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8 Essential Internet Marketing Elements That Will Boost Sales And Customer Service

Main Elements to Promote Your Site Online

Let me give a little advice I learn long ago from one of the top Internet marketing experts, my first mentor Corey Rudl the founder of IMC and the best training course on the market for over 12 years "". He show me that if every step you do in your online business is made with 'Customer Satisfaction' in mind, the process will always be a profitable move.

Here are 8 simple but very essential elements and ideas for developing a remarkable customer service focus business process:

1. Have an open talk environment by letting your website visitors and current clients to give you their feedback, people love to share their opinions and you can learn a lot from them. Let them submit their feedback:
* By email.
* On a comment box.
* Site contact page.
* On your Facebook page.
* On Twitter.
* On LinkedIn.

2. Now for this feedback and customer support system to really work you need to make sure that you can respond very fast to any of this contact points. It doesn't matter if they contacting you to give you feedback or report a concern or problem you need to provide quick responds specially if they contact you by tweet or Facebook. If they contact you by email make sure to answer in 48 hours or less.

3. Let your clients help each other by let them share their tips and the experience with your product or service on an online discussion group which can be easily set up on your site or even better on high traffic sites like Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Facebook.

TIP: Don't start a newsgroup about your product or service until you have a good amount of sales. Instead create a group about your company and post small tips that can help your prospects and clients learn more about your offerings.

4. FAQ page is a must! Yes, the web evolve everyday but something are part of the web sphere, like having a 'about us' page or a 'contact us' page on your site. A Frequently Ask Questions page is something most web users always look for if they need to learn more about your product or service before making a decision.

To make the best use of this pre-selling tool you need to keep the content up to date. Just, think of most the questions, concerns, and sales objections people can have or already have with your product.

TIP: Set up a FAQ page or list for each product, service and for your site if visitors needs to be educated about it.

5. Make developing relationship with your audience a regular element in your web marketing effort. Find the places where they hanging out and become part of the conversation. Join places like:
* Newsgroups.
* Chat rooms.
* Social networks.
* Content sharing sites.
* Blogging.
* Etc..

6. Apply in house strategic email marketing methods. Always try to build a list of hot leads that you can send a ezine or online newsletter, follow up with offers, tips, and more. Also, have a separate email list of your customers and send then informational newsletter and promote back end offers of products your own or affiliate programs.

7. Increase your search engine exposure with different related keywords that can boost your web traffic but at the same time maximize your market authority. You can do this by creating and syndicating your content all over the web. Some of the different type of content you can distribute are:
* Article writing.
* Online videos.
* Webinars.
* Podcasts.
* eBooks or reports.
* Educational audio reports.
* Pictures and images.
* Tweets (Twitter updates).
* Facebook updates.
* Etc..

8. Another great way to increase sales and provide better service is by providing an instant communication system like:
* Live web support.
* Video tutorials are the new FAQs pages.
* Post your companies toll free number, if you have one.
* Post your Skype user name and tell your visitors the time they can contact you.

Now is all up to you to see what can be easily integrated in your business and Internet marketing processes so you get the best results possible from your efforts. Just remember to keep your customers interest in mind.


Luis Galarza,
Online Marketing Specialist.

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