource Box or article. Better to include a URL from a domain that you own/control for life.

   3 * Article Writing Tip: Let each article stand alone and deliver your intended message. Your readers will love the simplicity of your delivery.

   4 * "Hit the ground running" in your article body. Your 1st sentence and 1st paragraph should deliver immediate value to your reader.

   5 * Most authors find it's easier to write (1) 1000 word article than (2) 500 word articles; yet (2) 500 word articles always outperforms.

   6 * Article Writing Tip: Don't let your article's primary aim be to attract traffic. Let it be to help your reader improve or solve a problem.

   7 * What's the IDEAL word count? 400-800 words. Anytime you approach 1200 words or more, consider breaking the article in half.

   8 * Your resource box should not be more than 15% of the article body length. Don't oversell here. Let your expertise shine through the article.

   9 * Resource Box: Include one benefit-oriented sentence about what specifically you can do for the reader that is related to your expertise.

   10 * If your reader wants to contact you, can they? Or do they need to be a sleuth? Add your name and contact info to your site and be known!

   11 * Article parts are not syndication friendly. Consider changing titles so each article stands alone and not dependent on another article.

   12 * If content is King, RELEVANT content is Queen; ie, the power behind the throne. Writing articles about lawn care doesn't sell puppy food.

   13 * Your article should not need your article summary in order to make sense. The ARTICLE SUMMARY is a teaser to the full article.

   14 * Don't quote or source in your articles. Readers want your voice. Give them what they have not yet discovered or read elsewhere. Be unique.

   15 * Make your articles easy on the eyes. Use proper format, paragraphs, and lists. The goal: easy reading and quick info-sharing.

   16 * If you COPY and PASTE from MS WORD and you use our WYSIWYG editor, be CERTAIN to use the "PASTE FROM WORD" button only.

   17 * Know and understand SEO, but don't depend on it for your marketing plan. Draw readers with expert content, not just well-researched keywords.

   18 * Q: What tense should I write in? A: Present tense is more exciting and makes info sound current. Ex: Articles make (vs 'made') my day!

Fun Facts:

   19 * A 'Parrot Expert' isn't really an expert at all, but rather they repeat and regurgitate what others have already written = not a real expert. 

   20 * 'I've seen sales CTR conversions increase by 23% (via Google analytics) w/ the traffic brought in by EzineArticles.' -Stephen Sandecki. That's a good reason to write good articles.

Inside Information:

   21 * Your Article Title: We have an automated article title capitalizer the capitalizes the first letter of each major word for you.

   22 * Linking to PDF's in your articles: We currently don't allow PDF links in articles due to poor user experience for low bandwidth users.

   23 * Little known Category Guidelines cheat-sheet: .

   24 * All EzineArticles training videos are posted on their YouTube Channel (10) days after they go live on their site. So, check it out for more great lessons: .

   25 * True question someone asked EzineArticles, 'How do I find article agents or where do I find them?' :) Answer: Your articles *ARE* your agents.

   26 * Little known secret for high-volume article writers, check this page: .

   27 * What they call Pen Name, Pseudo Name, Pseudonym, Literary Double, or Nom De Plume... They call "Alt-Author" (short for Alternate-Author Name).

   28 * Their article submission form is now disallowing articles that contain META HTML tags in them as they never belong in articles. So, if you want to be approve fast don't add any HTML.

   29 * The photo limit in your Profile Photo Gallery increased to 100 from 36. They also reduced the minimum resolution to 240x300 to allow smaller photos.

   30 * If you have problems getting your new Facebook Profile entered into your EzineArticles BIO? Contact their Member Support and they can do it for you.

Motivational Article Writing Tips:

   31 * It's only the 4th of May and one member already submitted more than 100 articles this month. If they can, you can too! :) #HAHD

   32 * If you can imagine it, you can write it. Boldness has genius/traffic in it. Begin it. Write it and Submit it. -Chris Knight channeling Goethe.

   33 * Your articles are like training vehicles. Each article should deliver good quality strategies in terms your audience will understand.

   34 * Don't lose your article writing focus. If you've forgotten what your focus is, revisit it and start writing! Your audience is expecting it.

   35 * Cure writer's block: go back to basics. What are you trying to tell your readers, and why? Answer those two questions to get writing again!

   36 * Expert authors are defined as writers who cannot be imitated. They are UNIQUE, offer VALUE, and DELIVER in every article.

   37 * Quality content is: informative, unique, and well-written. Quality content is not: continually re-hashed or full of grammatical errors.

   38 * Use articles to brand yourself. Once readers recognize your unique style they'll associate it with quality material... and come back for more!

Wow!... That's a lot of article marketing secret tactics you an use right now to boost your content writing and your click through rates. Enjoy maximizing your promotions and your responses!

To your content syndication success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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