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10 Sneaky Blog Comment Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Blog Traffic [Video Example]

Many of you may already know that blog comment marketing is a great way to gain exposure and traffic from other blogs efforts, but in this post I gonna show you a quick sneaky strategy to get the most out of each comment, and make it into a win, win situation between you, the blog where you commenting on, and the audience.

What's Blog Commenting Marketing?

This is a very simple technique that requires to post unique quality comments on other blogs relevant to your niche or market. When I said quality, I mean you need to make sure your comment offers some value to the readers, by adding your tips or opinion about the article or even a useful question that will take the conversation to a more deeper level. Here are a few things your should know about posting good comments:
  • Write down your goals: More visitors, list building, sales, branding.
  • Research blogs in your industry.
  • Make a list of the sites with great content.
  • Make sure to add those with high traffic first.
  • Add your list of blogs to your RSS reader.
  • Check your reader on a daily basics to find comments opportunities.
  • Make sure to read the whole post before adding your feedback.
  • Post your unique and valuable opinion.
This is what you do in a regular blog comment marketing campaign, but is time to take this to the next level. But before you can do that you need to know what not to do when posting your opinion on other blogs or sites.

It is worth your time?

The answer is yes!

- Help you gain market authority.
- Generates extra traffic.
- Help you give back to the community.
- Help you build new relationships.
- Good for link building and SEO in some blogs.

Bad Strategies.

When it comes to posting your feedback about an articles in some else site, you cannot just go and promote your company. A comment box is a place to offer feedback to the writer or the content creator, to offer a real opinion, to give extra advice for the readers, or to ask more question if you need to... Not for commercials or anything like it!

Here is what you need to avoid:

- Don't use auto commenting software or apps: These thing can only post a few different type of feedback without any value to the reader... Remember, no value no traffic!

- Stay away from the short 'what a great post' type of comments: Is no value in that, if you want people to visit your site, they need to see as an expert in your field not another beginner looking for help.

- Now, if you are posting in a very popular blogs, then is OK to use the beginner card: Yes, is crazy but if you add a good post and mention that you actually try their advice on your site then you might get some traffic from those looking to see the advice in action.

- Don't post links to your website on the comment: Remember that you want to be perceive as an expert or someone testing different strategies, not just another spammer posting links.

- No you don't have to be first: This is a myth invented by who knows who... You don't really have to be first to get the full traffic potential of your comment. What makes the strategy work is the quality of the content and relevancy with your niche.

Here is a funny but interesting video about being First!

- Avoid copy and pasting part of someone else articles as your information: Remember that your post needs to be unique and reflex your personality. You can use other websites to research information to make sure you provide a good opinion, but don't copy, learn from it and then post the tips in your own words. Also if you want to quote a piece of someones content, do so, but make sure to credit the author of the article with his name and URL (don't make into a link).

- Don't ever post irrelevant content: Irrelevant content adds zero value, which mean, even if your post gets approve you will not gain any traffic.

- Posting advertising as a comment is a BIG NO, NO: Sorry for screaming but this is very important, that box at the end of an article isn't a classified submission form, no ads are accepted anywhere on the web. If you want traffic and sales let your expertise do the selling.

For more information on how to craft a great comment, read the following articles:

The Sneaky Comment Strategies.

The sneaky tactic, is not really that underground, is just a strategic way to boost the web traffic potential of your blog commenting marketing campaign. This methods take a little more time than just finding a good blog post to comment on, but is worth every step. You don't really have to do it everyday if you don't have to, it all depends on your time and ability to do it quick enough.

Here is the extra steps you need to take after posting a great quality comment on a popular blog:

1. First make sure to have an account with the mayor social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Yahoo Buzz (if the blog doesn't have this sharing option is OK you can go directly to Yahoo to use it), and LinkedIn.

2. Be sure to check if the comments have a permanent link which usually is hiding behind the 'time the post was added' link. You need this because this is the link you gonna promote first.
Click to enlarge image!

3. Now click on the time link of your post, this way will be easier for you to copy the URL address, you need this before you continue. Paste it on a notepad or any type of word-processor so you can get it right away.

4. The net thing to do is share the link on any of your social media sites I mention before, remember to make the post public so anyone can get access to it. Also, write a little introduction for the post and you  can add something like 'the advice Mr. X share in this great article were responsible to the success of my site (site URL)' or to even better you can post a link to a relevant article in your site for to increase the value of your post.

5. Make sure to let your audience know that you want them to check your thoughts about the blog post and see if they agree with your response. When posting on Twitter make sure to change the title of the post for better response.

6. One more thing I do is response or reply to other commenters, to help the flow of the conversation and to increase exposure to my name. A little of branding it always pays off.

7. Let's boost the article exposure by using social bookmarking sites to share the article. In here you can share the web address to your comment or the one direct to the post. Either way you win and the content creator wins. Just make sure to apply the same posting technique like you did on the social networks.

8. Now share the direct link to the post on all your social network profiles with or without introduction, but don't include any extra links.

9. Let's go Squidoo crazy! You gonna create a quick Squidoo lens title something like "5 Best (Keywords you're targeting) Resources Of The Month", if you do it 10 time per month, of the of the day if you do it daily... The choose the link list module on your dashboard and add each of the articles you commented on as the resources. Some rules that generates visitors:

  • Use the exact article title as the anchor for the link, and then quote a little part of the center of the article as a preview.
  • Add the RSS module to promote your blog content before the link list.
  • Add one relevant YouTube video before the list but after the RSS module.
  • Also write a little summary as the introduction on the lens.
  • Add another relevant YouTube video right after the link list module.
  • Add your Twitter stream after the links before the comments module.

10. And last you gonna use Tumblr to re-blog about each of the post. Remember to add some good unique summary and a link to site or a one of your post related to the topic. Don't forget to share your Tumblr post on social media sites for more exposure.

Here is a video example of part of this technique:

This technique works excellent, because the blog gets traffic, you get to share a good article with your peers and others, you help increase the traffic of the article, which in return generate more traffic for you. Is that a fair type of promotion?... And at the end it help you make money blogging!

I hope this little blog comment marketing tactic can help you deliver more targeted visitors to your site.


Luis Galarza,
Blog Marketing Specialist.

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