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75 Steps Every Internet Marketing Newbie Should Know Before Selling His Own eBook

There are many factors that can put a stop or a delay to a new entrepreneur's business idea, and many of this things can be related to having business skills, online marketing knowledge, the funds to invest, etc., but when we referring to starting a online business every Internet marketing newbie should also know about the technical part of building a web presence.

Here is a little help...

What Every Marketing Newbie Should Know!

Below I listed over 120 things every beginner should about before starting your on web firm plus some great resources you can get now. By knowing a little bit of each of the following elements you can make the process of developing your company more smooth, eve if you decide to outsource most the task later on. 

Here is the list:

1. Set your hosting service right.

2. Learn your way through your cPanel and admin area.

3. Create email addresses in your cpanel.

4. Configure your computer email software.

5. Set up a Yahoo email account so it can be use for business.

6. Set up a good admin passwords.

7. Customize your website themes to meet your design goals.

8. Activate your web mail.

9. Set up forward based emails to cover your real email.

10. Create an autoresponder for email follow ups.

11. Activate your default email client.

12. Set up and administrate your own email list.

13. Build backups and set it server to be restore.

14. Use FTP clients to help you upload your website files to your server.

15. Create search engine optimized URL redirects.

16. Parked your domain names before anyone claims them.

17. Create sub-domain name for different parts of your site like membership homepages.

18. Add more domain name to your hosting service if is necessary.

19. Create password protected areas in your site for products downloads, and members only pages.

20. Set-up and manage your MySQL Database.

21. Create custom error pages to increase response from dead parts of your site.

22. Use the Fantastico tool to install scripts and Wordpress to your site.

23. Install web metrics tracking and automation scripts that can help you track where visitors come from and automate things like list building.

24. Match your niche with your goals to start building your email list.

25. Write or find free quality content for your newsletter.

26. Track your checklist to make sure you have all the necessary lead generation tools.

27. Set-up your autoresponder using in-house software or web email services like MailChimp.

28. Create your lead generating landing page or squeeze page to start capturing opt-in subscribers.

29. Write down an ebook marketing plan and goals. Ebooks are great for viral marketing.

30. Decide what topic you are going to write about.

31. Research your ebook topic to make sure the book provides useful information.

32. Write 3 type of ebooks, the brand-able giveaway, the main freebie (for lead generation), and your paid product.

33. Decide what type of software you want to use to create your digital reports.

34. Customize your reports to make expose your brand.

35. Use password protected codes for your paid ebook.

36. Provide a self-expired copy of your ebook.

37. Create an icon for your report.

38. Write and set-up an welcome message for your readers.

39. Customize your interface to make easy to navigate.

40. Give your ebook viral power by making it brandable!

41. Build your landing page. Big part of your online marketing strategy.

42. Get some good squeeze pages templates to create your mini-sites.

43. Organized your website files.

44. Edit the HTML codes to make it yours.

45. Set-up the style of your landing pages.

46. Use tables and cells tags to keep content organized.

47. Add audio or video to your lead capture pages the right way to increase conversions.

48. Set your images the right way to avoid site slow load time.

49. Properly use Javascripts, Flash or anytime of coding. Hint: Don't overload your site with scripts.

50. Format your testimonials on a organized table.

51. Don't forget to add lines and bullets to separate and point at key benefits.

52. Build Johnson Boxes for your email opt-in forms.

53. Set up your Wordpress blog and admin area.

54. Install a blog themes that goes with your style.

55. Install all the plugins necessary to boost your blog performance.

56. Install useful widgets.

57. Customize your links for proper SEO.

58. Apply white hat on-page SEO strategies for your blog.

59. Start blogging... Maintain the site.

61. Be part of the conversation by commenting on blogs.

62. Create a salesletter landing page to sell your paid ebook.

63. Install an unblock-able pop-up or pop-under to generate leads.

64. Register with Clickbank the major ebook marketplace on the web.

65. Create your 'Thank You' page for your buyers.

66. Prepare a page with tools for affiliates.

67. Add a web form for easy contact.

68. Test your order for free with Clickbank.

69. Add more products to Clickbank and manage the account efficiently.

70. Add your Clickbank order URL to your salespage.

71. Create a Paypal button if you decide to go that way, excellent if you don't any funds to invest.

72. Or if you want a different but popular payment service see 2Checkout.

73. Prepare your PDF or zip files.

74. Also try EXE. files if you want.

75. Track your ROI to know what campaigns are working.

The best resource for new entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do all this and more download these 120+ Internet Marketing For Newbies videos.

Let tell you, is very important to know all this stuff even if you are planning to outsources all the technical elements of your business and online marketing, because that way you can spot any errors, by knowing how it supposed to look or operate.

All the best,

Web Marketing Specialist.

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