Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Diversify Your Income With In-Text Ads by Infolinks.

If you're like me, always looking for new and better ways to monetize your VRE (virtual real estate) like your blog or content site. You need to know that there is another great way to profit from your blog or website...

I like to introduce you to Infolinks. They are my friend John Chow's new in-text ad provider. They help John's blog make a lot of money and I think they can help your blog make a lot of money as well.

Infolinks serves those double underline links you see on John Chow's blog and on other top web sites. When a reader
mouse over the link, a relevant ad displays. When the mouse is moved away, the ad disappear.

And just like Google AdSense, you make money when readers click on the
ads. That simple!

The great thing about Infolinks is that it allows you to make money without taking up or replacing any current advertising space. It's almost like getting free money! :o)

I was an early tester of in-text advertising because I didn't want to solely rely on AdSense. Google allows Infolinks ads to run along side AdSense ads. If you're looking to diversify your blog income, Infolinks ads are far and away the best accompaniment to Google AdSense, advertising spaces, and affiliate marketing..

What makes Infolinks stand out is they offer the highest revenue share in the
industry. Other in-text ad providers give only 40% to 50% revenue share. The company will give you 70% and they'll give it to you no matter what size your site is.

About time some level the in-text ads market for the little marketers like us!

With these service, you can get the same revenue share as a site getting over 10 million page views a month, which is what other in-text ad providers want in order to give that high revenue-share.

In addition to the 70% payout, if you sign up through my friend John's link below, you will automatically be allowed to take advantage of all of the premium ads that other in-text companies normally reserve for bigger sites.


Infolinks is the only in-text company to utilize a 3rd party to verify the quality of your traffic. If you're still trying to build your brand, not being giving the same chance at higher paying advertisers can be frustrating. I can help you with that!

Not only do you get the highest payout, you will get access to the higher paying ads as well.

In addition, if you have a lot of international or non English speaking traffic, the service will welcome you without any trouble.

Infolinks has become the unquestioned leader in monetizing international traffic with the highest paying advertisers for traffic generated outside the US.

No matter if your website is in English, Spanish, French or German or if readers are coming from places outside the US, this service can help you monetize it.

Getting these in-text ads up and running takes only a minute. All you have to do is go sign up and then install a small piece of code onto your blog. If you're running WordPress (or Blogger, Joomla or Drupal), don't worry the service has plug-ins has a plugin that will do all the setup for you.

You could literally be making money within a few minutes of signing up!

The company is completely free to join and there are no long term contracts to sign.

You can try the ads on your blog and if it doesn't make you money, then just
remove it.

However, I'm sure you'll find this advertisement service to be one of your best money makers. And by signing up via my partnership with John Chow, you'll gain access all those
high paying premium ads that are normally reserved for top publishers.

Just put "From John Chow dot Com" in the comments of the Infolinks application and the company rep. will take care of you.

Here is the link, please let me know if it worked for you?

Good luck and God Bless You,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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