Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quality Low Cost CRM Service For Small Businesses

CRM Web Based Services

You need to know that cloud based services are on high demand right now, and one of the top sectors of this industry is CRM services for small, mid size, and big businesses. But, many small business owners and online marketers are taking a little bit more time to adapt to the use on this innovative marketing tool.

So, what's CRM? Well the letters stand for "Customer Service Management" and is one part of the SaaS (Software As Service) cloud industry. For beginners and small to better understand what this web app is or can do for you is simple; A Customer Service Management service is like an autoresponder but on steroids. Why do I say that? Is because it is... Imaging having:

  • Lead generation tool.
  • Email list management.
  • Customer helpdesk.
  • Marketing campaign management.
  • Sales nurturing.
  • Etc..

All that in one single web interface. Just imagine how productive would you and your company be with a service like that? The problem is finding a very cost effective provider that will give quality but a low cost for small budget companies. I look everywhere and try some of the top vendors but most them are way to expensive and the cheap ones didn't worth the investment. But, finally I found a service provider that meets all the quality we need at a price most small businesses can afford, that vendor it's WorkBooks (, which is a leading provider of sales and marketing CRM software.

WorkBooks can help improve your bottom line with a great line of application and features that can help automate and systematize your:

* Marketing: You can use their app to generate leads and build a email list from different online advertising campaigns like PPC, CPA, PPV etc.. It lets you build opt-in forms, email campaign and follow ups, and all that with top notch tracking system.

* Sales: Their service helps you become a sales machine, because you can track the activities of your team and your leads, also you can segment your list by putting hot leads into a queue to be track into the sale is closed, also you can manage your suppliers and set different price schemes for your products or services, and one of my favorite is the one that let you see a forecast of future sales.

* Order Fulfillment: You can control your suppliers transactions, like orders, invoices, credit lines, etc.. This is excellent if you are selling physical products on your online store or in an auction marketplace like Ebay.

* Customer Support: Like I told you, you won't need a third party help-desk app because got you cover on that too. Instead of having a separate site or web software where your clients can post a support message, you have everything in one single place, just think how beautiful would be to see the activity history of a customer before trying to solve a problem? You can make better decisions, and help your customers the right way and fast.

So, if you are ready to take your list building, sales, and customers service to the next level I completely recommend you to check Workbooks CRM software and services, which is easy now with their special free trial. You want more reasons why to use this great marketing tool, here a few more:
  1. It's cost effective.
  2. Easy to implement even for beginners.
  3. It's accessible from any computer with web access.
  4. And offers instant collaboration.

So if you interested to learn more their website for more articles and educational video...

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Business and Marketing Specialist.

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