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12 Way To Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

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One of the most scary Internet marketing tactics to increase a website's traffic have to be search engine optimization or SEO for short. The issue that many netpreneurs have with this medium is that they don't feel that they have complete control for the outcome of their hard work, and that thought is actually true, in part.

The problem is that you have to surrender your efforts to comply with search engines terms and rules, and some times even if you think you are following the rules you can still be bane from their organic search results, which is well know by marketers as 'The Google Slap.' This refers to Google because it's the company that have very strict set of rules when it comes to getting rank in their sites data base. But, people still work hard to make their sites great in the eyes of the big 'G' because its the number one search engine in the world. Meaning, they whole a very big piece of all the Internet traffic.

If you are knew to all this term, just do a quick check of what Wikipedia has to said about web traffic, and then continue reading this blog post so you can learn the some of the strategies you can use today to boost your site visitors count.

Here are the strategies I use to gain top position on Google:

1. The Content.
To gain the best results, not just in traffic or organic search ranking, but is your conversions, make sure to create and post quality relevant content for each of your targeting keywords.

2. Structure.
the best way to structure your website starting from your navigation link bar and your web pages. Think of each page in your site as a landing page that need to be optimize for a specific keyword, in other words each page on your site needs to target one of your main key-phrases with relevant content and with keywords as the anchor for each page.

3. Back Links.
The first thing you need to do is create a lot of new content pages targeting your main keywords them link back to your optimize page for that keyword, this is for on-site optimization. Then you need to gain one way back links from quality sources (sites with good or high page rank and relevant to your niche) for your home page, then get back links for your main landing pages, also get links for each other content page on your site, make sure links are from different relevant sources, and then just build as many links as you can even if some of them are irrelevant. One easy way to get quality back link just submit your site to online directories, submit articles to content directories, and PR (press releases).

4. Use Wheels.
If you already a member of my 'Traffic Boost' newsletter you already ahead of the gain if you use what you learn on the lesson where I teach how to create highly optimize link wheels for free. Link wheels are when you have site 1 link to site 2, then site 2 link to site 3, then site 3 link to site 4 and site 4 link to site 1, but at the same time all the sites link to your main site.

5. 3 Ways.
This is another SEO marketing strategy that is base in a different formula. The formula goes something like this: Site 1 links to site 2, then site 2 links to site 3, and site 3 links back to site 1. What this method does, increase each site ranking which works excellent for partnerships. So, instead going after reciprocal linking, think of using this method for better results, because reciprocal links value is very low now compare to before.

6. Updating.
The popularity of social media sites teach search engine that people love instant up to date content and for that reason they also now will give better SERP to sites that post new original content on a regular basics. So, try to update your site daily or weekly, or even better start a blog for maximum results.

7. Speed.
Increase your site speed by getting rid of big pictures, long videos, and some Java scripts that can slow down your site, which can increase your bounce rate and lower your traffic and income. Google also rate your website speed and rank you depending on your performance.

8. Blogging.
Like I said before search engines love new up to date quality content, that's why they love blogs, because blogging is a fantastic way to post new content with ease. Blogging can give you traffic from many top search keywords in your niche, plus will easily increase your main site ranking.

9. Social Media.
There are two important traffic benefits from social media: First, Google love them because they provide instant information update about almost anything you can think of, and you can use them to pass some of that love back to your site with social profiles, social bookmarking, and social news sites. Second, those that don't give you link love or 'Dofollow' linking have a lot of love from the engines, and you can use them to get more exposure from their social members and to expose your brand on search results for different key-phrases.

10. Online Video.
There are a few online video sharing sites that will give you 'Dofollow' links, but most of them, specially the most popular ones won't do that, but it doesn't mean you can use these sites to distribute content in one of the most popular medias on the web. And no only that, your videos can be also optimize to gain more exposure on search results for different targeting search phrases.

11. Long Tail Doors.
Back in 1999 the use of site doors (doorways) was a good way to have many positions on the search results, but spammers over did it with low quality sites, which push search engines to banned the use of such a method. Now you can still do it, but the approach is very different and takes a little more time, but is worth it. What you need to do is pick a few long key-phrases relevant to your niche, then create high quality content mini sites that will link back to your main site or landing page. I explain exactly how in the Traffic Boost course.

12. The Big No's.
One big 'NO' is: Don't try any type of black hat SEO method on your main sites! If you looking to see if any new tactics is good, I recommend you to build a few sites or blogs using free resources, and try any new tactic on those sites, so if something bad happens your main sites aren't touch. Also avoid any weird tricky technique like:
  • Hiding text with same color as the background.
  • Several titles in the Meta Tag.
  • Different homepages.
  • Hiding links.
  • Keyword stuffing your content.
  • Spamming the engines.
Any of this tactics will get you ban from search engines, so don't try to trick them, instead work with them!

I hope this list can help you understand a little bit what you should be doing to achieve top search organic position on the engines....

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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