Friday, October 17, 2008

Article Marketing: Increase Click-Through Rate

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Article Marketing Is One Of The Most Internet Marketing Strategies Recommended By The Pros, Because Offers Many Benefits To You And Because It's High Conversions. Now Is Time To Tune Those Articles To Increase Click-Through Rate!

Article marketing is one of the best ways to build your online credibility and send targeted wen traffic to your site, but many new and experience Internet marketers still don't apply article syndication strategies that can really boost their revenue. They don't know all the benefits that have writing articles, which include getting high click through rates, plus high web conversion rates that turn into more sales, more leads, more blog readers, more Adsense clicks, and more downloads. That's why before I tell you how you can increase your articles click through rates I need to make sure that you know all the great benefits you can get by writing targeted articles for your audience.

I know you may already know some of the key benefits of article marketing but as you know most of my blog readers are Internet marketing beginners, and I need to make sure they know why they should start writing right away and submit their work to article directories. I know that writing articles or reports takes time and can be a great challenge for many of you, I know this because I pass for the same scary path, but after you get use to it, you will be putting together content reach articles and reports in no time... Just get start it and you will develop your skills in time, but you can still start taking advantage of this online marketing technique right from the beginning, you will increase your click-through rate when your writing skill get better, or you can use the tips below to boost your click-thru right from the start, I think that will be better, don't you think?

Article Marketing Benefits.

There is no dough that if you want to increase your website traffic, your sales, and online credibility, articles can do all and more for you or your small business. And it doesn't matter type of business or industry you are in, you can always use content syndication tactics to grow your online or offline business. Yes, publishing information to expose your business on the Internet can be very beneficial for offline companies as well, in fact content distribution and publishing is an old offline marketing strategy that has been used by thousands of marketers, what the Internet did was make the process easier and available for businesses of all sizes and levels.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by writing articles to promote your business or as affiliate marketing tool:
- Build your online credibility.

- Position yourself as an expert in your market.

- Those two help increase sales and convert more visitors into customers or opt-ins.

- You leverage other sites traffic to expose you marketing message to prospects.

- You gain more ground on top search engines results.

- You get one way back links to your site or blog.

- Help you increase your search engine ranking.

- Other publishers get to use your articles on their site or in their email newsletters.

- All that means a lot of targeted traffic for your site.

- Multiple points of contact with your audience will increase your web authority.

- Plus, articles are non-intrusive marketing, that's why they have high click-thru rates.

Article Marketing Tips To Increase Click-Through Rates.

You need to optimize your articles to increase two type of click through conversion rates, I know you maybe didn't expect this, but is the truth, let me explain:

The first one is to make the directories visitors click on your title link so they can read the article, because when you content get publish on content sites or directories visitors only get to see the title which is competing for their attention with another 20 or 50 titles, in some directories visitors may get to read a sneak preview of it, but in some of the top ones like Ezine Articles you only get to show the title among a lot of others headlines, also your title is what search engine users will see on the results so needs to be good enough to make them click to go read the rest of your information (remember content distribution helps your SEO or Search engine optimization efforts).

Article Title Optimization Tips.

The title or headline is the most important part of you articles, a good title (like "Steve Job Death: Article Marketing Campaign or Writing Mistake") will have more visitors reading the rest of your content, but a bad one will kill all your opportunities to get more readers or worst you won't get any traffic, leads or sales. Here some tips to make your titles increase click-through rates:
1. - Use long title, long titles had been proof to get better responses. So, use longer headlines of at least 70 characters to get your point across.

2. - Always start your titles with your main keyword or key phrase, this will help your articles get better search engine ranking.

3. - Go after the long tail, so instead of optimizing your headline for "car insurance" do it for "Toyota Camry car insurance". This will give you better conversions becuase your information is targeting a specific audience need. Plus, this send us to marketing tip number 4...

4. - Use a mix of relevant keywords to help you content get a wider reach through search engine results, plus is a better way to provide a powerful title for your information that is highly targeted. For example: "Toyota Camry Car Insurance In New York, 7 tips To Find The Best Agent". As you can see this article is keyword rich and very specific.

5. - The best title creates urgency to be read now, by inducing curiosity in the mind of your readers or by activating a question in them that needs an answer now. So, if you want to do this to last example, you can write some like "Toyota Camry Car Insurance In New York, 7 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Outsource". With this title I am activating the "why", the "Where", and the "What" questions that will make the right visitor to start reading right now.

6. - Two headlines or title formulas that work really good to get people to click your links are the "How To" and "(number)+(Main Keyword) Tips To". You can brainstorm many different mixes for this to formulas and write some good headlines to increase your click-thru rate.

7. - Make sure your article titles offer a promise that you can deliver in the body, so make sure you really know what you are writing about. Make you title clear and to the point, people is looking for specific information, you will increase click-through if you tell them you have what they want in your content.

The second thing that you need to optimize is the performance of each article, which mean that people is taking action after reading your information, this action can be clicking the links in your author resource box and making a purchase, read more relevant information at your content site or blog, or signing up for email updates or newsletter.

