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238 Marketing Tips For Local Small Business Owners

Promotion Tactics For Local Companies!

Here is a huge list of proven marketing strategies for local small businesses and online marketers that can help you turn maximize your exposure, increase your market share, make more sales, and boost your traffic. Remember that whatever tactics you decide to use need to be tide together with your goals, that way all your actions are focus, which will give you the best responses.

Here is the huge list of 238 strategies, tools, and tips you can use to take your company or web site to the next level:

  1. Analyze your skills.
  2. Find a profitable niche relevant to your knowledge.
  3. Analyze online competition per keyword.
  4. Create a strategic plan.
  5. Develop an promotional marketing calendar.
  6. Create a business Identity.
  7. Informative Business cards.
  8. Branded stationery.
  9. Use personalized letters.
  10. Use Telemarketing right.
  11. Use a local or toll-free number.
  12. Create a Skype account.
  13. Get a voicemail number from Google Voice.
  14. Online Yellow Page.
  15. Google Places (Local Maps).
  16. Local Yahoo directory.
  17. Local Bing directory.
  18. Free online classified sites.
  19. Post ads on Craiglist.
  20. Use newspapers inserts.
  21. Send postcards to mailing list.
  22. Regional or local postcard decks.
  23. Offline classified ads.
  24. Per-order and per-inquiry advertising.
  25. Put ads in shopping bags.
  26. Circulars and fliers.
  27. Community bulletin boards.
  28. Advertise in movie theaters.
  29. Use gamevertising or video game advertising.
  30. Store signs.
  31. Use road banners.
  32. Use window signs.
  33. Use signs inside store or office.
  34. Promote with posters.
  35. Use unusual business card shapes.
  36. Distribute local door hangers.
  37. Prepare a simple elevator pitch.
  38. Tell a value story to your customers.
  39. Set up Backend offers to increase sales.
  40. Give and get letters of recommendation.
  41. Go to relevant trade shows.
  42. Advertise in other business locations.
  43. Send direct mail promotions.
  44. Advertise on newspapers.
  45. Radio adverting.
  46. Magazine advertising.
  47. Offline Billboards.
  48. TV commercials.
  49. Create web apps.
  50. Distribute mobile apps.
  51. Become a guest blogger on relevant blogs.
  52. Market related chat rooms.
  53. Forums and online clubs.
  54. Internet bulletin boards or newsgroups.
  55. Email List building.
  56. Personalized your e-mail campaigns.
  57. Use e-mail signatures on ongoing emails.
  58. Use co-registration to increase email leads.
  59. Send bulk e-mail campaign to opt-ins.
  60. Audio and video postcards.
  61. Get a web address or domain name.
  62. Use a company web presence.
  63. Keyword targeting landing pages.
  64. Lead capture pages or squeeze pages.
  65. Use custom 404 error pages for offers.
  66. Use funny 404 error pages.
  67. Link baiting strategies.
  68. Set up a online merchant account.
  69. Use online shopping carts.
  70. Autoresponders or email list services.
  71. Use SEO to increase your search engine position.
  72. Web-based brochures.
  73. Provide RSS feeds of your content.
  74. Set up and update company blogs.
  75. Create a podcast.
  76. Publish your e-zine.
  77. E-zines sponsor ads.
  78. Ezines solo ads.
  79. E-Books, reports or whitepapers.
  80. Content copyright.
  81. Online seminars (Webinars).
  82. Online Joint ventures.
  83. Social media word of mouth.
  84. Create a Facebook Page for your company.
  85. Create a Facebook group for your niche.
  86. Join other Facebook relevant groups.
  87. Open a Twitter account.
  88. Submit videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  89. Viral campaigns.
  90. eBay and other auction sites.
  91. Tracking tools for click-through and traffic.
  92. Pay-per-click ads (PPC advertsing).
  93. Search engine keywords tools.
  94. Advertise with Google Adwords.
  95. Put ads in Content sites with Adwords.
  96. Advertise with Yahoo search ads.
  97. Advertise with Bing Ad Center.
  98. Purchase sponsored links.
  99. Reciprocal linking.
  100. Banner exchanges.
  101. Manual traffic exchange services.
  102. Web conversion rates.
  103. Knowledge of your market.
  104. Use market research studies.
  105. Learn from unusual business ideas.
  106. Analyze customer market data.
  107. Provide case studies reports.
  108. Share your content.
  109. Informational brochures.
  110. Publish product catalogs.
  111. Submit to business directories.
  112. Public service announcements.
  113. Provide a market newsletter.
  114. Organize a speech.
  115. Give away free or low cost consultations.
  116. Offer free product demonstrations.
