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How Gramma Use A Website To Sell Her House: Free Internet Marketing Lessons

By Luis Galarza - Free Internet Marketing.

Learn How Gramma Use Free Internet Marketing Strategies And a Simple Ugly But Effective Website to Sell Her House Online!...

Yes my friends is in fact a Gramma with a mini website ( design to do one thing, get qualify inquiries so she can find the right client to sell her house to. For many people can sound a little funny or crazy the story of a old lady using online marketing to sell her home. But, the fact is that she is not using any type of promotions, she is using strategic free and low cost Internet marketing methods that actually are proven to work every single time.

This story should be a motivation and inspiration boost bomb for every single entrepreneur out there, because if a lady in her late years can put a nice landing page with some good sales copy, you can too. The secret is to get it going now and don't wait, the sooner you have it set up, the sooner you will test your promotion and tune it to increase conversions. Remember that your marketing should be focus on converting sales or leads not just traffic and branding.

The Lessons!

Let's see what this cute Gramma did right that you can copy or learn from. Of course she had a lot of help from one of my good Facebook friends but the fact that she took focus action steps to get her campaign up and running on is one of the first business lessons you should learn.

Here are the other tips you need to get from this sweet lady:

1. She got help from a mentor that is an expert in doing business online. This is one thing many entrepreneurs fail to do, to find a one or few good mentors and stick with them until trying their strategies.

2. She outsources the website work to get it running fast. Now when I said outsource, I don't mean you have to paid for it, just get someone nice enough to be willing to help you set all up. Or find some videos on YouTube or any other video sharing site with information on how to set up a mini site or landing page and learn as much as you can.

3. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the goals you want the site to meet, and plan your strategies base on those goals. In the case of this example, the goal is get find qualify home buyers to call if they are interesting in the house, so she can choose the right client.

4. Use to the point sales copy full with benefits and details about your offer. If you take a look at her landing page she provides great selling points right from the beginner and then give even more benefits and information through out and at the end of the page.

5. Provide "Call To Action" areas in strategic parts of your sales copy. In Gramma's case she does this nicely, one at the beginning right after her first list of benefits and then at the end of the page. Many new marketers forget or are scare to ask for the sale, you need to know that asking for action at the right moment more than one time can increase conversions. I recommend you to do it at least two time, depending how long is your sales letter.

6. Choose a very good domain name that tells a little bit about what people can expect when arriving to the landing page. In her case, they choose the number of the house and the street name, which is very usual online marketing tactic from real estate agents and companies, and because she is selling a house, I think she did a very smart move by using this method for choosing her web address.

7. She use two methods that can help a sales page or copy boost up conversions:
  • First she add a personal touch to the site by making and putting a video of herself, and because the video have her face during the whole presentation, is just like having a picture.
  • Second, she use a video as a sales tool to boost inquiries. This is a great video marketing strategy to increase responses, plus because hers is an interview makes the video even more powerful.

8. Gramma not only added the video to her site, she also syndicated it by uploading it to some top video sharing sites like YouTube. Plus, she also uploaded a second video where they give a tour of the house, this small little film can increase traffic and get pre-qualify leads for her. Bellow are the two videos they use for this campaign.

Here is the video she use on her site to help sales:

And here is the walk-through tour of the house.

I hope you learn a lot from this very smart lady!...

9. If you read the mini-site you maybe noticed that she kept everything very relevant, from the domain name to the copy, to the video, and specially the offer. This is something many entrepreneurs always fail, because they offer bonuses or extra products that have nothing to do with the original offer.

10. Then they use social media sharing capabilities to spread the word about this offer and their site, and because is a Grand mother doing it, the posts automatically turn into a viral marketing campaign. Because many people from different social media networks want to share it with their friends and family, which in no time made the post go all over Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

11. She make it easy for visitors to share the site with their peers in different social networks, you can do the same by adding a free "tell a friend social script" from SocialTwist.

12. Also to be able to increase exposure to the offer, they don't just have their site as selling tool, they also use different top sites where they can post "home for sale" offers. This give her more search engine exposure from sites that are very related to the type of offer she is promoting. Some of the sites she used are: Zillow, Redfin, and Blockshopper.

I hope this little story and tips give you some inspiration to take your business of the ground and make something happen...

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QUICK PROFIT TIP: Take action now, before your competitors do and increase your chances of success by following what Gramma did!..

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Proud member of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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