Before continue with the article marketing conversion tips, you need to make sure you don't use the content for a sales pitch, because that doesn't work, and is completely against the terms or use of most directories and distribution services, leave the sales pitch for the resource box.

You should provide useful information to an specific segment of your target market, the information needs to be unique and high quality so it shows your expertise and authority in your niche. These elements will build your credibility in the mind of your readers, and then, and only then you present your sales pitch, which needs to be located in the resource box. Now let see how you can increase your click through and overall conversion rates...

Article Body and Resource Box Optimization Tips.

First you need to have a clear Internet marketing goal on what you want to achieve with your article publishing campaigns. Write a small marketing plan for each campaign so you can have a road map of each step and strategies that you need to put your effort on to make it work.
1. - Keep it short and to the point, WRONG! Yes, keep it focus on one specific subject or better on a long tail key phrase, but make your articles a little longer than usual, why? Because this will help you rank for many combinations of long tail keywords on top search engines. Plus, you will have more space to provide detail information on he subject so your readers can get a better understanding of what you are trying to teach. But...

2. - Make sure you provide good information without giving away all the secrets. Make sure you provide a link to the place where your readers can get the whole enchilada, or the shopping list. What I mean with the shopping list, is that you may want then to opt-in for an email course or newsletter, or want them to download an ebook, and then use a set of follow ups to sell the main product, which can be your own or an affiliate program.

3. - Use the "Part 1 - Part 2" strategy, This strategy work excellent for blogs, content sites, and for list building. What you is write a set of 2, 5 or more step by step type of training course, then provide submit part one and even part two to directories and tell your readers on your resource box where to get the complete course or the other 4 or more part of the course.

4. - To increase your article marketing click-thru even more try to offer something for free, a report, ebook, membership, video, audio, or email course like the one I mention on tip number 4, but make sure you make it clear that they can get it for free, zip, nada...

5. - If you're a new user of content submission directories and syndication services you may get some low conversions at the beginning, because you haven't build your credibility, web authority, and market expertise. Well, I got a solution for you that will help you get good responses, build your credibility, increase brand exposure, get more traffic, and even make money in the process. The answer to this problem is simple, provide a free download, but make sure that you tell your readers on your resource box that is an instant download, no email or sign-up require, this simple ad will get high click-through rates even more than other old users.

To make this strategy a successful one, make sure the free download is a digital book, actually it should be a viral ebook, one that they can give away for free or resell for whatever price they want by giving then free PLR rights or free giveaway rights. To turn the viral ebook or viport into an automatic sales machine include promotions for your own products, or endorse affiliate programs.

6. - If you are planning to build your web authority through article and video marketing you can provide insights and facts about a problem and a quick solution, then in your resource box send your readers to watch a training video that is on your site, the video can be host on Youtube or any other good video sharing site. This will increase your video popularity, website traffic, web authority, expert level, and conversions.

7. - Make you content spreadable or viral by providing unique quality content with step-by-step details, and list of resources, this will make more and more web publishers to use your content in their sites or ezines, also try to provide remarkable information to increase link baiting chances. This way you will get more eyes reading your content which will turn into more click throughs.

As you can see if your title don't turn viewers into readers it doesn't matter how good is your content if nobody will never read it, that's why you need to balance your the time you work on your headline, on the content and on the resource box or offer. Many marketers said that the perfect balance is 20% on your title and 80% on the information. I think the perfect balance is work 20% on the title, 40% on the information, and 40% on the offer for the resource box.

To get unlimited advice about article marketing visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

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- #1 Internet Marketing Training Course. Learn that and more.
- Search Marketing Lab. 24/7 SEO and PPC Up to date training.

In Conclusion: Follow those article marketing strategies and you will increase both click through rates and responses in no time. Now the rest in on you, so do the Nike way, just do it! Stop spotting and start writing, you will see results sooner than you think.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Renee M. said...

Luis, very nice article, you really got a lot of details in here... I just starting writing articles 2 weeks ago and I'm already getting great results, more traffic, ranking in top spot for some good relevant keywords, and I even got two sales.

I really need to invest more time writing articles and submit them everywhere....

I love you click-thru conversion tips, I going to apply the strategies on my next articles.

Thanks for not charging for such a good info.

Renee M.

Anonymous said...

Article marketing is one of the effective way of marketing your business online. My ultimate way of advertising online is Article Marketing.

Davin said...

that post was great, it really helped with finding good car insurance comparisons, I found another good one that helped me find an incredible rate

they give you the best rates from lots of local providers

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Luis Galarza said...

Thanks Sharon for dropping by and for your nice comment, you are very welcome to come back as many time as you like, I just hope to provide as much useful information to help you find success online.

I also visit your new blog and looks like you are setting it up pretty good, which gave me a good idea for my next post where I can give you and many new bloggers some Internet marketing, monetization, and Adsense tips that may help you start strong.

Also don't hesitate to send me your questions at galarzabusiness (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll be setting up a new site where I going to set up more resources and an "Ask Luis" page for questions about Internet marketing for beginners.

Good luck with your new venture.

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

Anonymous said...

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