Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Guitar and Amplifier Review Site Tale And Some Internet Niche Marketing Lessons

Niche marketing examaple!

Can a Guitar and Amplifier review site teach you some niche marketing lessons that can help you profit online? The answer is yes!

One of the best ways to increase your chances to success online is by focusing on niche marketing strategies. What this mean is targeting a specific market that have high demand, you can find this type of markets by knowing what people is searching for in that industry, what keywords they use to find what they are looking for online. When I said specific I'm not talking about generic keywords like:
Cars, insurance, toys, etc.. Those are great keywords but if you really want to earn an income you need to be more specify and target long tail keywords like: New York Car Insurance or Toys for new born babies. Did you see the big difference?

This is exactly what has done... They started by picking a good long tail key-phrase then they created a site that is 100% focus on that search term.

Here are some of the things the site is doing great and you can apply to your own web business:

1. First they they pick a great profitable niche in this case is guitars and amplifiers.

2. They offer high quality content that is relevant to the keywords they're targeting.

3. The have a great clean website design that makes it easy for visitors to read the content on each page.

4. The site also have an easy to use navigation bar to help their visitors find the content they are looking for.

5. Each of the links on the navigation bar are highly optimized for search engine, because they use secondary targeted key-phrases like Squier Telecaster.

6. The site theme tells their visitors right away what the site its all about, and it does it in a very professional way. Nothing to fancy but good enough to create relevancy with the content.

7. Also they make it easy for people to share each page on social media sites by adding social buttons below the navigation bar and below the content.

8. Another marketing element that I completely love, is that they give the ability to submit articles to anyone who would love to share their guitar expertise. This is way better than having a comment box below each article.

9. Now when it comes to monetizing the site, they decide to do it with Google Adsense, and like I said before in one of my previews posts, that if a retiree can make money online with Adsense you can do the same. Their adsense ads are really well optimized for maximum response, at the beginning and throughout the content.

I hope you can you this marketing lessons to boost your website or start-up success, if you are looking for good information about guitars now you where to go!

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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