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Successful Viral eBook Marketing Strategy For Beginners

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.
If I Have To Narrow Down What Makes An Successful eBook Marketing Strategy, These Is What I Will Say!
If you don't know what's a viral ebook? A viral ebook or report also called viport are the strategic mix of reports and viral marketing. These two online promotion avenues are part of all the Internet marketing methods you need to learn to gain a competitive edge, of course this will happen if the viral campaigns are plan and done right. Which can be also done by testing and tracking all the campaign data for creative analysis so you can improve or develop new strategies that will focus on the reports that are producing better web conversions.

So what a successful viral ebook marketing strategy should accomplice:

A well plan viral ebook campaign can be design to achieve many different goals for an Internet business, goals that are part of your overall business mission. There are two questions that you may want to ask yourself before launching your viral marketing bullets.

1.- Do I want to build branding and authority?

2.- Or, Do I want to increase my customers base and revenue?

The first question is about increasing your business ego by making people remember your brand, name, and products. The other is about building a your business cash flow and funnel, but both questions are good for long term success. So, which approach is better for you and the growth of your online business? Before I answer this question here is what you need to know...

Don't Fall On The Corporate Trap.

Many online and offline fortune 500 and 1000 companies use viral ebook in their Internet marketing tactics, and you maybe think that a beginner like you can learn a lot from their campaigns... They teach you that successful viral ebooks marketing...
  • Need to increase brand awareness.
  • Needs to provide full contact information on leads.
  • Needs to create massive amount of readers.
  • And needs to generate sales without click-through.

Let me tell you something, all these is fine if you are a fortune 500 or 1000 company with plenty of money to invest on none-targeted marketing strategies. The use viral marketing like TV advertising, mass mailing, radio advertising, and national newspaper ads, and just they get a lot of leads for their products by advertising the free ebooks or whitepapers on top websites, but they don't know exactly how leads turn into sales because of the ebook, because most of them don't use interactive links that direct potential buyers to the order or more information page, not even their site homepage. They relay on estimates and not accurate conversion data.

As Internet marketing beginners you can't use their methods of developing viral ebooks, you need to be able to test and track all your campaign data for better analysis of what really made your readers take action, which link do they click on, what was the anchor (link description text) of that link, on what part of your infoproduct that link was located, etc...

If you develop a good viral ebook strategy you should get better measurable results like:
  • Increase of your website or blog traffic: By using active links in your report that point to different areas of your site or blog where readers can learn more about a topic, you can generate more traffic per reader.
  • Increase in opt-in email subscriptions or leads: Use a lead capture page or squeeze page, as your report request landing page, that needs to sell your prospect on signing up in order to get the free download. Powerful strategy, list building with giveaways.
  • And increase of leads turning into sales: Don't way for follow up to monetize those leads... Your report should pre-sell readers and have call to action sales copy to generate sales right from the digital book.

The Few Strategies Beginners Should Learn From Top Corporate Firm.

Not everything is bad marketing in the corporate world, there are a lot of techniques that you can learn from them and can increase your success rate if you apply it in your viport campaigns:

1.- Always use your free whitpages to build a list of sales prospects.

2.- Use it to educate your prospects about your solutions and how it can fix their problems. This is advanced online pre-selling.

3.- Get as much contact information as you can. Corporate can ask for everything, small businesses should ask only name, last name, email, website URL, phone number... When you're new, just ask for name and email, this will increase opt-in conversions.

4.- Make your brand and name part of the ebook layout. Industry authority needs a name or an image. make sure your marketing message is located at the beginning, at the bottom of each page and remind them again at the end.

5.- Provide good content, go beyond quality and give something that will have a high price value in the mind of your readers. Don't be scare to add links to other articles in your site or blog, just make sure it's content is relevant that provide unique and useful information.

Recommended Resources.

- Internet Automation Plan.

In Conclusion: The use of a well plan viral ebook marketing campaign can help you develop a long term traffic and money making machine for your Internet business.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

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