Wednesday, July 20, 2011

61 Ways To Stay Creative To Keep Your Web Marketing Ideas Flowing [Video & Infographic]

On of the best ways to keep your web marketing ideas flowing on a regular basics is by using different ways to stay creative all the time. One thing you should know is that if when you were a child you
played a lot of games or with toys that demanded a lot from your imagination, then you already have a big advantage over those that only played sports, games or toys that had set rules or actions that you can follow, which demanded almost zero intervention of your imagination. Either way the tips below can help you dig deeper in your mind and activate your innovative-self for a big boost of creativity that you can use in your business, your marketing, in love, and in your life.

What's the big deal?

Well, as an entrepreneur and Internet business owner you are face with constant change in the market place, new tools means new strategies. We've seen this all the time on the net, things like Web 2.0 or social media give birth new a new huge line of web tools that you needed to adapt to and learn how to use it as part of your processes or promotions, it happened with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and now is happening again with Google+. And in a marketplace the is constantly changing you need to be smart and creative to be ahead of the game and present yourself and your business in a unique and remarkable way in the eyes of your prospects, if not you'll loose!...

The Tips.

Below are a video that shows 29 ways to be creative and also an infographic with the complete 33 tips... I also added some of my own strategies I use on a daily basics to keep my marketing and general ideas flowing, which complete the whole tips I promise on the title of this post.

Here is the video with 29 tips:

Also check the graphic below which have all the 33 tips to help your creativity:

My Strategies!

34. Play with kids.
35. Ask kids to show you games created by them.
36. Ask kids what they like about you.
37. Ask adults or people your age what they like or think about you.
38. Do a self assessment about yourself.
39. Write ideas about your ideas.
40. Write down solutions for problems because they happen.
41. Write ways to improve things you use on a daily basics.
42. Play fighting video games.
43. Play strategy video games.
44. Buy and play the video game series title "Hitman."
45. Read article with list of tips and add the ones they missing.
46. Write things you like about other websites.
47. Write down what you like or dislike about products.
48. Remember things you learn and write a list of tips for others.
49. Listen to inspirational audio books while sleeping.
50. Re-write a minimum of 5 versions of a title or headline.
51. Create things with lego.
52. Analyze ideas with a mind-map.
53. Remember old friends and what you learn from them.
55. Write down everything you learn on any job you worked at.
56. Write down the best things your old bosses did.
57. Write down the worst things your old bosses did.
58. Learn a new dance style.
59. Create a new dance move.
60. Write and send original thank you knows to anyone you know or knew.
61. Invent your own super hero with original powers and story.

I hope I listed a few tips to help you create boost your flow of ideas... If you have your own way to keep your creativity on at all time please share it with us. Let's take the conversation to the next level, just Like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or add to a circle on Google+. I'll see you there!


Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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