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14 Free Internet Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing For Beginners.

New Social Media and Web 2.0 Innovative Tools Open Even More Free Ways To Marketing Your Online Business, You Just Need To Be Creative!

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Yes my dear net entrepreneur, free Internet marketing works if you plan well, and make your promotions unique and targeted. I know that when you are a beginner in this world of online selling, many things can stop you from using paid advertising and costly strategies, some of this reasons can be the lack of investment budget and the other is the fear risk without knowing exactly how to make it work!...

Right now I want to give you some quick and easy ways to promote your business website or blog using only free methods that can increase your social following, web authority, eventually increase your traffic, and of course boost your income...

You need to remember that the strategies I'm going to share with you right know will not work as well if you use them as a one night stand, or if you over use them. You need to find the balance of what can work for you and how much do you want to benefit from it. Yes my friends, you can use them for affiliate marketing too.

Let's Get Some FREE Marketing Exposure Today!

This strategies are easy and free to apply, but it does require a good amount of time to put it to work, just like anything online or offline. OK, too much said, here are the strategies:

Facebook Tips.

1. Find and join at least 10 groups related to your niche, market or business interest.

2. Don't just join the groups, you need to participate. Share tips, ask questions, etc..

3. Post 2 to 4 different tips or ideas related to one of your articles on your wall, then post them with a link to the article. Post each update in different times...

Twitter Tips.

4. Retweet something useful you can find from at least 20 of your new followers, this will help you boost your relationship with them.

5. Tweet a #Follow mention to your top friends and followers two times today!...

6. Tweet 5 special #Follow mentions for five of the Twitter authorities that are following you.

7. Make your last tweets be a post or article from your site and the second one a nice inspirational quote.

8. Tweet articles or blog post from other that are linking to your site or to your articles. Yes, promote the promoters!...

Blogging and Social Media Tips.

9. Finding blog post ideas can be frustrating, why not making a post about one of your Twitter or Facebook friends.

10. Interview one of your top connections and post the interview on your blog or site.

11. Post a useful video made by one of your social media connections. Then share then on Facebook and Twitter with a mention to their profile.

12. Just like tweeting your promoters, you can use social bookmarking and news sites to bookmark those articles. Start with Digg, StumbleUpon,, and Newsvine.

Content Distribution.

13. Don't forget to ping your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin profiles or pages after a day of updates.

14. Write two unique articles promoting your best blog posts, then post one on EzineArticles and the other to GoArticles. Do this everyday for a different post.

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Recommended Resources.

Please remember that not everything is written on a rock, you can adjust every marketing strategy to achieve your goals, just don't forget to test, test, test, then track, tune, and test again.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Excellent tips Luis... You really like to provide quality.


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