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10 Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic This Weekend For Free

More Visitors In One Weekend!

So, your web site traffic goes down on the weekends? Don't worry, you're not alone on this one, in fact almost every site or blog gets a decrease on their traffic on the weekends, even top websites like,, Expedia, etc.. That's why is good to have a back up Internet marketing plan that focus on generating new visitors or make current readers to come back to your site on those days.

When planning a weekend marketing campaign don't focus on methods that will take to long to produce results, you need to put your mind, time, and budget on techniques that work right now not 2 month from now. Below are few of the techniques I use to increase the amount of visitors to my blogs and sites on slow times.

One more thing before I continue, you should
plan each campaign a week ahead of the days will be in place for better results and to tune or fix any problems.

1. Create and submit two videos on Youtube and every other online video sharing site using syndication tools like Tubemogul, check my video marketing course to learn how to do it using zero cost web apps. For this technique to work, make a two part tutorial then submit or make public part one on Saturday and part two on Sunday. Let me tell you, if Grandma can make a video you can too!

2. Now lets get more traffic out of those videos. First make sure your Youtube account, your blog, and article author profile are connected to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz profile that way as soon you submit a video will be post on your social profiles automatically.

3. Like I told you before, the campaign should be set a week before, because you need to write two or more articles and have them submitted at EzineArticles and other content directories. Now the trick here is simple, actually it's no trick involved. What you need to do is add two links to those articles one to a relevant article or blog post on your blog and the other one to your homepage, landing page, or lead capture page.

4. A great way to get more instant exposure from social media sites and search engines, specially blog search results is by increasing your blog posts frequency. So, instead of posting one post per day or whatever is your posting schedule you can add 2 or 3 more articles with quality content. I know that bloggers or writers block can attack you and make it difficult for your to come out with ideas to write about, well you already have three ideas in your hand if you followed tips 1 to 3... Just write some posts announcing your new videos, you can even embed the videos on your site, but don't forget to add a link back to the videos to give search ranking juice to them. Also, write a post telling your reader to check your new articles on EzineArticles or any of your favorites directories.

TIP: Don't link to the article, instead link to your author profile to show off all your article, plus is better for SEO not to link to articles that are linking to you.

5. Remember to ping your videos, your articles profile and your blog to boost your exposure from RSS directories and search engines. This simple step can help you get a lot of visitors very fast. So make sure you ping each element every time you submit new content. Some of the free ping tools you can use are:

6. Take one good quote or tip from each of your post post and articles on the week before and turn then into a list of tips that can be use to create one Squidoo lens and a Hubpages page. A few things you need to do here:
  • First, you need to rewrite those tips two time so you can create a unique content site on Squidoo and on Hubpages.
  • Second, post only one link to your main site or blog at the beginning of the page.
  • Third, post a link to each articles from where the tips can from at the end of your page or around the content of each tip.
  • Fourth, make sure you target a long tail keyword (a search phrase of 3 or more words) on each site, not your main keywords.

7. Now what you need to do is to social bookmark the URL or web address to all your new content (videos, articles, blog posts, lenses, and hubs). Start by submitting to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit,, and Yahoo Buzz. Also check my source of top Internet marketing tool.

8. Go comment crazy but the ethical and smart way! Simply find a minimum of 20 high traffic blog in your market or sub-market and add them to your RSS reader under a special folder so you can keep an eye on the latest posts, then try to be one of the first readers to comment. Make sure each comment is highly relevant to the content of the post, and provide extra tips to their readers this will entice their visitors to visit your site to learn about you. You can get a lot of traffic from this method is if done right. Don't spam, and don't use comments like "great post, thank for sharing", that type of comment have no value and people will not visit your site because is nothing they want to learn from you.

9. Share a mini tutorial on Twitter about one special element in your niche. Make sure each tweet has a full tip, in this case you can link to a relevant articles or blog post of yours where your follower can learn more about it, or you can just leave the tip by itself, people will eventually visit the site you have on your profile to learn more about you and your business. Both Twitter marketing tactics work very well, make sure to test and track results.

10. Go to your favorite news or discussion groups and share a few of your tips. you can even make a post per tip. Just make sure your signature file is pointing to your site. Don't post more that 2 or 3 treats per day to avoid getting flame. Also, to have better results if the groups are niche forums relevant to your topic.

And your done!... Enjoy watching your stat counter go up and up!... :o)

For more exposure read '20 Ways To Advertise For Free.'

Remember that all this tactics can also be use to market your online business on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and others that are not related to the type of niche you are targeting, like this blog. If your site can benefit a lot from those holidays then this free tactics cannot only increase your web traffic but your sales.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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