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17 Ideas: How To Use Web Forms Full Online Marketing Potential

Marketing Ideas For Contact Forms!

In one of my previews post where I share with you the top 10 free web forms builders for entrepreneurs without any web design or programming skills. Well, in that post I promised to give you some great ideas on how to use web forms successfully in your marketing.

When applying any of the technique I mention below, make sure to be creative and use this little web tools to help you learn from your audience, generate email leads (build your list), generate brand awareness, boost your website traffic, and nurture prospect to increase sales.

The Web Forms Marketing Ideas.

Before choosing any of these tips, I recommend you to power up your campaign for success by writing down what goals you want the web forms to help you accomplish, analyze the best approach for your audience, then create an action plan, and finally turn on your campaign and measure it's performance!

Now that we got that out of the way let get to the ideas:

1. Use it to survey your audience.

2. Learn more with polls that are focus on a simple problem in your market.

3. Use it to get guest bloggers.

4. Use fun trivia about your industry to engage your audience.

5. Use web forms as help desk to get problem tickets and provide fast customer service.

6. Apply them in Facebook apps to learn from your fans.

7. Always use them on your landing pages to collect ideas and generate leads. Excellent for Google+ and Twitter.

8. Forms can also be use to ask for feedback or opinions about your site usability.

9. Don't forget to use to request testimonials after or before a purchase.

10. Learn what your readers want you to write about by having a web form at the bottom of your blog.

11. Put them on Facebook Pages to address prospects and provide customer service.

12. Another great way to use them is in pop-ups, great to get leads, for surveys and polls. When using this technique make sure to provide a quality giveaway of some kind.

13. Mobile site can be a little difficult to have visitors to interact, so is a good idea to have a contact form or newsletter opt-in form so you can contact them instantly via email.

14. Another awesome strategy is to use them to make your audience part of your new product development process.

15. Be sure to use them as part of a contest sign-up entry.

16. Use them in thank you pages after the subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase to learn about their experience with your process. This can help you spot the bad or annoying areas.

17. And one more... Use web forms at the end of a blog post to get ideas or stories from people that don't feel right to share it through comments.

Please don't feel that this 17 little tips are it, put your innovative hat and you can come out with many more awesome ideas that might be even better than any of those on these list. Just make sure to test and track their result to see if you can use them on future campaigns...

So, don't forget first power up your campaign:

  • Goals.
  • Approach.
  • Plan.
  • Setup.
  • Measure results!

Them study the potential of each strategy and choose only the ones that can work better with your audience. One more thing, do not use Facebook Email addresses for your web forms or business in general, those things are good only for family or do like everyone else, just don't use it at all! :o)


Luis Galarza,
Local SEO Specialist.

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