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22 SEO Tips: Blogspot Blogs Basics

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Increasing Blog Traffic To Blogger or Blogspot Blogs Using SEO Strategies Takes A Different Approach Than Regular Static Websites... Here Are Some Tips To Help You Maximize Your Search Engine Ranking!

First any your cup and forget everything you know about SEO or everything you have read, specially if your organic search ranking haven't change meaning two things, you are confused and don't know exactly what to do and where to start, or you been getting miss leading information that got you nowhere. Today I going to give you some search engine optimization tips that work very good for many of my clients and friends who are blogspot bloggers like you and me. But, search marketing have to be part of your Internet marketing plan want it or not.

The Truth!

SEO for static websites needs more hard work and even some investment to make it search engine friendly and send it to the top of organic results on Google or any of the top website finding tools. But, it's not complicated!

Now when we talk about blogs specially blogspot blogs the job becomes a little bit easier for many reasons, like: Blogs can be easy turn into content rich sites, Google love up to date blogs (remember, Up To Date), blogspot coding is already search engine friendly, plus it's easier to syndicate your content for instant back links and traffic.

A good search engine marketing plan need to have the complete SEO success factors, but there three golden rules that you need to follow to make sure the tips below work effectively for you. These golden rules are:
1.- Provide quality content using your targeting keywords without over using them. Write for real people and provide the search engines the keywords they want on the top in the middle and at the end of your posts.

2.- Make sure every aspect of your on site and off site SEO efforts are relevant to your target market. This mean that your need to have your keywords on your blog headline, post titles, labels, links, etc... The more relevant your site is with your niche the better ranking you will get.

3.- Provide content that is unique and spreadable, that's what search engines and your visitors want, so just give to them and they both will increase your blog traffic. Search engines will give you better ranking and your readers will share you content with others (social bookmarking and link baiting), plus they will combat for more.

Here is the secret code to create viral content:
  • Be original.
  • Be informative.
  • Be remarkable.

OK, I know that most beginners don't have their own search marketing lab, here are the tips to improve your search engine ranking and your traffic faster using proven to work techniques. But, before I continue with the tips you need to know that getting high ranking for good keywords takes time, and you need to be patient. Second, you need to put your time on this and set a plan that can be change if the algorithms change, which always does... which make some strategies from last year completely obsolete...

For example, your need to forget about using:
  • Reciprocal linking partnerships.
  • Meta Tags are good for some, but not for Google.
  • Duplicated content, so don't copy.
  • Paid text links from top sites (below I show you which one works).

1.- First you need to be ready to learn and keep up date with the search market changes and new strategies. A good way to do this is by putting yourself in a learning environment using trusted and reliable sources. Some good places are: SEO Book, Search Marketing Lab, and IEC association for online small business.

2.- If you just starting out with Blogger, make sure that your URL includes your main keywords in it, forget about adding small words that have no value for search engines like: A, for, and, etc... Just use them when your main keywords are already taken.

3.- To make it easy for you to find a good domain name that has your keywords in it try the keyword without spaces and with spaces if the other one is already taken, for example: "yourmainkeywords.blogspot.com" or "your-main-keywords.blogspot.com".

4.- After setting up your blog you need to put an analytic system in place so you can get web traffic data that you can use to improve your site and to know where your visitors are coming from and what pages are they going to. Some good free stat services are: Shinystat, Google analytics, and Statcounter.

5.- Make sure your blog is design to meet your audience needs, make sure it looks professional and clean. Remember that first impression is a big deal on the web, that's why you only have 3 to 7 seconds to engage your visitors and turn them in to readers, if you don't they yes click away faster than a hungry fly.

6.- When writing post make sure you add your keywords at the beginning of the title this will create SEO friendly URL's. For example: (http://yourmainkeywords.blogspot.com/yourkeyword_title) this will help search engine know what your content will be about. Plus, if you are using Adsense to monetize your site, this tactic will make sure you the code shows relevant ads on your site.

7.- Put your targeted key phrases at the beginning of all your main posts, you know, the ones that you are really spending your time on because you want to provide detail information about your niche that people will maybe link back to, share with others, use social bookmarking sites, etc... This help increase your page-rank for that post.

8.- Make sure you do a keyword research before using them in your blog page and posts, so you know what words have a good amount of search traffic that can be monetize. Some free tools you can use are: Wordtracker, SubmitExpress, and for long tails check Google Adwords Tool. To really find long tail key phrases in your niche you can invest in Keyword Elite and Affiliate Elite, both worth having.

9.- Write a few landing pages type of post with detail information, what I mean with this is that each post needs to have at least 1000 words, the more the better. Then put a link to this pages on the home page of your blog without the "nofollow" html tag, because you want to give some ranking votes to these pages. Target each of your main keywords with this post, add the phrases naturally on the title without any other words.

10.- Make your content people friendly by making it easy to read and follow, don't over stack code words all over it, this will scare away your potential readers and may also have you site penalize by Google. So, provide articles that people will really love to read with a little sprinkle of key phrases.

