Friday, August 19, 2011

Google Plus Marketing: What Type Of Content Gets The Best Reactions On Google+

In my last post about Google Plus marketing I listed a few of the social media techniques that me and some of the top marketers online are using to increase their web authority, brand awareness, and web traffic. Today I gonna share with your some of the content you can share to get great reaction from.

I did a few studies and try to match my findings with some of the results from other bloggers and Internet marketers on Google+ to make sure I bullet proof my social media case study with actual stats. And I got some very interesting answers.

The Case Study.

In this Google Plus marketing case study I focus on measuring three type of reactions from produce by different type of content, which are interaction, engagement, and viral potential or spreadable content.

Here are the results:

1. Small updates like opinions, quotes and also pictures attract a lot of +1 clicks.

2. Questions, polls and controversial post are great to attract interactions in the form of comments.

3. There three different type of content that are very good to get people to share it, and these are:

  • Number one is the original information, Google+ users love exclusivity.
  • In second place is quality information from around the web. But, it also helps to add your own opinion in it to spice up the interaction.
  • And in third place are pictures, but not just any kind of pictures and videos, infographics, statistics, beautiful art, funny but clever ones do well too!..

Now this results can be different for everyone depending on the type of circles you are building, the market you are in, and how you are building your personal brand.

Don't try to create a fake clone of yourself that will only share what's hot on the web, instead try to be yourself, be original share what you like, stuff relevant to your niche, or stick to just thinks related to your niche. But, like I said in a conversation I had over at Twitter, you need to make sure that everything you share on any social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc.) is of high quality, deliver value with each piece of content your post and you will get the better results from your Google Plus marketing strategy.

If something else is working better for you please join the conversation by adding me to your circle or checking my Facebook Page.

Wishing you the best,

Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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