Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will Facebook Email Destroy Email Marketing?

New Facebook Messages

This can be really hard to know at the moment, but knowing the way the interface is going to work, do you think Facebook email will help or destroy email marketing campaigns? Well, will not destroy email campaign entirely, but at list through people using their communication system.

Like I said, is to early to know that, not just because is a new service, it's because the company haven't release all the details of this new communication interface. Well, they did to an exclusive VIP audience, in a conference where they talk about their secret 'Project Titan'. Now this new communication system it has its marketing potential, you just need to adapt to the way it function so you can get most out of it.


The first thing you should know is that
Facebook Messages is not really email, is acts completely like a chat and SMS interface, yes it can integrate with email but isn't one. Also, it can't be use as your company main communication tool, you better of with Gmail or your company branded email.

Another big problem that you need to consider is that the social network has a lot of down times, if you compare that to Gmail or Hotmail or even Yahoo mail, I never had a problem like that with any of those services. FB is always freezing up just like Twitter, that's why isn't good for business use. Here are more reasons why you shouldn't switch to Facebook Email.

Now as an online marketer should you care about how many people are willing to use the service, below are the results of a poll (survey) that ask people "Would You Switch to Facebook Email? Here are their answers:
  • 33% said they can pry my Gmail from their cold, dead, keyboard-shortcut-knowing fingers.
  • 43% said that it's no way they would switch. And it doesn't matter what features it has, they're not handing over their email.
  • 3% said if they only have with firm, definite assurances that everything can be easily, directly controlled.
  • 6% said that some elements seem nice, like contact integration, but their not impressed.
  • 10% they're willing to give it a try.
  • 3% said that maybe, they think Facebook could be onto something here. They are willing to try it.
  • 2% answered 'Other'.

As you can see many people aren't jumping crazy about it yet, but let see what happens in a few month.

Marketing Tips!

1. I have to said that if you have a lot of prospects as your FB friends, you can defenetely use it to communicate with them, but make sure you lead them to sign up for your newsletter or ezine for better follow up communication.

2. Use the power of FB groups to target your audience and deliver your message to their FB inbox without a problem, so even if your autoresponder message gets lost, your group message will still go through.

3. Use to give prospect free consultations or mini trainings and them point them to your lead capture page to get the complete course, or a free report, or an advanced training.

4. FB messages can become a great tool to build a email list without a website, so be creative and use it properly. And remember don't spam!

5. Remember to track your click-through rate to see what type of conversation or messages work best to get your prospects to take action. Always track your Facebook marketing efforts.

What are your thoughts about this new communication tool? Will it help your business? or It's just another FB time waster tool? You decide...


Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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