Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Big Adsense Mistake On Content Sites

By Luis Galarza - Top Search Keywords.

Yes, You Can Monetize Your Content Site or Blog With Google Adsense, As Soon You Avoid Making Big Mistakes!

Specially the mistake I want to point at today. Google made it easy for anyone even Internet marketing beginners to make instant money online.

Now, there is a big different between those marketers that make $10 to $100 per month to those that make $100 to $3,000+ per month. One thing you need to know is that earning an income with Adsense is not just about finding the best place to locate your the ads, is about mixing your content and ads strategically in a way that makes you site user friendly, and your ads optimize to make you some profit!

The Questions!

1. Are you in it to generate a real income or just to get extra money?

This question is very important because if you just looking to earn a few extra bucks here and there then it doesn't matter where you put the ads, and what type of content are you writing about. You will always get some readers to click on the ads they find interesting or is promoting the solution to their problem, either way you will only make a few bucks to help you paid your Internet connection, but not to paid off your car.

In the other hand if you are in it to make big C.A.S.H.! then is very important that you establish a level of comfort for your readers so they can stay on your site long enough to click on the advertisement. To do this you need to position your ads the right way on the best places in your site, which are the top, right sidebar, and the left sidebar.

2. Are you concern about the look of your site or pleasing your readers?

Well my dear online entrepreneur is something you need to know about top performing Adsense sites: They are ugly! So, if you are concern about winning the next prettiest website or blog on the net, you are in the wrong business venture... This opportunity is open to anyone who have what it takes to make it work for them self.

Yes, the secret is pleasing your readers or visitors with your content not your design, with your site structure not your graphics, and of course even with the advertisement.

How you make the advertising please your audience?

By making your content target focus, so your advertising can be relevant to the type of information they are looking for. From:
  • The domain name.
  • To the headline of your site.
  • To the titles of your articles.
  • To the body content.
  • To the post tags.
  • To the link anchor...

Everything in your site have to tell the Google what type of niche you are in so they can serve you better optimize advertisers. Now all this will never work if you not careful to avoid big mistakes...

The Mistake!

This huge error is usually made by marketing newbies that don't know any better, and is usually drive by a need to make money fast, as faster as they can. They have no patience and for that reason they kill their chances to make a good steady revenue.

The error is that they try in your face marketing to the extreme!

What these newbies do is put the ad boxes on at the beginning of the content, in the middle of the article, and again on the middle of the article before the end... And that's not all sometimes they also have affiliate banners all around the information.

What they don't see is that they are interrupting the reading flow, and you are scaring your visitors away.

TIP: Create an easy reading environment, by keeping your ads in great spots without overwhelming your audience... If you want to increase your click-through start by making the content relevant, unique, and useful.

The Right Way!

To get unlimited advice "How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense" visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Adsense Training Videos.
- Find Profitable Adsense Niches.
- Free Adsense Site Builder.
- BeBiz: Niche Business Builder.

Always try to tweak the ad boxes color, or use different ad boxes sizes then track your conversions by measuring the impact of the change you made.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Victor A. Roestad said...

Great article, Luis.

I think I will need to go through some of my sites to correct some mistakes you point out...hehe.

That said, I like pretty sites, so I don't use adsense on most of my sites.

Thanks for the article.


P.S. You talk about not making a lot of money with Adsense, so I suggest using your sites to build a list as well to make more cash. Take a look at

Luis Galarza said...

Hey Victor, Thanks for stopping by, the nice comment, and for sharing your advice...

Personally I don't mine ugly sites as some the design is clean and clear, and the content is top notch :-)

Now is true, another way to make even a lot of money, specially if you think Adsense is not for you... Is by building your own email list of targeted opt-ins. Remember what I said "TARGETED".

Thanks again Victor for the nice comment.

Your truly,

Luis Galarza
Internet Business Consultant.

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Sarvesh Bagla said...

Nice Blog! Well most of your content is original and informative. Here is another blog which, too, is nice in my opinion SEO Blog

Ramy Johns said...

Google adsense is indeed one of the easiest way to start testing a online business market... Now, is the secret to ultimate income, how the big guys do it with one simple website or blog..

i know that when starting if you want to generate a fast monthly income you can start by building many Adsense sites targeting profile niches.

But, how can others do this with only one site??

i know I asking too much from you to reveal something that maybe you paid top dollars to someone for their secrets... I just a little frustrated!

Please just give something to help me understand a little how they do it...

Thank you Luis,

Ramy Johns


graphic template said...

Your right, we should not make wrong move that we think is right because we want fast way of earning money, we should think of the visitor of the sites first, they will not like to be interrupted while reading your content because of wrong positions of banner ads. Thanks for posting this, it is a big help...

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