Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Machinima: Futuristic Viral Marketing Tool

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Look Beyond Current Internet Marketing Strategies With Machinima a Futuristic Viral Marketing Tool That Can Be Afford By Small Businesses!

Forget spending thousand of dollars in digital animation ads, now you can use Machinima to develop the same expensive digital animations that top designers can in less time on for a fraction of the price... This viral marketing tool is so good that is being used by top corporate firms like IBM to create animated ad campaigns to be use as viral video on top interactive media sharing sites like Youtube.

You can create Machinima viral video ads using virtual worlds, for the moment this Internet marketing tool works with Second Life, but is being improve so it can also work with other virtual worlds and online game sites.

So, what exactly is Machinima?

For better understanding of the term you need to know where it comes from, the term is a combination of the words machine and cinema, which refers to a process use in film making where designers have to use CGI 3D animation engines as part of a movie, this process don't involve a software. For most production developers this process is like the one use to design video interactive games.

Right now the definition of this term had evolved into the art of building movies using virtual worlds. Which is more likely the way Internet businesses can use it to develop interactive animated ad campaigns that have the viral effect power of nothing seen before when you use effective viral video marketing strategies so you can get the all the benefits of using this new web innovation.

If you looking to make your own machinima ad piece I recommend you to download the FREE ebook full of tips on how to Machinima in Secondlife (PDF format) by Eric Linden where he also share his insights about virtual world film making. Visit SecondLife Media pages to see movie examples from some of their users.

The good think about this tool is that you get to add your web address or URL through out the video, at the beginning or at the end, and you can even turn it into an active link.

Viral Video Marketing Tool That Deliver Results.

IBM report that some of their animated ads have more than 10,000 views in a short period of time, this are great conversion rates specially for a corporate video commercial. The fact is that because the videos are made with animated characters which makes it look like a video game people are engaging with the ads better than regular video campaigns, for this reason IBM is now investing a lot of time and money in developing more machinima ads to increase exposure and web traffic.

By using this new web innovation you are automatically applying one of the top video marketing strategies I mention before, which is adding special effects to your media to make stand out from the crowd.

Remember that in video marketing making good spreadable content is very important, is what will make your viral video ad a success or will kill your chances to get any type of positive responses from your marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Tip.

After developing your machinima animated ad campaign or viral video make sure to submit your work to SecondLife by sending an email and maybe get your movie added to their media page, which can turn into a lot of views and a boost to your web traffic. Also don't forget to apply good SEO for video to get more targeted views.

To get more advice about viral and video marketing visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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In Conclusion: Make sure you download the free ebook so you can learn how to create your own machinima video ads, and then test different designs and see which one give you the must responses. Also check other virtual worlds like Second Life to see if you can use the tool with them.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Andrew said...

Thank you for sharing such a nice article regarding Viral Marketing... Keep sharing such information...
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T-Enterprise said...

Viral Marketing is something that everyone who is about to start a marketing campaign should look into.

Second Life seems to be very popular with companies as I've seen a lot of them have spaces in Second Life just to promote their products.

IBM for example has a huge space dedicated to their company, in Second Life.

ali said...

I recommend checking out a newly launched website called eCorpTV. Essentially it is the YouTube of the business world where companies can post videos for free in order to extend their market reach.

Luis Galarza said...

Is true what T-Enterprise said, IBM and other top brands are building social advertising communities on Second life to take advantage of virtual world branding.

But, now with the help of machinima you can leverage virtual worlds to record animated videos that can be use as ads.

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

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