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15 Steps On How To Monetize Adsense Ready Niche Sites Or Blogs

Sample Niche Adsense Blog

We all know you can really make some good money online with Google Adsense publisher program, but many entrepreneurs still struggle to monetize their sites or blogs like the top web publishers do. There are two issues you really need to fix before launching a new website that will increase your chances to earn a passive income from it. These two elements are:
  1. Niche selection.
  2. And process control.

Niche Selection.

Selecting a niche for your new Internet business web site can hard if you don't know where to look. First, list all your skills, hobbies, and interests, then do a full keyword research to find the on-demand markets that are relevant to your knowledge or interests. In the case of Adsense sites, you need to focus your research on keywords with the highest PPC or Pay-Per-Click cost, because it will give an idea of how much you will be making per click. On my post 'How To Successfully Start A Niche Information Publishing Business Even If You Are Blindfolded' I explain even more about finding the market and choosing profitable keywords for your content, there is also a video to help you understand the process.

When I build new web assets using niche marketing strategies a use a combination of free and paid software tools that makes everything easier and fast. Here some of the tools I use and recommend:

Process Control.

This is important because you need to know how to take control of every part of your content publishing business from start to finish even if you outsource part or a great part of your business development and marketing. So, how can you take control? By simply learning how each process work, that way you can make educated decisions and avoid mistakes or unwanted risks.

Ok, let's do this!...

1. All you have to do before register for a free Adsense account from Google or in-text ads, you need to create and publish a blog with Blogger or Wordpress.

2. Make sure your website or blogs are develop 2 weeks before registering with the publisher program. This mean you need to have at list 15 to 20 post or articles in it to facilitate account approval.

3. Do your market and keyword research to prepare a list of search terms you can target with your content. Be specific, that way you can generate good results in a short period of time.

4. Start writing your articles, to ensure success be sure to write original quality content for each of your posts. This will help you pump targeted traffic from Google.
TIP: This techniques are not design for those who bought pre-made Adsense Sites, because many people bought the same packages, which mean the first is original content, everyone after that is duplicated content, and will get rank on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, actually you might get baned completely. So, avoid buying those type of products. If you do, at least re-write the content to make it original.

5. Every time you post new content on your blog, ping it to have it distribute to multiple directories at once, share your post on your social profiles (Facebook - Twitter), and submit it social bookmarking sites. Here some ping sites you can use:

6. Submit your site to search engines, online directories, RSS and Blog directories, social bookmarking sites, etc.. Remember, only do this after you have some content on published. All this will help you blog SEO efforts.

7. Update your blog in a constant basics, everyday is the most popular way to do this. But, if you want you have an schedule, but if go that way you need to do to make sure you let your readers know and stick to it.

8. Make sure your site is ready to be monetize by checking the next list:
  • Use an user and SEO friendly template.
  • Have unique content that pass Copyscape test.
  • Add a privacy policy links.
  • Has an 'About Us' page.
  • Has a 'Disclaimer' page.
  • Do you have a 'Contact Form'.
  • Are you collecting email.
  • Make sure to double check each element.

9. OK, after it pass the quality check you can go ahead and open a new account (or use current one) with Google publisher program. If you are using Blogger, just go to your 'Dashboard', and go to 'Design', then click on 'Monetize', there just follow the instructions to register your new account. If you are using Wordpress, you need to go to the Adsense main site to sign up for a new account.
TIP: To make sure you get approve almost instantly start by creating a Blogger blog first with at least 25 post, and then sign up for the publisher program, you account have better chances to get approve the same day.

Now let's play a little bit with SEO (search engine optimization) and learn from your visitors.

10. Let's begin with on-page SEO which is making sure your site content and structure is search engine friendly. Here are a few thing that you need to do to improve your ranking:
  • Add 'Meta Tags' to each page or post.
  • Use 'anchor text' for every link with the proper keyword.
  • Link to relevant pages in and out of your site.
  • Use title tags (h1, h2, h3) on every page.
  • Be sure the title of your post shows first on search result, not the sites name.
Wordpress have many great plug-ins that can automate this, but Blogger have to be done by hand. There are many Blogger design tutorials you can learn from or you can hire me and my team and can optimize your blog in less than 24 hours for less than 20 bucks.

11. Now let's continue with off-page SEO. This refers to all the methods you need to apply out of your website to increase your ranking. Here some of the thing you should do:
  • Build quality back links.
  • Set link bait campaigns.
  • Create link partners.
  • Set article marketing campaigns.

12. Now is time to gather analytics data and learn more about your visitors. Blogger gives you an web traffic tool that is fairly good, but I recommend you to use a few different ones so you can compare and get better results. Google analytic tool is one of the best tools out there and it work with almost any type of CMS (content management software). This data can tell what keywords your audience used to get to your site and will also teach what are they really looking for, so you can create content relevant to their wants and needs.

13. Do a little spying on your competitors to learn where they getting their links from and how many inbound links they have, the best tool for this Keyword Elite and If you are planning to use PPC advertising to promote your blog, you need Affiliate Elite, this tool will tell your what are the most profitable keywords to target and what keywords are working for your competitors. 

14. Be sure your template or layout is optimized. Make it easy to navigate, and make sure to speed up is loading time. These two factors are also crucial to the new changes made to Google algorithm.

15. Make sure you have marketing program set for your new venture so you get constant flow of traffic, and also don't forget to have every aspect of your publisher account set up, things like: Sending your PIN, filling up your tax info, and deciding your type of payment.

More marketing tips also read:

After building you first successful niche blog, just learn from your mistakes, improve your results, then repeat by building more profit focus web machines.

To your web success,

Luis Galarza,

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