Monday, October 30, 2006

TRAFFIC TIPS: Are You Saying Merry Christmas To Your Visitors Yet? It's Not, You Need to Start ASAP...

By Luis Galarza

Hi Dear Marketers,

Holiday Affiliate Internet Marketing Strategies are only explain in expensive Internet Marketing courses and training, but never put in the open like I'm doing right now. I just want to open the eyes of many new online entrepreneurs that don't know how and why to apply effective holiday affiliate Internet marketing tactics that can open a huge income opportunity even if your sites are just optimized to generate traffic on all year holidays, like Christmas...

Let Search Engines be your primary holiday affiliate internet marketing tool:

So, how you do this? Simple, by updating and preparing your website with holiday deals and content related to the event that you are targeting. The biggest holiday affiliate Internet marketing campaign that you need to plan is Christmas, which is the biggest sales event of the year... But, not for every product.

Now this the main dilemma with affiliate marketers, when is the best time to start a holiday affiliate Internet marketing campaign?

Well, if you do it to early, by the time of Christmas or the target holiday your site will be out of the top Search Engine rankings, and if you do it to late by the time your site is ranking high on the search engines the holiday already a thing of the passed.

So, for a holiday affiliate Internet marketing campaign the best time to start is September. Start optimizing your websites for this holiday (Christmas) with the 5 top components of a successful holiday affiliate internet marketing promotion that can get you ahead of the gain... To get this Ultimate 5 Affiliate Internet Marketing Components that can help you set up a lucrative affiliate campaign click here.

What sells best in Christmas? Well let's take a look at 2005 holiday affiliate Internet marketing results.

  • In 2005 shoppers bought $3 billion in books.
  • $2.3 billion in toys and video games.
  • Shoppers spent $5.3 billion in clothes.
  • They also spent $4.8 billion on computer hardware and peripherals.
  • iPod and consumer electronics when up 109 percent year after year.
  • In January 2006 sales hit $61.2 million, as shoppers proceeded to spend their holiday gift cards.

So, think about popular gifts and you got a winner holiday affiliate internet marketing campaign...

All the best,

Luis Galarza, CEO

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Marketing and Telecommunication Consultant & CEO of Cogni360 and Associates ( ). Also, he teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online without a their own website, or product. For more information about his Free Affiliate Marketing training service go to:

A proud member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs


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charlest2477 said...

Excellent affiliate Internet marketing tip you post here... I did what you said and this month I did more affiliate sales that the entire year. I really thank you for the tip.

Let me telll you I was about to quit the affiliate marketing game because in a whole year I only made 1 sale and that was to one of my friends and nothing untill I read your blog...

Thank you...


adyu487 said...

Love your the your internet marketing and online business advice..

And the new "Make Money Blog" is really informative.

leominster_ma said...

Sorry about your father...

Hope you feeling a little better, sometimes work can be a good helper...

celion said...

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