Saturday, March 08, 2008

6 Essential Factors In A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign Are

The Truth About Effective Viral Campaigns!

Here Are All 6 Essential Factors For A Successful Buzz or Viral Marketing Campaign, This Tips Will Help You Create An Idea Epidemic!

To learn how the main factors of a successful viral marketing or advertising, just analyze Why are the flu virus is so "successful"? Simply because you can catch a flu just by being close to a carrier. Yeah, some times that's all it takes to catch the flu virus.

"Buzz or Viral marketing: Is the art of spreading your message automatically even without your help or intervention. It's also known as Grass Root Marketing" By me :)

So, by taking the example of the flu virus, you want to have a good viral marketing campaign that will have your message spread as fast and as effectively as the flu virus. Off course, without any of the bad body symptoms!

By taking a insider look to the flu infection you will find at least 5 factors we can implement in planning and development your next viral marketing campaigns. I know is weird to have a real live virus as an example of successful viral advertising, but if you learn how to use the same principles to spread your marketing message to a mass targeted audience as faster as you can, you will forget the weird part of the training :)

OK, now that I told you the why... here's 5 essential factors the flu virus needs to spread like while fire, and that's precisely what beginners need to create a successful viral marketing campaign.

1.- Good Influencers, the carriers.
2.- Spreading Engine, the mechanisms.
3.- The Perfect Incentives, the live hood.
4.- The Right Tools, spreading tools.
5.- Marketing Portals, influencers communities.
6.- Marketing Hook, the optimization twist.

Let me explain each of those factors, so you can understand how you can use them to develop a good grass root marketing campaign that will really work for your business, online or offline.

1.- Good Influencers:
The good ideal viral campaign influencer will spread on your message quickly and to large quantity of people. Remember that a person that have no contact connection with others is not a good influencer or carrier.

2.- Spreading Engine:
For your message to spread needs a path and an engine that will help an active influencer do their job. These engine can include email, link building, word-of-mouth, online video, affiliate marketing, etc... all depending of your marketing campaign plan and strategies.

3.- The Perfect Incentives:
The right incentive will make your influencers spread your message fast. Without an incentive your campaign will never gain momentum and will die, before spreading your message to enough people.

4.- The Right Tools:
You need to help influencers pass on your message, and you can do this by providing marketing tools that will make it as easy as possible for your influencers to share your message. For example: If you are using affiliate marketing as your viral spreading engine or mechanism, some of the tools you can offer are:
  • Banners and Graphics.
  • Pre-written Articles or Blog Posts.
  • Pre-written PPC Ads.
  • Etc...

5.- Many Influencer Portals:
One more important factor is finding several portals where influencers congregate, For example: offline or online communities, forums and social networks that will enable your viral message to spread faster, using their communication power.

6.- Marketing Hook:
This is the main factor that will turn your word-of-mouth campaign into real buzz marketing. A viral hook is the strategy you will be using to turn leads, prospects, customers, and even people that will never buy your products into a good influencer.


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In Conclusion: Buzz or Viral marketing is a powerful way to gain more automatic exposure for your brand, your company, and your product, which will turn in more traffic and sales. So, do everything you can to apply and test different grass root marketing strategies in your Internet business, specially if you are a beginner. Newbies can take advantage of the low cost involved in implementing a viral campaign online.

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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Jay Harris said...

Really good article.I actually going to download the podcast version of it in mp3, so I can refer to it later.

Great blog man. Can you please explain more about each of the viral marketing factors that you talk about in this article, it will help beginners like me have a better idea of the creation and how each factor works when it's put together.


Jay Harris

Sam said...

Good article, thanks. I've started my own kinda of viral idea, wander how far it will go?

Luis Galarza said...

Your welcome Sam... If you took the right steps to set up your viral marketing campaign, you have a winner, but even so, just keep trying and testing your results.

The good thing is that, even a small unclear step still a step forward to build your online business... and that's the main secret to success, taking action.

