Friday, June 03, 2011

35 Steps To Create Profitable Business Ideas For Your New Internet Marketing Adventure

Developing your new business idea, one that it's profitable and easy to market online or offline can be a very daunting project on its own. Ideas come to all of us all the time and you need to be ready to make sure you let them pass you by. That's why I always recommend all my reads and clients to keep a little note pad them so when a new vision sparks on your head you can write it down right away and include any
relevant insights you come out on the moment, don't try to make it neat or in order just write it down, you can organize your thought after when you seat down and focus your time on analyzing that spark of knowledge.

By reading this post you are demonstrating that you are a person that is oriented to do anything to take your idea to the next level, while others never do nothing to see the full potential of their thoughts, or believe it will take too much money and time to have them develop. Which is great news for you because they leave the market wide open for action taker people like you and me.

Below I give you the same list of question and to-do-list I give my clients to help them develop and bring their new business, product or service idea to completion. Each step is design to help you come out with an original product or business and even to create your USP (unique selling proposition or message) which is the beginning of your positioning strategy.

Here is a list of questions you want to answer when developing your new business idea:

1 - Why is your creation better?

2 - Who will gain benefits from improvement?

3 - What's wrong with the current product or service?

4 - Does anyone else cause a problem with it?

5 - How do you plan to improve it?

6 - Do you have the tools to do the job required?

7 - Do you have the expertise to do the work necessary to make it better?

8 - Precisely what part needs improving?

9 - Should be a little bit? Bigger?

10 - Can the color be different?

11 - Would more action help make it the best?

12 - Could be combined with something else to make it more useful?

13 - Can a work of different source of materials improve it?

14 - If is it too complex, can you make it simple?

15 - Could be a replacement be for worthwhile?

16 - Is it too expensive?

17 - Can new personnel help the state of development?

18 - Can the form be altered to advantage?

19 - Would a new strategic marketing plan make the distinction?

20 - Is it secure from danger?

21 - Can it be manufactured in large quantities to get a lower cost per unit?

22 - Can you change the visual aspect... Simplified?

23 - Is there sufficient guarantee?

24 - What can be done to appeal to a wider audience?

25 - Can a new packaging or name make it better?

26 - Could be better if it is heavier, lighter, higher or lower?

27 - Can it you turn it into a franchise?

28 - Is there a good service program to back it up?

29 - Can you offer simple financing options?

30 - Make a list of ways to maximize production.

31 - Make a list of ways to boost sales.

32 - Make a list of ways to decrease costs.

33 - Make a list ways to boost efficiency.

34 - Make a list of ways to enhance quality and boost profits.

35 - What can you do with it to increase customer service quality?

Now your task is to implement the list and create an outstanding business that will be set for success with a message that your target market is going to understand and love!... And don't be afraid if your come out with an unusual business idea, just make sure there is a market for it.

All the best,

Luis Galarza,
Local Marketing Specialist.

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