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Selling On The Internet


Selling On The Internet Is Simple And Very Effective When Is Done Right. It Doesn't Matter If Your Are Promoting Your Own Products, Affiliate Programs, Services, Network Marketing, Business Opportunities, Free Items, Or Even If You Are Selling On eBay... Here Is A Simple Internet Marketing Strategy To Help You Sell Online Successfully!
First, you need to know that Internet marketing works best when your efforts are focus and have a well develop strategic selling process behind it, of course there are more element to an online business to reach long term success, but today I want to help you increase your sales by giving you a simple, yet effective marketing strategy that will boost your success factor on your effort for selling on the Internet.

Making money online is not rocket science, is actually a very simple process that depends on strategic elements to make it work. When I talk about strategic elements, I'm referring to the selling strategies you are going to use and to each "purpose focus" action steps that will make it do what it supposed to do, make sales.

Do you have the answer to the next questions...
- Are you feeding your audience right?
- Are you letting them know how good is your food?

Something You Should Know.

Before I give you the answer about those questions that will actually reveal the marketing strategies for selling on the Internet, you need to know what your campaign should do before it makes the sale, the fact is that if you don't know this your campaign will not be as effective. Every strategic selling element and action steps need to make your audience take the path that will bring them to the order form and make the purchase. This process can be different depending on your strategy, market, target audience, and products, but for the Internet marketing strategy that you are going to learn today the process should do the following:

1. - Promote your brand to a target audience that will be difficult to reach with your site.

2. - Build your web authority in your niche.

3. - Create a trusty relationship that will increase your credibility.

4. - Will give your audience a strong reason why to follow the sales path.

5. - Will increase the value of the product or service you are selling, even for affiliate marketers.

6. - It needs to build your data base of hot sale leads.

7. - Needs to make money even if your visitors don't follow your sales path.

8. - Needs to have a multiple stream of income build in the process.

9. - Also needs to increase profits during and after the sale.

10. - It must build a strong relationship that will generate future easy sales.

Internet Marketing Is Simple Not Easy!

Remember that to make money online you need to put some hard effort or some money or both if you want to be successful, I going to teach how to do it using free web tools, but the same basics will apply to paid services.

The Answers.

So, do you have the answer to the question above? Maybe you do, I need to answer it anyways, because many of my visitors are newbies to selling on the Internet, and I want everybody to be on the same page before reading and using the marketing strategy. Why do I relate this tactic with food? The reason is simply because many successful restaurant use this technique offline and online was first introduce by in the adult industry marketing.

The technique is simple:
  • First you show the goodies to your audience and make their mouth watery.
  • Then you give them a little sample that will make them want more or the whole thing.
  • And then you show them how to get the whole thing right now.
How many products can you sell if you follow that method. It works great for restaurants and the adult industry, it can also work for you if you apply it right. Let's get to the action...

The Strategy.

This tactic don't have every single element but it works excellent, and you can add all those strategic elements I talk about before, just make sure is focus and relevant to your campaign goals and your audience.

OK, here is the free tactic for selling on the Internet whatever it is that you're selling (nothing illegal, I hope):

Step 1 - Show the goodies with article marketing.
You need to write quality unique articles and submit them to article directories, I recommend yo to start with Ezine Article, because it gets a lot of traffic and Google love that site. Now when righting the article you need to make sure that you only show the goodies, don't give them a sample, or worth, the whole enchilada. You can right about some facts about that market and tell how your product can fix the problem. Don't sell, educate.

Step 2 - Give them a sample or a taste with a landing page or Squidoo.
For this part you need a landing page or better a detail recommendation where you are going to pre-sell your visitors on your product or service. If you don't have a website or money for one, you can use a blog from Blogger or a Squidoo lens, both of these services are free and easy to use. For better results use Squidoo to build recommendation pages for each of your campaigns because they can be optimize to get on the top of search engine result faster than a blog, it has a affiliate program build in the system for you to add another stream of income to your Internet business.

But, you can use the blog to build your web authority, provide traffic to your Lenses and to syndicate more content. Also, you can make money from your blog too. Pre-sell and educate more.

Step 3 - Show them where to order and make the sale.
This step for selling on the Internet is divided into two different approaches, the first is to be use if you're selling your own product or service, and the second one works well if you are promoting affiliate programs.
  • If you are selling your own product online you can just link directly to your product sales page or sales letter and let the copy do the rest.
  • If you are using this technique for affiliate marketing, the best way to do this is by sending your visitors to a squeeze page or lead capture page, where you can collect their emails before sending them to the merchants landing page, or you can send them to your review post on your blog, if you don't have the money or time to set up an autoresponder system. But, I personally recommend you to set up an autoresponder to build your list of hot leads, because if you use good email marketing tactics you can make more money in the long run. You can also do this when promoting your own products. You can also read my 48 Affiliate Marketing tips post for more advice about selling other people's products.
I told you it was simple, now to make it effective you need to put some work in it. So, start writing article, building Squidoo lenses or landing pages, and a lead capture page or review post. The trick here is "The more the better", this mean the more articles, the more Lenses or landing pages, the more money you are going to make.

I know this strategy works, just take the time to set it up right, if you have any question just click on the "comment" link below to submit it, I'll be happy to answer or clear any part of this tactic.

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with expert on selling on the Internet and web business advisers by visiting the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: Plan you strategic selling process to have most of the success element that I mention before, and keep each campaign focus on one product or service, this will make it more effective. Also, try to build lenses or landing pages targeting the long tail of the main keywords, this way you can see sales faster.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Ramon R said...

Your article have a lot of good tips and strategies, thank you for sharing such a good info...

i wander if you recommend start with eBay first or any other type of business that needs little or no investment to get it going?

Ramon R

Betty Alcott said...

I completely agree with Ramon, excellent post. i also love the list of top selling products for the month of October.

Combine both and you have a good advice for anyone who want to start an Internet business right now.

Betty Alcott

Baby Bumps said...

Selling on the Internet can be very complecated for newbies like me, I try to sell something on eBay before and didn't do that good, lucky i didn't loose money.

Nice article dued, very sweet stuff for entrepreneurs.

baby bumps

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