Hope your campaign get viral momentum, please let help you. Tell me the specifics of your campaign to post it in this blog as an example of viral marketing.

Thanks for your nice comment.

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza

Luis Galarza said...

Jay, thanks for your comment, I'm glad I can help. I will write more about each of the viral marketing factors later in this week.

Thanks again,

Luis Galarza.

Anonymous said...

Hey great article, you have a lot of excellent tips here, I found a good article that will prove more information about viral marketing, hopefully it will help your readers even more. Read it below:

Viral Marketing: The Undercover Way of Creating a Million Dollar Business by Ken King

After the explosion of social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, more and more companies now see the need to implicate viral marketing into their business. No more is there the old, tired, and limited way of marketing, working 10 years to start up company is a thing of the past. Now the only way to achieve life changing results is with viral marketing.

A virus replicates exponentially, there by spreading illness rapidly. Like that, viral marketing is a marketing method, which enables spreading of messages regarding products, rapidly. It is an online version of the word of mouth marketing, network marketing etc. The business technique is a marketing phenomenon, which encourages people passing marketing messages to others, there by creation of exponential growth potential of influence as well as exposure of messages. Viral marketing became a successful and popular form of online marketing, as instantaneous communication through internet became affordable and easy. These viral promotions are possible in to form of interactive games, e-books, video clips, images, text messages, brandable softwares, advergames and many more. Aim of a viral marketer is about creating buzz around a business idea or product, to spread it in a big way amongst people.

Viral marketing depends heavily on person-to-person rate of message passing. If sizable percentage of the message reciepients forwards it to huge number of friends or acquainted, overall growth will be zooming up in no time. If the forward rate of the message by the recipients is low, then the whole exercise will be fatal. Viral marketing demands, identification of individuals with good social contacts. Creation of compelling viral messages is also vital, as they can make good impression on recipients, so that they pass it in a big way. Other wise recipients will read and then discard those messages.

Free advertising, automation of marketing methods, long-term attraction of visitors, immediate visitors̢۪ attraction, exponential growth rate, and inexpensiveness, easy and quicker increase in targeted traffic, quick establishment of solid reputation, easy development of marketing tools etc are some of the benefits of the viral marketing.

For attracting attention, giving away services or products is a common practice. For example, free information, free buttons; free email-services etc. Utilization of already existing networks for communication. That is utilizing the social contacts for spreading the promotional messages through online. Provision of transfer of messages to others effortlessly is essential. Scaling up of transmission of messages, from small number of people to huge, depends upon the usage of mail servers. Exploitation of common behaviours and motivations, for transmission of messages, as greed drives growth. Take leverage out of resources of others like affiliate marketing for faster transmission. These account for an effective viral marketing strategy.

Many companies use viral components for attracting media attention. Some companies uses creative blogs, which lets people to have talks regarding company websites. Accepting comments from the audience is good for connecting with them. For those who have seen the campaign initially, it is important to keep interested. For that showing, sequel of campaign will be good. Never make advertisements for the sake sharing with people like in other marketing methods. Hotmail is an astonishing example of viral marketing. Ponzi scheme, pyramid schemes, multi level marketing etc is some of the earlier viral marketing examples. Now days any event can be campaigned through you tube emails and other sources. Simpler viral marketing concepts for business, has greater chance for its success.

About the Author

This article is provided by Ken King. Ken King is a entrepreneur that specify in Internet Marketing, e-commerce (both online and offline) and software development and supplier.

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I hope you guys enjoy this article that give more information about viral or buzz marketing. Is not as good as Luis Galarza's post but I think the more we know about a online marketing strategy the better we become when is time to make it work for our businesses.


Mario T said...

Luis thank you for this post, you sharing some good info here. i know it takes some good brainstorming time to put together a good viral marketing campaign, but knowing how it works, and the basic math behind it makes it simple.

Thank again for the knowledge...

Mario T.


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