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Video Marketing: The Guide

Want To Know How To Successfully Use Online Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube or Yahoo Video In Your Internet Marketing Mix? Here Are Video Marketing Tips and Resources You Can Apply Today!

As you know online video is here to stay and the same goes for media sharing sites like YouTube, Yahoo Video, Veoh, Revver, etc., web 2.0 or social media users took gave video the extreme popular level that took web broadcasting to the top, and now even kids know what and how to use online videos. This definitely proof that video marketing has become a powerful tool for Internet businesses that want to maximize their online exposure.

Video marketing when is use right can increase web traffic, branding, web authority, email leads, and sales. Plus, don't forget that this media has a powerful viral marketing effect on your campaigns if you set it up for it, because when people finds a good interesting video even if is a promotional ad they will forward it to their friends, family, and even embed the media on their site, blog, or social network profile. In fact statistics show that
21% of video ads viewers are more than likely to talk about it and share it with their peers. Can you see the potential of this medium?

More Statistics.

Take a look what the industry research shows to help you decide to include interactive media as part of your on-going web promotions:
  1. From 80% of web users who watch videos online, an average of 31% of them visited the companies site and 22% look for more details about the products or services.
  2. 16% of online users who watch videos ads talk to family and friends about it.
  3. 9% of users that view those ads also shared it with their social peers.
  4. Research also shows that you can increase sales dramatically by adding video on your products or service landing pages. Consumer usually visit 4 to 5 related websites before making a decision, this number when down for sites with interactive clips on them.
Go here for more video marketing statistics.

Online video is one of the best Internet marketing tools that you can use to promote your business, products or services, affiliate programs, and yourself. This interactive communication channel is huge and still growing everyday, that's why now YouTube gets way over 200 million clip views per day, and for that reason you need to add it to your marketing tool shed.

Help Resources.

Here some of the best tools, web apps, sites, blogs, and resources you should know about:

Tools and Apps.
  • TubeMogul: Excellent video submission and views tracking tool, plus it's free.
  • Movavi: Free online video conversion software to attract more views. Also let's you convert clips into almost any format.

  • UTubePlays: High quality media marketing service, it will help gain views, subscribers, and likes on YouTube.

  • Video Salesletter Guru: Number one training course and script to create your own sales letter to sell your online products.
  • Free YouTube Marketing For Beginners: You get free unlimited access to 22 videos tutorials showing you step by step how to create your clips and how to promote them right.

Tips & Articles.

More Information.

Just as article writing you can use little films to interact with your target audience like never before and the good news is that most online media sharing sites are completely free, and some even pay you to upload your media content to their servers.

Other Recommended Resources.

- Guerrilla Marketing On Steroids. By Jay Levinson.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. New Version.
- Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: Find a profitable niche and put together a strategic Internet marketing plan that will help you generate a lot of targeted traffic and sales.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

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