Friday, April 29, 2011

Can Facebook And Social Media Marketing Go Beyond The Likes And LOL?

Go Beyond The Likes and LOL!

Every online or offline business using social media wants to get the full potential out of their 'Likes'. This can be possible by developing a strategic marketing program that will gather creative ideas through Facebook and any other web community.

Let's be real, most enterprises are going social. Since there is no great barrier between merchants and consumers, the
relationship is melted together and dependent of each other. Opening your mind on how to strategically embed your company brand into social networks where your customers and potential leads spend their time and interact is crucial.

Now with 600 million active members and growing, this giant virtual community has become way more than a consumer's social community, these members also are your business audience or potential buyers. An strategic social media marketing plan for Facebook can open organizations to hold talks only with their most valuable audience, where the exchange of innovative insights and increasing customer commitment, turning this new Web 2.0 communication phenomenon into social money maker ventures.

With an strategic marketing plan on Facebook, you will be able to:

1. Turn ideas into innovation through intelligence gathering of the top market leaders - your clients.

2. Maximize the commitment to offer customers a unique place to reveal their ideas or insights.

3. Boost your web authority and value, building an engine of smart insights for your firm.

4. Distinguish yourself from the competition by offering an original manner to reciprocate with yours audience.

When working on developing the right strategy for your social campaign, be sure to start with your goals, what you want to achieve from your efforts? This way will make the process a lot easier on you and you will become more productive with your project.


Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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