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The Truth About Facebook 'Like' Click-Through Rates

Before optimizing your Facebook presence you need to know the truth behind the viral marketing power of FB recommendation tool, which if is use right it can have your audience blasting your content across their profiles for their peers to see.

Almost everyone by now have seen the "Like" blue buttons - the one with the little thumbs-up graphic in Facebook that lets the social network member tell the other member that they liked something they posted on their wall. The system is very simple, when someone click on that thumbs up button, automatically they also reveal the content they just "liked" to all their peers (family and friends) in their FB sphere, this is how a lot of web content goes viral in today days.

The Open Graph Ecosystem.

When FB introduced its Open Graph ecosystem earlier this year, it made it possible for any website - from corporate websites to e-commerce sites - to add the "Like" button next to any content of its choosing.
Want your shoppers to "Like" one of your products?  No problem: Facebook now provides a simple-to-add piece of Java script for you to add to your site's HTML and done! Congratulations you're now part of the "Like-o-sphere".

Now to successfully optimize your fan pages you need to know, who clicks on "Like" buttons and what benefits can the addition of the little thumbs to your site produce? FB recently publish some statistic reports that have most of the answers you need.


First, people who regularly "Like" are some of the most connected and active people among the 500 million or so users of FB.  These folks, it seems, are the key influencers among their group of followers.

Facebook research reports go a little deeper:

• The average "liker" has 2.4x the amount of friends than that of a typical Facebook user.

• They are also more interested in exploring content they discover on Facebook.

• They click on 5.3x more links to external sites than the typical Facebook user.

Statistic resource: Yield Marketing Software for SEO.

These interactive and engaged power users are the Web's curators: they're in a never venture of content exploration, finding, revealing and sharing, usually with their opinion and critique feedback they pass it alone into their social streams.

- They are the web recommendation power users.

- They give fast warnings notices about news and market changes.

- They transform the way people think.

- And they transform decision-making - from buying to public votes to the success of charitable contributions.

- Another aspect you should know is that these influencers are also younger! Usually between 25 and 45 years old.

What all this analytic information means to you? Well, it means that if you want to become part of the 'Like-o-sphere' you need to optimize your Facebook fan pages and information in a way that will entice those power users to click on the 'Like' button and share your content with the world.

So, analyze your results and think of ways to increase your click-through rates on future content.

To your social media success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet & Social Marketing Specialist.

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