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Free Adsense Tips From A Retiree That Makes $25K A Year from Google Adsense

Generating an Income With Adsense!

It's crazy to know that many people still not finding a way to generate a big or some income on the web. And then you see a story like the one of the video below that shows how easy an retiree use Google Adsense to make money online, not just a little income but in fact he makes around $25K yearly by simply posting relevant ads on his content site.

I don't want you to take this in a bad way, instead the purpose of the this video story is to inspire you, and show you that making a living from the Internet is possible and if a retiree in his 70s can do it, you can do it, too! And you don't even have to use Adsense to build a business on the web, this is just one of the 1000s of different online business methods you can use. Many other entrepreneurs are using their creativity to come out with unique and unusual business ideas all the time, a great place to get inspired and get a bunch of great tips is Jason Bax's New Business Ideas blog called The B.U.N (

Right now let's focus on content sites that generate a revenue from advertising host by Google...

Before I can explain how you can do it, take a look at the interview where Jefferson Graham form USA Today talks to a very cool retiree that used to be a Boeing engineer, that's the exact knowledge he's using to earn a 5 figure income online. Enjoy the video:

If you notice on the video above he apply simple but effective technique that make his website a success. The only think he does daily is spend at least on hour writing and sharing information about his passion and look like his site visitors which also share the same passion are more than like to click on the ads which turns into profit for him.

So here are some of the lessons you should take from this successful entrepreneur so you can start creating a full or part time income like he does:

1. Make a site about what you are passionate about or have a lot of interests in learning. Here is a list of 156 hot niche markets to help you choose.

2. Find out if your passion is based on a profitable niche by doing a keyword research using Google's Free Keyword Tool. Also to gain better search data I use SAT in combination with G's tools, SAT give you the keywords that actually generate profits!

3. Create quality content that is highly relevant to what your audience is looking for. Quality content means valuable unique information that your visitors can actually use right away to help them solve their problem.

4. If you planning to promote affiliate programs on your site make sure you balance the ads (text or banners) in a way that will not become a complete distraction from the content. Plus, if you over do it, you might scare your visitors and increase your site's bounce rate (when visitors click away from your site right away), which mean no commissions. So, avoid that Adsense mistake and you will increase your chances to profit from it.

5. Put your ads on the best advertising spot any website can have, and that spot is the left upper corner with your content or on top of your article right before your title. This advertising space have been proven to work excellent by many marketers including Google itself.

Now, just do the research fine those diamond keywords and start putting your content to work for you.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

Follow me on Twitter, I'll be glad to answer any questions.
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