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Blog Monetization Report Direct From Affiliate Summit West In Las Vegas

Monetize Your Blog

I needed to let you know about all the good stuff you are missing from the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. There is many cool Internet marketing strategies being share by top online marketers like Shoemoney, who by the way gave a great educational presentation about blog monetization tactics use by him and other popular money making blogs.

Don't feel bad, I also didn't get the opportunity to go because I'm working on some new very important business project that need my attention. But, that's when the power of having some great friends at the conference works great, my friends are sending me up to date email notices, text messages, videos, audios, on everything going on at the seminar. I'm getting all this info on the hour.

That's the power of duplication...

Right now I wanna let you know that John Chow will be
writing a complete report on his blog ( about the Blog Monetization session that Shoemoney gave the at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, which is awesome for beginners.

In the mean time, I want to give you a few profit generating strategies you can use right now to start blogging for money:

1. Keep your whole blog or each category highly relevant to your niche, including your tags and outgoing links.

2. Before starting posting affiliate promos or selling ads make sure you know if you want to generate a direct or indirect income stream. Direct is when you trying to monetize your traffic right away from the content, and indirect is when you use your site to build authority or branding for an existing business, to build a targeted list of hot prospects, or you want to turn your content into a future book.

3. Also, if you decide to go with direct selling practices, test how many offer you can have on the site for the best conversions. If you use just a few offers you maybe leaving money on the table, but if you give your visitors too many choices they not buy anything and leave. Test and see what converts better in your niche.

4. Think of each page and blog post as a landing page which needs to be optimize in order to get the most responses. Many of your visitors that come from search engines are looking a for specific type of content, and if you want to get them to act you need to provide what they want. So, use on-page SEO the right way, by keeping content relevant.

5. Don't use hard sell copy on any of your articles, if you really want to promote your products or affiliates programs make sure to use soft selling copy, avoid trying to push your readers to buy anything. Instead, educate them on how they can use the product to solve their problems, and let them decide if they want to go for it or not.

6. A great super affiliate technique you can use to increase sales without being pushy is offer a bonus if they buy through you. This bonus can be in the form of a discount, rebate, contest entry, special gift, etc., be creative but make sure whatever your offer is of high value to them and is relevant to the product.

7. Avoiding being pushy is great but that doesn't mean you can't use a very specific CALL TO ACTION. In fact research shows that most people will never take action now if you forget to ask them or show them how.

8. If you want to use Google Adsense to generate revenue, you need to know that if every link and content in the page is focus on your targeting keywords, Adsense will show the most relevant ads, which will increase your ads click-through rate.

I hope these few tips can help you boost your earnings.

Don't forget to check John Chow's blog for the Shoemoney report!


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