Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 Masterful LinkedIn PPC Marketing Secrets For Newbies [Video]

Instead of referring to LinkedIn Marketing and PPC Secrets I should have called this post "What's the best way to avoid Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and make a killing." Why? You might be asking yourself...
The truth is that LinkedIn PPC ads is top performing pay-per-click advertising platform and is very inexpensive, way lower than Adwords and even cheaper than FB Ads.

I know I prefer free Internet marketing strategies more than anything else, but cheap highly responsive advertising is a great way to build your online or local business. So, if you can advertise on a very popular social network for pennies per click, would you do it? Of course, is an open door for many leads, branding, sales, and more revenue. Just don't forget to do keyword research these are the two tools I use to get the most of my paid advertising Affiliate Elite and Keyword Elite.

Training Video Introduction.

In the free LinkedIn PPC training video below you are going to learn three strategic secrets that you should know before setting up an ad campaign on the site. This three steps are going to be focus on how to target the right audience using different targeting tools offered by LinkedIn. If you learn how to use them properly you can set-up successful campaign every month or week.

Here is the video tutorial:

So, let's recap on what you learn today; You learn that LinkedIn PPC is a very responsive advertising medium and you also learn that to make your campaign a successful one you need to focus on choosing the best target audience, and the best way to choose your market is:

- By Income.
- By Job function.
- By Industry.

After putting this technique to work make sure to let me know if you got it working for you, remember that you need to test different ads, track each campaign results, tweak the ads, tweak the landing pages, and them try it again. LinkedIn PPC is just like any other platform, you need to do your homework to make it work.

Wish you the best,

Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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