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55 Ultimate Ways To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

There are many ways to make money blogging and doing other type of online businesses, but in this post i just want to point at the many different type of income generating choices you have as a blogger. But, before I jump into the ultimate ideas for profit, you need to know a few thing....
First, you need to know that blogging for money takes time, hard work and a learning face. But, let me assure you that after good hard work and strategic actions you can gain a very nice income that can help your current financial status and maybe even help you do it full time.

Second, even if you decide to use free online tools to help get started, eventually you gonna has to put a lot of your time and some monetary investment to take it to the next level.

Third, make sure you do a complete market and keyword research before you start your new blog, never start a business online or offline without the proper research to make sure you are going after a profitable niche. To do your research you can use:

Fourth, put all the numbers and goals down on paper. Based your numbers depending on your income goals. For example, if you want to make 50,000 per year blogging, you need to divide it by months ($4,166), weeks ($961), days ($136), and hours ($5), this way you can have a clear idea of how much you need to sell in order to accomplish your goal.

Fifth, start with a realistic goal, don't go crazy and try to go for an amount like 300,000 bucks. Start with an amount that can help you quit your job, something like 28,000 or so. This way you make it a little bit easier to get to... 

Sixth, remember that generating a regular revenue with your blog is not guaranteed, it all depends on how much efforts you put into it, what type of strategies you use to make it, and your website conversion rates. Also, the success of a blogger is not over night, it can take anywhere form 6 month to 3 years or more, so be patient.

Seven, choose the right revenue platform and make sure it pays enough to help you get to your goal. If you don't mind waiting then is OK to choose affiliate programs that will pay you low commissions like Amazon (books), if you want to speed up the process then I recommend you to promote ebooks, software or even better complete courses that can pay you up to 80% commissions, or sell your own product.

Eighth, diversify your revenue, by choosing different type of profit making elements. So, if you recommend books and ebooks, then selling advertising or adding Adsense to your site can help you make increase your daily profits.

Just make sure to use good affiliate marketing strategies to help you make the most out of your blog.

The Ultimate Profit Ideas.

Here is a list of income makers for your new blog:

Digital Products.

1. Email courses.
2. Complete courses.
3. eBooks.
4. Reports.
5. Whitepapers.
6. Presentations.
7. Software.
8. Plugins.
9. Web or Mobile Apps.
10. Audio books.
11. Podcasts.
12. Video tutorials.
13. Webinars.
14. Teleseminars.
15. Tele-conferences.

Physical Products.

16. Books.
17. CDs.
18. DVDs.
19. Niche Based Merchandise.
20. Custom Merchandise.

Memberships Sites or Continuity Programs.

21. Premium Content.
22. Coaching programs.
23. Niche Based Communities.
24. SAO (Software As Service).
25. High Quality Publication.


26. Coaching.
27. Consulting.
28. Training.
29. Niche based services.
30. Freelancing.
31. Donations.
32. Speaking.
33. Events.
34. Planing.
35. Design.


36. CPA (Pay per action or leads programs).
37. Ad networks.
38. Cost per impression (CPM).
39. Cost per click (CPC).
40. Sponsorship - fix rates.
41. Text links.
42. Newsletter advertising.
43. Pay per post.
44. RSS Advertising.
45. Job Boards.
46. Classifieds or marketplace.
47. Sponsor per category.
48. Monthly post sponsors.
49. Site main sponsorship.

Affiliate Programs.

50. Individual programs.
51. Networks like Clickbank.

Indirect methods.

52. Selling or Flipping Blogs.
53. Use it to nail a new job.
54. To profile your business work.
55. Promote an offline business.

Here is a great resource of advanced blogging strategies!

So, you learn how to put your blogging career on the right path for success, by know what to do before even choosing a monetization method. Also you that you can choose between digital products, physical products, services, advertising, affiliate marketing, and indirect methods to make money blogging. Also I recommend you to survey your readers with a web form to help you learn what they really want and looking for.

I hope these are enough great ideas to help you decide how to monetize your blog and your knowledge. 


Affiliate Marketing Specialist.

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