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Viral Video Marketing on Facebook: Maximize Exposure

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Did you know that if you put together the power of word of mouth in Facebook, plus the viral effect of online videos you can have a very powerful marketing campaign that will maximize your brand exposure and profit!

Updated on 3/31/2010.

I want to remind you that Facebook needs to be part of your marketing tools, because is the number one site in the world, it has the most page views that any other social network on the market, and it has more than 400 million active users. That's more people than the whole country of United Estates... I think that are enough reasons to have an active web presence on Facebook. As you can see, I said an active presence.

Well, so what it's an active web presence? this mean you need to have some kind of information on your page or profile to keep your fans or friends interacting with you. Is all about providing valuable content. This content to be updated constantly, so your fans will always find something new to view on your pages... Doing this for your profiles can be a little easier, because that's usually the first place you see when you are log in your account, plus that it's your personal presence where you will interact with your friends, family, and FB pals. You need to keep your balance of updates for both your profile and your page or pages.

MARKETING TIP:  Try not to make a bunch of FB pages just because their free and easy to set up... The set process is very simple, but keeping a page up to date with constant quality content and interactions can take a lot of time. So, make sure you make a page that it's focus to promote your business and gain brand authority on the web. I'll be talking about how to set up and make money with viral Facebook pages this coming month, but for now just make one or two that are focus on a specific business or goal!

Ok no more waiting here is the video:

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial. Here are some good tips you can put to use right now... In the video he talks about using screen capture video tools to make those type of mini films, here are 22 videos part of the YouTube and Video Marketing course, where you can learn what tools to use and how to make screen capture videos from start.

I also recommend you:

- How To Use Online Video Marketing To Promote Your Business: Free Webinar.

Things you need to know about sharing videos on Facebook.

FB can be really strict with the type of content their users can upload or post on the network so make sure you follow the rules and avoid been ban, if your account is ban, that marketing strategy wouldn't work for you in a positive way. So, play by the rules to ensure the success of your viral video campaign.
  • Make sure you own the video or have permission to use.
  • The video you plan to upload needs to be less than 20 minutes of length.
  • Avoid anything that have nudity, adult only content, and people that don't want to be in the film.
  • All this mean don't upload videos like the one on the picture at the beginning of this article.
That's just a few things you need to follow, now let's get to the tips!...

Tips To Maximize Viral Exposure.

To build a successful viral marketing campaign with online video try the following type of content:
  1. Insperational.
  2. Funny.
  3. Tutorials.
  4. Braking news.
  5. Case studies.
  6. Special skills.
  7. Funny commercials.
  8. Screen cast demonstrations.

To get unlimited one-on-one couching about viral and video marketing visit the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

Recommended Resources.

Quick Video Marketing.

QUICK PROFIT TIP: I recommend you to use your own videos, or get permission from the producer of the video before posting it on your Facebook page or profile, just to avoid any type of legal problems.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Larry D said...

Great post, you got a lot of useful tips... I like the video too, but like you said is better to have legal right for any video or content you share on Facebook or any other social network.

Keep this post coming man!...

Larry D.

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