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Incredible Hulk In Internet Marketing: Hulk Smash The Recession

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.You Need To Turn Into The Incredible Hulk In Internet Marketing On Your Niche Or Be Ready To Be Out Of Business! Here Is The Number One Tip To Put A Hulk Smash To The Recession and Your Competitors...

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You may be asking yourself what in the heck Luis mean with turning into the Incredible Hulk in Internet marketing or be ready to be out of business. What I mean is that in the next 3 to 5 years you are going to face a hard time in business, you reading headlines in almost all newspapers about how America businesses are suffering and are expecting to loose big time.

Well, I going to give you a test and example of a business that will be here even after all the downs in the economy, just open your local newspaper and find the biggest ad from a local business or company, well my dear entrepreneur that is the company that will be in business during and after recession times... Why? Because is applying stronger advertising and marketing than their competitors. This was exactly what Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad series books and co-founder/CEO of Rich Dad, Inc., did in a morning session with over 500 business professionals that were taking business and financial advice from this successful entrepreneur and investor.

Robert said:
"Don't do like every other business owner who listen to their accountant advice to cut down advertising and promotion expenses, this is the worst thing any marketer can do. When time get tough, your job is to promote more not less."

By the way I completely recommend you to read his books, specially "Rich Dad, Poor Dad!", he will help you understand the power of making your money work for you and no the other way around.

The Internet Marketing Number One Tip.

Robert already said it, you need to advertise and promote more to keep your sales and cash flow, if sales are down the best thing you can do is go out and look for more business to keep up with down times. Still a smart idea to cut down your expenses, but don't necessarily means to cut down your marketing budget, actually successful entrepreneurs will cut down other expenses and invest those savings back into targeted online and offline advertising campaigns that are carefully plan to ensure high conversion rates.

So, instead of lowering your Google Adwords or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) expenses I recommend you to increase the number of campaigns by targeting high traffic keywords, but not before finding good advertising key-phrases by using a good keyword research tool. Also, don't forget to track and split test every campaign to make sure you are getting the best out of your marketing, this will help you find low response ads and keywords so you can optimize or delete to focus on campaign with better results.

To put a Hulk smash to the recession Internet marketing newbies or beginners need to remember to develop a good strategic online marketing plan that is focus on increasing your current customer base, leads, blog readers, and opt-ins, to do this you need to have a clear view of your goals for the next 5 years, which is what expert estimate this recession is going to last.

Bad News And Good News.

This economy have a many bad surprises and a lot of open chances for businesses, but only those that are ready to turn into the Incredible Hulk in Internet marketing are the ones with the key to those open opportunities.

The good news are that because of the recession many Internet businesses are going to be out of business, leaving a lot of space to expand your business and gain more market share in your niche. The bad news, like Robert Kiyosaki puts it, you may be one of those companies going out of business.

To survive you are going to advertise big, this is the only way you are going to gain big returns and keep growing your Internet business during economy tough times.

Turn Into The Incredible Hulk In Internet Marketing On A Budget.

I know you may not have a big budget or any budget to promote your business or products on the web, but with the help of a few good low cost and free marketing strategies and tools available for the Internet you can put together a successful strategic marketing plan that will actually generate sales or hot leads. Because you have a limited budget and down economy you need to focus on reliable sources of web traffic and some good tactics that are proven to deliver high web conversions.

Here are three thing your Internet advertising campaigns and promotions must have to become successful:

1. - A lot of high targeted traffic: The kind that is looking to buy today what you are selling. Resources:
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. You don't have to go for Adwords, to keep your investment low use Yahoo Publishers, and MSN Ad Center.
  • Use social review sites or product service like Pay-Per-Post, Reviewme, and others to have bloggers post article about your site, company or product on their blogs. You can set a low payment and still get a lot of applicants.
  • Reward current customers, leads, and readers with something special with high value for every new referral they send that turns into a new customers, opt-in, or downloads a free ebook or report.

2. - Direct marketing potential: Just like catalogs, classifieds, and postcards, the advertising channel needs to provide a good "selling now" potential, even if you are building an email list of hot leads. Resources:
  • Social shopping sites: Is time to put the power of social word-of-mouth into your marketing and let the people become your sales reps. I'll be writing more about how to use social shopping sites as an effective online marketing tool, but for now take a quick look at:,,,,
  • Online Auctions: Showcase your products on top online auctions and leverage the traffic and sales power of these sites to increase your online sales. Resources: eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Bidz, etc.
  • Shopping comparison sites: This sites are very popular, and consumers love them to find good deals on all type of products. Some of the most populars are: Yahoo Shopping, Google Products, Bizrates, and
  • Geo-targeting top classified sites: Yes, online classifieds still work, but only when the site have a huge amount of consumers actually searching for items or services to buy, some of this sites are: Craigslist,, Myspace Classifieds, Facebooks Marketplace, USFreeAds,, and Yahoo Classifieds.

3. - One Way Back Link Building (SEO): As I said before in other articles, most of your marketing needs to be focus on generating quality one way back links... Quality one way back links are those that come from relevant sources or sites in your niche, the link use your main keywords as an anchor or link name, and needs to come from sites with page-rank 2 or over nothing less. Resources:
  • Article marketing: One of the best ways to generate targeted traffic, build credibility, and get one way back links to your site is by writing good content about your niche and submit them to article directories for syndication, because article marketing have high click-through rates. Here are some to get you started: EzineArticles and GoArticles.
  • Blog marketing: By publishing your own blog or blogs targeting your niche you can generate a lot of back links your main site or blog, and also it will give you a big SEO advantage because Google love up to date blogs. Just remember to syndicate your blog content by submitting to free Blog and RSS directories, and Zimbio.
  • Submit Press Releases: This is like article marketing but with Hulk power! You can have your press release feature on top news sites like Yahoo News, and Google News by submitting with PRWeb (Paid service), also you can use MyFreePR and PRfree.

Want more tips here is a video with exclusive internet marketing advice for down economy times:

The Internet marketing video had some good tips that you can apply right away, hope you like the vid....

To get unlimited advice about how to apply successful Internet marketing in recession times visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- #1 Internet Marketing Training Course. One course, all the strategies.
- Search Marketing Lab. 24/7 SEO and PPC Up to date training.
- Web Traffic Machines. Complete traffic generation system.

In Conclusion: Never stop marketing and adapting your promotions to grow your business and achieve your goals.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Gary said...

Really good article, first you got my attention with the mix of Hulk with Internet marketing, but you really hit the point of advertising in recession times, excellent read.


Jake said...

Wonderful article and tips, I completely agree with you and Robert, if you want to survive the recession or down economy times offline and online business better start advertising big.


Jake Doug said...

I really like the way you mix The Incredible Hulk name with your targeted keyword... Love the content!

Great stuff Luis!

Jake Doug

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