11.- Don't copy or duplicate other people's content, write your own quality original articles that provide useful tips and facts that will help you build a readership and give you an edge on your competition on natural search results.

12.- Develop a strategic on site linking structure by using your keywords when linking to internal pages or blog posts. Why? Because the anchor text give the search spiders a brief description of what your posts are about. Forget things like "click here", "full story", "download now", etc., this type of anchors or link descriptions don't help your SEO efforts.

13.- Avoid leaking ranking by using the "nofollow" tag on all your outgoing links, and in some of the internal links to pages like the "about us" page, "TOS" page, "privacy terms" page, etc.. To add this html tag to your outgoing link is easy, here is an example (Link).

14.- Add social bookmarking buttons to let your readers share your content by bookmarking your post on top sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.. Also, make sure to bookmark your best work too. Best way to get one way back links.

Off Site Optimization Tips.

15.- Syndicate your content with ping systems, this content syndication programs will distribute your information to a gallery of RSS directories. So, ping your blog every time you post a new article and every time you update a current published post. Some good pinger are: Pingoat, Pingomatic, PingMyBlog, and the best of all Autopinger. Want more here is a complete list of pingers.

16.- Syndicate your information by manually submitting your site to RSS and blog directories, this can help you in your link building and gain search visitors from top ranking RSS articles. This process can take a lot of time, but is worth it.

17.- Create a few web profiles with some of the top social network like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, Linkedln, etc., then link to your blog from each profile, also every time you post an article there link to your blog from the post.

18.- Self syndication is also good... Just add your RSS or Atoms feeds to any other blogpost site you have and to all the profiles that offer this feature. This will boost your feed popular rate and provide instant traffic from all those sites.

19.- Submit your site to top web directories that get a lot of traffic and will give you some ranking vote, some of best ones are: Yahoo, Business.com, Best Of The Web, and DMOZ.

20.- Another excellent way to get good links is by partnering with other top blogs in your industry and become a guess blogger, only if you can link back to your site from the post. Even so, this is a good way to reach out a for readers that you may never were able to get without the help of that guess post.

21.- Local Internet marketing is huge right now and you can also get some extra web traffic by submitting your site to local website directories, some of the top are: Local.com, Kudzu, Google Local, Super Pages, and Yellow Pages.

22.- Create anther blog using a different service and post news and insights about your niche and link back to your main blog from each post.

Keep checking for updates....

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with search engine optimization experts and web marketing advisers by visiting the IEC.

In Conclusion: It doesn't matter how well you rank on any of the top search engines, don't let SEO be the only Internet marketing strategy you use to obtain targeted traffic to your blog, is good to learn and apply other techniques as well. And don't believe that blogspot blogs can't be rank high for top level keywords, and they are impossible to monetize... Here is the proof, go to Google and type "Make Money Online" and then press search and you will notice that two of the sites on the top natural results are Blogger sites. Don't get me talking about Google Knol.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Dave said...

Wow... This is what I call an top notch article! Nice tips, I starting out with blogger and I'm really needed this info, great tips.

I bookmarking this post.


Luis Galarza said...

Dave thank you very much for your comment and for bookmarking my article... Please feel free to ask me any question you may have about this SEO strategies.

Thanks again,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

Website Marketing said...

These are all great search engine optimization tips. It's great to have on page factors and content pages. Other great things to do is submitting article to article directory sites. I found this very effective.

Luis Galarza said...

Indeed, article syndication is one the best ways to generate one way back links, click through traffic, also builds your credibility and increase your expertise level.

Good add on... I didn't forget to add it I just was saving it for tomorrows post :)

Thank for the comment,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .When you are getting on with a blog site and choose to use it to network, build networks and link, then it's essential that you make it competent and able so that it can stand the test of time. For a site to be successful it's essential that it does not fade away in SEO training.

Terry G said...

Very nice list of SEO tips for blogpsot bloggers, I need to start working to get my site higher on the Google ranks, like you said more ranking more money!

Terry G

Sadia Raheem said...

Great guidelines for me.
Thanks a lot.
Please keep it up.

Jony said...

Hi Friend,
Congratulations for this nice looking blog. In this post everything about SEO Consultant.

search engine placement said...

Wow, great information. I could say my knowledge in seo is already broad but I find it nice to see people giving out tips and new information.

Luis Galarza said...

You're welcome, I'm trying my best to provide useful and accurate information to my readers. Specially when we talk about SEO.

Yours truly

Luis Galarza,
Small Business And Marketing Consultant.

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internet marketing services said...

Amazing tips. great stuff.

SEO Expert said...

g8t article and tips



Fantastic article. Very informative. I am just starting and i think this will really help.

Thanks again

Luis Galarza said...

Thank u all for your great feedback and support, I'm very glad you guys found this SEO article very informative and useful...

I'm planing a part 2 which will include some new changes and services that u can use to increase your position on search results.

Thanks again,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Consultant.

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