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55 Free Web Marketing Strategies To Increase Traffic Today

Let's go direct to the point.... I just wrote a small free traffic report full with 55 web marketing strategies that you can download now, but many of you ask me to post in this blog for easy access, so I here it is, but if you want the ebook (PDF) version you can download the report here, which also include the resources you need to start generating targeted visitors to your website or blog.

Remember that this is just a quick version of the Traffic Boost Marketing Course and Newsletter.

1. Write a simple but benefit based signature file or mini advertisement for your web site or product that you can use at the end of your forum or online groups posts.

2. Find online news groups or discussion groups or forums related to your niche or market and post helpful posts that will include your signature file at end of it.

3. When posting on newsgroups make sure to look for questions where you can provide a very good answer, also post articles, and questions that will start a good discussion.

4. Read the online discussion group's rules and terms of use to avoid being bane for illegal use of the site. And check if they accept signature files or any type of promotion methods.

5. Join online newsgroups, usenets or forums and make sure to refer to your site on your profile page.

6. When joining a discussion group before writing any post have your signature files ready.

7. Professional introduction categories are also great places to introduce what you do and gain profile exposure.

8. Newsgroups classifieds and marketplaces are one of the best places to sell your products or services. Just remember to read the group's terms and rules.

9. Use Yahoo Answers to build web authority and build back links to your site or affiliate landing pages.

10. Write articles that are full of valuable information to your audience.

11. Submit articles to high ranking article directories. You can start with EzineArticles and GoArticles, here is a list of directories you can use. Also read this 20 article marketing tips for information.

12. Submit press releases to free and paid PR web sites. Start with PRWeb.

13. Re-write your articles.

14. Re-purpose your articles by transforming the information into other type of media. This is a great content marketing strategy.

15. Submit your site to free high ranking web directories.

16. Shoot for massive web traffic by submitting your site to the Yahoo Directory's paid service (inclusion is not guaranteed).

17. Another great and very popular directory is, this site can boost your search ranking almost instantly, after approval of course. With your Traffic Boost course and newsletter, you will also a list of great traffic resources that includes many top directories every marketer should know about.

18. Create your own article directory and submit all your content there, but don't duplicate your own information.

19. Become an active blogger and blog helpful tips relevant to your niche. This will help your SEO efforts.

20. Start a business blog where you can insights about your market, product, and company news.

21. Use the traffic power of RSS by letting a free Google service called to create your feeds.

22. Set-up an email form to help your blog readers subscribe to your blog updates with FeedBurner or your autoresponder service provider.

23. Increase your blog post frequency to gain even more passive traffic.

24. Submit your blog content (using your RSS feed) to a free web magazine site and content directory called Zimbio.

25. Submit your blog to blog directories like Technorati.

26. Submit your blog to RSS and blog directories.

27. Use ping services to facilitate the distribution of your current blog posts to other web channels.

28. Go social on Linkedin and build a list of professional and business contacts.

29. Make use of Linkedin discussion groups to find prospects and increase your reach on that network.

30. Set up your Twitter account.

31. Automate your Twitter account with tools like Socialoomph.

32. Set up your Facebook Profile. Hint: Don't forget a picture of yourself.

33. Create a FaceBook Page for your company or product.

34. Also develop a Facebook page targeting an specific area in your niche.

35. Create a Facebook Group for your niche if there isn't one or you can provide something better.

36. Submit your blog to the BlogNetwork community app to gain more exposure on Facebook.

37. Set a Google+ account with a complete profile.

38. Get all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to add you to there circles in Google+.

39. Add a link to your main websites and other profiles on your Google Plus profile. This is a must because those links are 'dofollow', which mean it will help your SEO efforts.

40. Set up or participate in public Hangouts on Google Plus with prospects and other top people in your industry. Also read my post '10 Google Plus Marketing Ideas.'

41. Now connect your blog with all your social profiles for automatic submission of your latest posts.

42. Become an Squidoo active lens author.

43. Join Squidoo groups to supercharge your lens promotions and traffic.

44. Become a Hubpages active author.

45. Don't forget Google Knol (site like Squidoo and Wikipedia) for traffic and extra income.

46. Turn your blog or content site into a web app for free (Sign-up for your Free 31 days Traffic Boost Course and Newsletter to learn how to do that and more).

47. Submit your business to local directories for free. Directories like Google Place, Yahoo Local, and Bing.

48. Talking about local, don't forget to submit your business to online yellow pages directories like SuperPages, you may need a credit card for verification with some of them.

49. Learn how to create video presentations to help you provide interactive tutorials to your audience. Here is are 22 Free Videos Tutorial about Youtube marketing you can learn from!

50. Now create and submit informational videos to social video sharing sites like Youtube, Veoh, Revver, etc..

51. Create your own online talk show with BlogTalkRadio where you can share news relevant to your market or host interviews with other people in your industry, even customers.

52. Use social bookmarking sites to submit all your content and websites. This will increase exposure and search ranking. You will learn about this with the special report you get with your Free Traffic Boost course.

53. Use manual traffic exchange services to generate targeted leads.

54. One of the best and most powerful marketing strategies is guest blogging. Writing for other blogs in your niche works excellent for traffic, authority, and SEO.

55. Write little reports (ebooks or whitepares) in PDF format or Power Point presentations and submit them to document sharing sites like Slideshare and Scribd. Get a complete list of these sites inside the members area of your Free Traffic Boost course, plus a report and tips that will teach you how to create ebooks.

Please give me your opinion in the comment box below, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter to help me improve the report and give you the updated version which will be available on the 'Free Traffic Report' page.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza,
Free Online Marketing Specialist.

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