Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rich Schefren CashMaps Open Doors Again: Scam Review

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Yesterday Rich Schefren Open The Doors Again Of His Latest Internet Marketing Product "CashMaps"... The Product Had A Successful Launch The Last Time, Here Is My Scam Review!

Rich Schefren CashMapsFirst you need to know that Rich Schefren is a very successful offline and online marketing expert that is actually called "The Guru Of The Gurus", here is a Internet business training video where Rich reveals some good business and marketing strategies excellent for Internet marketing newbies and advanced entrepreneurs. This time Rich launch a new product called "CashMaps", I didn't write or announce the first launch of CashMaps because I wanted to review the product first before I recommended or give a bad review about it, but just like every marketing training product develop by Mr. Schefren's CashMaps newsletter over-delivered on its promised, and you can get your hand on them for free.

...the product is zero scams and B.S..

The first launch of his new item was on September 17, 2008 together with his new free report "The Uncertainty Syndrome", which is a must read if you want to be ahead of new strategies and and business ideas that can boost your company's growth (download for free). I waited until the relaunch to provide accurate information about his new paid newsletter, which is design to give you a road map to master the skills of growing your business and gain maximum targeted attention from hot prospects, which are the ones that will opt-in to subscribe into your mailing list or will buy whatever you are trying to sell online.

Did you know that the on the first launch date Rich broadcast himself live for 24 to answer questions and provide tips on how to use the information his customers will get in the newsletter... As you can see this event was a very important one, and was design to succeed right from the beginning, this is just another way he proof he really knows what he doing. That's why he was the master mind behind other expert successful launches like:

- The 7 Figure Secret Code.

- The 7 Figure Secrets.

- StomperNet.

- The Butterfly Marketing.

- 1ShoppingCart.

- And many others....

If you want to learn the strategies they use to become so successful I recommend you to download Rich's free report "The Attention Age Doctrine 2", you won't regretted, this is one of the best books you can ever read about doing business online.

Many online entrepreneurs jump own Rich's offer yesterday because he decide to offer the first most of the CashMaps newsletter for FREE, which make the orders go all crazy, but also help all the buzz Rich created using JV partners, online PR, social media marketing, and his blog (Rich Schefren Blog and Video Blog).

Why CashMaps or Mindmaps?

Rich called his mind-maps strategies "CashMaps" because he designed a method to develop mind-maps that really produce high level of results for business management and Internet marketing. This is a professional short cut to develop CashMaps for your own Internet business actually make money online. Something that you need to know is that almost every successful business owner use the mind-maps as a powerful way to develop:
- Marketing plans.

- Advertising campaigns.

- Business plans.

- Business strategies.

- Marketing strategies.

- Viral marketing effects.

- List building projects.

- Blog business flow.

And almost any other part of doing business online or offline. This is why I decide to invest in the newsletter and provide a good review to help you decide if this is something you or your business need to help you succeed online.

So, what mindmaps are? Well, they are strategic business flow charts that can be use to optimize the way you do business online or offline, and Rich Schefren and his team at Strategic Profits are the best at this.

A Closer Look.

I was thinking to make a video to show you what you get in this package, which is top quality information about how to run your Internet business and how to use strategic Internet marketing that gets response. But, I found someone that already did this his name Tom Beal, and he made a video where he shows a closer look of what you get inside the CashMaps newsletter from Strategic Profits. Here is the video review, enjoy:

Well, I think tom did a good job showing you the content that you will be receiving for free. Yes, is a print newsletter, not a email ezine or download as you notice in the video.

To get unlimited advice about online marketing visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Attention Age Doctrine 2. Best free report by Rich.
- Joint Venture Manuscript. Learn the experts way by Rich.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.
- Rapid Results Search Engine System. Get Top Position In 90 Days.

Scam Review Conclusion: Having this information in your hand can really help you run your online business like a breeze and just follow his detail instructions and you will be all set...

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Rob said...

I going to get my free CashMaps right now to give it a try, I ask many business people I know in my town and they told me that mind maps are the base of successful business...

Thanks Luis for the news, I going to check out today.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Rob, I going to try it, and see how I can use it to grow my restaurant business, plus after reading your blog for quite some time now I decide to create my own information product on ebook or video format to expand my business and make more money.

Good stuff here man!


Leominster and Fitchburg MA said...

I heard of mind maps and I ask a college business professor to see what they think about it, and he told me that any business that want to simplify its success needs to use mind maps. He also explain a little bit how they work, but it can also be expensive to have someone do it for you, so if Rich is offering pre-set mind maps that can be use to improve any type of business for a small monthly fee, will be crazy not to jump in it.

Specially in this down times entrepreneurs need that extra help to keep their company growing smoothly...


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