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12 Lead Capture Squeeze Pages Elements of Success

Yes, It Will Only Take 12 Elements to Turn Your Lead Capture Squeeze Pages Into a Instant Success!

There are more than 12 ways to increase the success responses from your lead capture marketing campaign but today I want to point at the 12 most important ones, the ones that will boost your lead conversion rate and will give you the opportunity to generate more money from by having a bigger opt-in email list.

Remember that list building is just the beginning of your email marketing campaign, but because is the beginning it needs to provide a good first impression and targeted information and promotion to make your whole system a complete success... I'll be writing more about how to maximize your lead generation campaign by using strategic promotions on June, right now I just want to help you understand what are the web site design elements or success design tools that every good converting squeeze pages need to have.

Are You A Beginners?

If you are in the Internet marketing beginners or newbies category you might not know what a lead capture landing page is, don't worry is nothing difficult to understand, because you may already seen a few of them on the web, specially if you are searching information about marketing or online business you will see many marketers using lead capture pages offering you some kind of free information or service to have you subscribe.

So, what is a squeeze page? Is not other thing that a mini-site with a little bit of sales copy that will try to sell you into subscribing to their emailing list through a web form that usually ask for your name and email address... But, there are many mini-sites that will ask for more information in order for you to get the free goods, stuff like: Physical address, phone number, web site URL, company name, etc..

Remember to use Internet marketing fundamentals to help you increase your success rate...

I specially in this recession recommend new online marketers and small business owners to focus their Internet marketing campaigns in building a targeted opt-in email list full of potential customers.

12 Optimization Elements For List Building Success.

OK, is time to get to the main factors that your landing pages need to have to deliver better web conversions with higher ROI (return on investment). Here there are:

1. A selling pre-headline.
Make sure your pre-headline have a clear call to action, mention the main benefit for signing up, and if you can tell them how or when they going to get their goods.

2. An attention boosting headline that makes people read more.
Your main headline is very important to the success of your campaign. Make it unique, attention grabbing, big enough for anyone to see, mention the WIFM (What's In It For Me) or main benefit.

3. Use professional ecovers for your giveaway.
To make sure you get a lot of subscribers you need to have some kind of relevant giveaways to promote, something like an ebook, email course, webinar, teleseminar, video, audio, etc.. And to make the product more appeal to your audience is good to use an ecover, which also have been proof to increase your conversion rate.

4. Your name, auto-updating date, and a photo (the photo is optional).
One thing that online marketers can learn from social media is that a real name and a picture can make a big different, why? Because people want to feel comfortable by knowing is a real person behind a web presence. Yes, this is another element that will increase your conversions.
I recommend you to read "Bad Pictures Can Kill Your List Generating Landing Page".

5. Video or audio introduction of yourself and the product (optional).
One thing you can learn from top Internet marketing experts is that they are using video and audio a lot in their salesletters and landing pages, which mean only one thing, it works! Yes, if you want to take your mini site conversion to levels I recommend you to integrate multimedia into your sales process, preferable video.

6. Personal introduction to build maximum rapport with prospects.
Just like the photo, the name, and the video, a written personal introduction can help you get closer to your prospect, because is traditional way for people to start building a relationship.

7. Use bullet points for more attention.
People love to read specially when the content is organize into bullet points. This are great to mention your top benefits... Remember benefits not features!

8. A clear call-to-action and opt-in instructions.
This is just like adding an "Open Sign" on the door of a retail store, makes people take action now. So, tell them that by sign in up with there name and email address on the form below they will be minutes (whatever time will take to deliver the goods) away to get the product that will solve their problem.

9. Add an eye grabbing opt-in form.
By adding a some color, eye popping form border, or a flashy arrow to your form will make it more visible and will also increase your opt-ins.

10. Add opt-in instructions.
This strategy help your leads remember to read your emails. Here you will tell them what to do after signing in, like checking their spam or bulk email inbox for the your email, and tell them to add you to their contact list, so they never miss any important information. Is good to also add this information on your thank you page.

11. Sign off with your name and graphic version of your signature.
This little technique creates more responsiveness, and keep you building more rapport with your audience.

12. Your "contact us", privacy policy, and disclaimer.
Remember that on the Internet success is base on relationships, branding, authority, and trust... So if you want to really make the best out of your list building campaign you need to add links to your "contact us" page, a privacy policy, and to a disclaimer. All this will help you build trust and protect you from any legal troubles.

Also read "8 Squeeze Pages Success Elements" for more lead generation optimization tips.

To get unlimited advice about high conversion lead capture pages strategies visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Systematization Strategies.
- Email Strategies Explained. Advanced Email Marketing.

Another thing you should know is that when you promote on Google Adwords with a lead capture squeeze page you need to have the 12 element that I mention above, specially the privacy policy and the disclaimer. If not, Google will not let you use it until you add those fundamental factors to your site.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Vinitha said...

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I have found a very interesting article on how it works and how you can automate all these process using tools. have used the tool mentioned there and it is cool and easy to use. Check it out, it is worth spending few minutes.

James M said...

Great advice LG, actually is the best article I found about squeeze pages and lead generation marketing... I'm a blogger, and I want to start building a list of potential customers, i seem many people having a incredible success with list building and in-house email marketing that's why i need to get into wagon...

I hope I'm not too late :-(

Luis thanks for sharing such a good advice..

Best regards

James M.


Luis Galarza said...

Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your online marketing insights with my readers James and Vinitha... I hope my advice help you boost your lead generation response rate.

Just make sure to test and track everything you do so you can tune and improve your squeeze pages to increase your conversions.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Consultant

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