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7 Niche Marketing Steps To Build A Profitable Online Business

The process of building a successful online venture can take a lot of time and effort specially if you are a beginner when it comes to starting a business and designing an Internet marketing strategy. Many of my consulting clients always ask me what is the perfect plan or mind-map they can follow to keep them on the right track of their company developing process, the problem to this is
that there are many answers to this question and it will take me a whole book to explain... So, I decide to give you more general niche marketing and business map, not a plan, that can help almost any one start a real online venture. This venture can be a niche information business, a content site, an eBay store or an ecommerce e-tail store (online retail), it doesn't matter the program below can help you jump-start it success!

7 Steps To Success.

My step-by-step process starts directly where it suppose to, explaining how to start your new website or web company, regardless if you have ideas for a market or product, and from there we will go through all the critical elements of creating a successful business.

Each side of the road is based on the results achieved in the previous step. You must also know how to keep giving it the strength to improve your company over time.

As soon as you master each step explained below, you have the option to repeat on your own to create multiple profitable streams of income...

So let's say no more and go direct to the tips, this is your seven-step process:

1. Identify a lucrative niche market that has minimal competition.
This one is imperative for the success of your website. You need to choose what market are you going after by listing your interest, hobbies, and skills, then use a good keyword research tool to find not just a general list of popular search terms from an on-demand market but those long tail search phrases that are highly profitable and usually have less competition. Use free tools like Google External Keyword Tool and Wordtracker to find a list of general keywords, then use the paid tool to find the profit making ones!

2. Develop or Outsource the creation or fulfillment of hot selling products to promote to your audience.
In this part a refer to any time of product, digital or physical. Now if you building a content site, then your product is the content, and you can monetize that content by selling advertising spots, adding Goolge Adsense, or promoting affiliate programs. Just be sure your products are of high quality and value, when outsourcing check the work before completing payment. If you want to speed up the creation of digital or physical information products I recommend you to use PLR resell rights pre-develop items.

3. You need to write compelling salescopy to turn a maximum amount of visitors into buyers.
This is another skill that any marketer should know, because the lack of this skill can kill your chances to generate an income. So, you can learn how to write your own salescopy or you can also outsource this part of the process, either way is a must in the development of your company.

4. Build a professional easy to navigate website that is design to generate sales.
Make sure that when designing your new website or having a web designer work on it, you and them know how to make a site sell. Make it look professional and clean, but don't forget that pretty images don't sell, words do!...

5. Create landing page and strategy to help you build an email list of hot prospects.
This is a must for any entrepreneur wanting to build a long lasting company. You need to create a database of hot leads and customers that you can follow up to make and increase sales. To do this you can develop a lead capture page also call squeeze page, which have one purpose get your visitors information (name, email, phone number, address, etc., anything you need from them), so you can apply in -house permission based email marketing methods later.

6. Turn your first visitors to into eager paying customers.
This is why you need to get your visitors information even if they don't buy on the moment, but if they visit your site means they are interested on what your are selling. After getting their information follow up with tips, newsletter, and a few sales follow up each month, you can also send coupons and inform them about discounts.

7. Promote your website to generate an steady stream of targeted traffic using free and low cost methods.
Write down an action based Internet marketing plan for each of your campaigns so your can send constant new visitors to your sites. Learn how to use paid advertising to generate leads and sales, and to use free methods creatively to make it work 24/7 without much effort.

And number 8 step is simply rinse, improve, and repeat! What I mean with this, that after you get to master all the first 7 steps to create a lucrative niche business you need to keep an eye on your site and sales statistics so you can spot new opportunities and things that needs improvement, the tune, and repeat what you learn on a new site.


Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specially.

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