  117. Offer free seminars.
  118. Submit quality articles.
  119. Write a column on a newspaper, site, or magazine.
  120. Write market related books.
  121. Publish constant content.
  122. Informational workshops.
  123. Provide teleseminars.
  124. TV Infomercials.
  125. Never stop learning.
  126. Provide special discounts to employees.
  127. Market yourself.
  128. Turn employees and representatives into promotional tools.
  129. Designate a team for marketing tasks.
  130. Use employee attire for branding.
  131. Be social leader.
  132. Focus on your target audience.
  133. Use your influences.
  134. Make the most of every customers interaction.
  135. Be friendly with your audience.
  136. Develop your teaching skills.
  137. Tell stories that sell.
  138. Offer good sales education.
  139. Donate your branded clothes to charities.
  140. Business networking.
  141. Use your professional title.
  142. Embrace online affiliate marketing.
  143. Build a relationship with the media.
  144. Market to your customers "A"-List.
  145. Tell your life story.
  146. Use a sense of urgency on your campaigns.
  147. Limited time or quantity offers.
  148. Always include a call to action.
  149. Try to have a 100% customers satisfaction rating.
  150. Write a list of benefits.
  151. Develop a competitive advantage in your market.
  152. Giveaway gifts.
  153. Provide a relevant service.
  154. Use public relations when is right.
  155. Fusion or integration marketing.
  156. Use proximity marketing (blue tooth).
  157. Use barter services.
  158. Outsource increase productivity.
  159. Create word-of-mouth campaigns.
  160. Generate buzz worthy news.
  161. Be involve in your community.
  162. Join clubs and association memberships.
  163. Local directory listings.
  164. Put a booth at a trade-show.
  165. Organize an special events in your market.
  166. Always use name tags for events.
  167. Give elegant gift boxes at events.
  168. Offer Gift cards or certificates.
  169. Give audio tutorials.
  170. Give video tutorials.
  171. Distribute documents online.
  172. Reprints and blowups.
  173. Use coupons smart.
  174. Use free trail offers strategically.
  175. Offer good guarantees.
  176. Contests and sweepstakes.
  177. Use crafts skills as promotion tool.
  178. Use food design as promotion tool.
  179. Purchase targeted leads.
  180. Always follow-up with clients and prospects.
  181. Have tracking action plan.
  182. Use sexy people in your marketing.
  183. Entertain your audience with your brand.
  184. Strategically place your product on the market.
  185. Become a guest at a radio talk show.
  186. Become guest at a TV talk show.
  187. Hypnotic marketing.
  188. Use different views of your marketing.
  189. Increase branding awareness.
  190. Strategic position your company.
  191. Choose the right name.
  192. Create a meme.
  193. Distribute free website or blog themes.
  194. Develop your writing skill.
  195. Develop your copywriting skill.
  196. Write great headline sales copy.
  197. Have a prime location.
  198. Show your business hours.
  199. Show your business days.
  200. Accept credit cards.
  201. Accept PayPal.
  202. Accept Amazon Payments.
  203. Accept Google Checkout.
  204. Accept Online Checks.
  205. Accept credit cards on your cellphone.
  206. Accept mobile payments.
  207. Offer Financing if will increase sales.
  208. Increase your credibility.
  209. Build a good reputation.
  210. Always be efficient.
  211. Value and quality is number one.
  212. Top notch service.
  213. Provide a selection of products.
  214. Set the right price.
  215. Make your offer irresistible.
  216. Offer upgrade when is right.
  217. Use referrals to increase income.
  218. Spy on your top competitors.
  219. Use customers feedback or testimonials.
  220. Over-deliver on value.
  221. Show what noble cause you are helping.
  222. Make people to like to do business with you.
  223. Care for people's interest.
  224. Good telephone communication.
  225. Use and project your passion.
  226. Be sensitive to customer problems.
  227. Learn to be patience.
  228. Be flexible with clients and your plan.
  229. Be generous and get more back.
  230. Increase your self-confidence.
  231. Work neat and organize.
  232. Be aggressive pursuing your goals.
  233. Become a good Competitor.
  234. Be energetic and positive.
  235. Increase work speed but remember value.
  236. Be focus on your project and niche.
  237. Pay very close attention to details.
  238. Increase action with a plan.

I hope you found this super large list very useful and can help you create some great marketing campaign for your products or services.


Luis Galarza,
Local Internet Marketing Specialist.

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