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Become Split Testing and Tracking Maniac

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

Knowing What's Split Testing And Tracking Important... Top Online Marketers And Super Affiliates Use This To Track Results And Increase Response!

The number one success factor for any Internet marketing plan and strategy, is testing and tracking the results of each part of your marketing or advertising campaign, and then you can use the data to help you optimize your ad copy, sales letter, or landing page in order to make it more effective and increase web conversions.

Split testing and tracking is....

This is just a powerful tracking strategy of the response that different versions of your ad or landing page delivers. For example, if you have a banner promoting your web site on a high traffic blog, you can use a split testing script that will show two or three different colors of the sames banner, then you need to track the banner click-through and see which color banner ad had the higher CTR or click-through-rate.... Then just keep the ad color with better results.

Now you need to know that testing needs to be a never ending task, this will increase your web conversions and ROI or return-on-investment. Like on the example above, after testing the color of the ad, now you can test the ad copy, or even be more specific and test just the ad headline. Then test the rest of the sales copy, etc...

How type of Split Testing and Tracking are available for marketers?

There are many type of split testing techniques that you can use on your site and always you can come out with one that better works for the kind of business or product you are selling, but the most popular web conversion testings are:

- Multivariate Testing: This is when you test different areas of your landing pages with a targeted audience and see what converts better.

- A/B Split Testing: This one is good for banner ads, landing pages, and email. Here you split you audience in two or more small groups and then expose them to a sales or ad copy to see which one have better conversions, then you will use the best one to target a large audience.

- Bounce Rate Tracking: This is when people visit your web site or blog and leave without visiting another web page on the site.

- Exit Rate Tracking: This is when a person visit your web site or blog and click to check other pages on your site and then leave.

- Taguchi Method: This is a method created by Genichi Taguchi, his testing method is devided in 3 different tactics: The loss function, the off-line quality control philosophy, and innovation in the design of experiment. The Taguchi Method can be confusing for any marketing beginner and even for some advanced marketers, and actually will take me a whole blog post to explain it in detail to you... But, in Internet marketing using the Taguchi Method is when you plan your marketing test by understanding the real function of your ad, product or website, and the goal you want to achieve... then you can apply this data into the multi variables of your site or ad that will be change for the testing and tracking. I hope this help you understand how this method work for online statistic testing. If you want a complete explanation about this go to the Taguchi Method page at Wikipedia, but I don't really recommended because it can be confusing.

- HeatMaps: Heatmaps use to be only a tracking system to check web sites and search engines visitors eye movements... But, now a heatmap can be also use for any type of web sites or landing pages, where you're not only get a tracking data on the eye movements of your visitors, but also on where they click, where they move their mouse, and more... This can help you understand your visitors better, with this information can help them find what they are looking for faster, and you can find money making VRE or virtual real estate where you can put affiliate programs, Google Adsense, or advertisement.

What are some of the areas you should test?
Some of the areas that you should test to increase your web site and ad conversions are:

- Headlines.
- Sales or Ad Copy.
- Forms.
- Images.
- Colors.
- Pricing.
- Offers.
- Font.
- Layout.
- Registration Pages.
- Advertising Campaigns

If you aren't using split testing as part of your result tracking methods, you are loosing a lot of sales... You need to learn what to change and when to change it, but the more you testing you do the more practice you will get. You can also hire a split testing manager or adviser to help you optimize your landing pages and ad copy.


- SplitTester: This is a free split testing tool that anyone can use.

- CrazyEgg: This free heatmap tool is good for bloggers, because you only need to copy and paste the java script in your blog and start collecting the data.

- OpenX: Download this free tool to do ad split testing on as many pages as you like. The only problem is that the last version doesn't give you CTR data... Check the plug-in below.

- OpenAdsMods: This plug-in will give you all the CTR data you need to help trash bad banner ads, and keep the converting ones.

- Split Test Accelerator: Complete Taguchi testing for landing pages.

I also recommend you to check Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online 2008 Version. This is the number one Internet marketing training for over 10 years.

In Conclusion: Start using split testing and tracking right away on every web site, landing page, and advertising campaign. And them call me and the morning to let me know how your web conversions are doing.

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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Robert Prack said...

Excellent article... I really learn a lot about how top internet marketers test and track their web sites and ad campaign success.

Before this article I didn't know anything about split testing and tracking methods, so I really thanks full you wrote about this tactics, thanks for the free resources you list on the post.

Great info man...

Robert Prack

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