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12 Viral Facebook Apps Ideas To Generate Brand Engagement And Web Traffic

Facebook Apps Ideas
FB Apps Ideas!

One of the best ways to generate fans engagement in your Facebook Page is by using viral Facebook Apps that will spread like a virus if you apply the right FB marketing techniques. Participating with your customers and potential leads through the development of interactive marketing campaigns, like contests, polls, surveys and more.
Will help you engage with your fans with content they will relate to, which offers a almost no commitment to help lead the conversation, interaction, purchases, and spread-ability.

Building commitment with fan with Facebook Apps is no different than traditional educational process that you will or should be using with automatic autoresponder platforms when doing list building for your company (email marketing). But in social media you don't send regular emails messages to increase traffic to your website hoping your message when through the filters, is the email legal ready, and pass the clutter, instead you can set up Facebook ads (PPC) to generate targeted traffic for your Facebook applications, this is a great marketing tool because you are able to measure the commitment and interaction of your fans and you can rapidly update the content in the app.

I have to admit that I neglected the use of FB apps to increase engagement in my marketing Facebook Page, but I use them successfully in other Pages that focus in different niches, and let tell you have to include them as part of your online marketing tool box.

Custom or Third Party Apps.

I want to give you my own opinion about this aspect of the technique... I personally have better result using my own custom build Facebook apps, I don't know much programming to build my own one I just use a little piece of software called Social App Creator, is very easy to use and it doesn't required any programming skills, which is awesome for a one time fee of $97 you can create unlimited applications. Also also use some online services or just putt a work at Elance or Rent-a-Coder every time I need a more sophisticated one, but this option can cost you from $200 to $10,000 depending on the project.

But.... You can still get some great engagement with free or paid third party apps, the success of your social media marketing campaign is based on the content and features of your applications, not the service, the good thing about building your own apps, is the flexibility and control you have on it.

The Facebook Apps Ideas.

Below I listed 12 applications ideas that are proven to increase engagement and make it easy for your audience to share it with their peers because each have a good viral hook attached to it.

1. Add Picture To An Image: Let your fans add their own pictures to customized an image.

2. The VS. Challenge: People love to pick between two different choices and share their pick to their friends.

3. Quizzes: Social media users love quizzes and any type of question and answers games, which makes this idea a must, just make sure to make it relevant.

4. Polls: This is a great way to learn more form your audience and at the same time let them have some fun and share it with their peers.

5. Trivia: This work excellent because people love testing their minds and intelligence and love to share their results, just make sure you make a little bit easy for them to win, remember only those with high scores are going to share their success.

6. Audio Greeting Cards: This are one of my favorites because the Facebook birthday notice makes this work all the time. You can add custom messages to them if you want to. Greeting cards have a huge marketing power!

7. Gifts: Let fans offer gifts to their friends is great to make your content viral, just make sure the gift is worth giving.

8. Sweepstakes or Contest: The best way to do this is by making sure the prizes are brand merchandise like shirts, mugs, hats, etc..

9. Content shout outs: You can generate lots of traffic from this idea, just give your audience spreadable content like quotes, jokes, etc., and gain traffic from people they know.

10. Badges And Buttons: This little images can help you spread the word about a cause, a local or global event, and increase brand awareness.

11. Surveys: This are awesome for marketing research, build engagement and spread your brand message.

12. Submit Your Video or Photo Contest: This campaign was used very successfully by IKEA, let your fans submit videos or photos for a chance to win a prize (branded merchandise), this will help you create a viral effect.

Is also a good idea to check some examples of popular facebook apps to help you decide which idea is better for your company.

As you can see there a few different ways to use Facebook Apps to engage your audience gain more fans, more Page engagement, and more web traffic for your blog or site. So, it doesn't matter if you decide to build your own custom application using Social App Creator or use free third party tools or hire a programmer or development company to do it for you, just make sure the content and the entire campaign is relevant and has a goal behind it.

Wish many fans,

Luis Galarza,
Local Marketing Specialist.

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