Friday, June 12, 2009

20 Bad Twitter Marketing Strategies to Avoid

So, You Want To Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool. Good, You Should, But Avoid These Bad Strategies!

Almost everyone know that social media has a huge Internet marketing potential, from beginners to advanced online marketers. The web 2.0 trend is so big that has become a whole industry all by itself... And my friend Twitter is one of the top social network sites available, and is a hot trend year.

This web 2.0 tool is completely free just like most social sites out there, and for that reason they attract million of members every week, and that's why marketer and online users and the bad spammers know that they can use it to engage with a lot of people in a short period of time. Specially in Twittervers, where the interaction is a little bit faster than other community sites.

The problem...

The problem is not the service, the problem are spammers, beginners that spam because they don't know better, and also getting advice from the wrong people.

Strategies To Avoid.

Here I collected 20 of the worst marketing tactics and tips I seen marketers use on Twitter. Please if I miss any don't hesitate to share it with us by clicking the "Comment button" located at the top and bottom of this article:

1. Posting famous quotes with links to an affiliate or you own product, which is also completely irrelevant to the quote content. This is actually a little bit upsetting.

2. Using tweets like (I'm reading "book title") and then just link directly to your Amazon or other merchant affiliate link will make you loose a lot of followers.

3. Another very wrong way to post a promotion is by posting a link all by itself... Thinking this curiosity tactic will increase click-through, well you are wrong. Tweeple (people using the twit service) don't click on stand along links, because of fear to be direct to a virus loading site or simple because it can be a waste of their time.

4. Please don't use lame call to action like "visit my site or blog"... This may work if everyone using the service is a prekindergarten student. But, they're not!

5. Tweeting ads with links to your own products or affiliate links, is another big NO, NO! There is a way to post promotions and direct marketing campaigns aren't the one.

6. Using popular product hashtags (wikipedia definition) like #musicmonday to send links to a store sale page. Most of the time this type of hashtags are created so tweeple can share their opinions about an item or topic, and in the case of "Music Monday" is to share what you are listening on the moment or what songs you like, with a link to song or to a video clip, not a sales page.

7. Posting the same promotion over and over and over and over and over again, can turn off people, is upsetting, is boring, is pathetic, and it doesn't work... You will kill the value of your promo by using this technique.

8. Only tweeting different ad promos for the same product or service. This is a huge mistake that can get you from hero to zero followers.

9. Start following every single tweeple you see without any direction or marketing focus. Also, there are many new members that try to follow top users hoping they get the attention of their friends.

10. Putting your account settings and tweets in 100% autopilot! Making your tweets automatic is excellent to save time. But, if you don't interact tweeps will notice and they are going to say bye, bye to you.

11. Most small Internet business owners and beginners use the service without a sense of mission. This is simple without goals and strategies to achieve them you may not see any type of results.

12. Forgetting that you are using the service to expose more people to your message or brand, and not using any type of testing and tracking techniques to see the response that you are getting from the site if there is any.

13. Not replying to tweeps at all! What I mean with this is that if you set up the whole thing to be automatic, and you never visit or check your replies or never replying to anyone can upset your audience and get you many unfollows... Remember this is a social community, and replies is part of being social. And just think how many leads you lost just for not interacting.
"Did you know that if you never say thank you to people that retweet or re-post your messages. Tweeple are going to start posting your messages without a reference to you."

14. Another very important feature of the twit world is "retweets", which is not another thing than a re-post of a tweet that you like and want to share it with your audience. Many beginners forget or don't that retweeting is a great way to get notice, to get retweet, and to increase your audience count.

15. When you are part of this community is a good thing to mention and share your friends and people you like by with "Follow Mentions" hashtags like #FollowFriday, #FF and others. If you send zero follow mentions, you will get zero follow mentions, is that simple.

16. One of the worst tactics I seen is when tweeple submit a post with all the trending topics the moment... Now this is twit-spam, and can get you in trouble... So, avoid it please!

17. Don't use the hot trends of the day to submit ads or completely irrelevant comments. Tweeps can see a spammer miles away! If you have nothing relevant to say or share don't even get in the conversation.

18. Please don't send DM (direct messages) to your audience with reminders of your promotion. This can be consider spam, and will indeed increase your unfollow rate.

19. Another really bad and completely unethical tactics is when marketers post a story about a celebrity death follow by a link to their site, blog, or affiliate links. Extremely bad, stay away from this one!

20. And last but not least is mass follow users as a marketing method to generate an audience for their own messages. This method doesn't really work that well specially if are following the wrong people.

On my next posts I will discus ethical ways to promote your business and get the most out of this fast growing community. Please feel free to share other bad tactics by clicking on the comment button below.

To get unlimited advice about Web 2.0 marketing strategies visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Twitter Traffic Exposed.
- Twitter Traffic Machine.
- Automated Sales System.
- Subject Line Secrets.

Remember to treat Twitter as a social media site not an Internet direct marketing or classified site. This type of communities can help you build a strong long lasting online business if you use it the right way.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.


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Ramon M said...

I think you were reading my mind... Because I was looking for mistakes people make when promoting affiliate products on Twitter, and you just gave me a whole list of thing I didn't even know..

Thank you so much, because I'm a newbie when it comes to Internet marketing, specially social media marketing. You save me! Because I was ready to use some of those bad strategies you talk about in this article, great stuff man..

I will love to see an article about the right ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Or what's the right approach entrepreneurs should take to successfully use the service.

Thanks again Luis,

Ramon M.


Mike F said...

Nice article Luis, I'm with you, I see many online marketer using really bad Twitter promotions, that are completely out of focus and irrelevant to the type of followers they have or they are getting...

Hopefully they get to see your article and spread the word, so beginners can avoid this mistakes.

Thanks for sharing your marketing knowledge..

Mike F.


Maverick Money Makers said...

Hey Luis, great information... I was researching and asking people to see if they agree with your advice, and 100% of the online business experts I ask they said that you gave some good real world tips.

i want to share, what i just found, here is part of an article from a so call expert from that advices to use those bad Twitter strategies, take a look:

" * Post quotes by famous people and put your link on the end. Make sure it has to do with what your promoting. I see some people doing this and think it's a great idea. If your promoting a weight loss product, post a quote by a famous weight loss guru.
* Post something with value, if your promoting a product that helps people make money, post tips or tricks and put your link on the end.
* Or just post something about how your day is going or how you feel and put your link on the end
* Retweet people. A retweet is responding to another persons post, just tell them you checked out what they made a post about and liked it, or that you agree or whatever the situation is. Flattery will get you everywhere. People following the person you retweet will see this and most likely follow you."

As you can see if telling people that using those techniques they can generate web site traffic and money...

Please everyone read Luis post if you want to learn the real way to market on the Twittersphere.

Great advice my friend, keep it coming!

James D.


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Guy Storm said...

About time someone told these marketing beginners how not to use Twitter. Yes, you can market your business using the service but you need to do it right...

So read this Luis article and avoid each of those promotion techniques.

Guy Strom

kanny said...


I feel like there is a scarcity of good marketing today. Good marketing means which can convert the leads into sales. The only marketing that has moved me in the last couple of years is Social Media Optimization.

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