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20 Giveaways For List Building - This Is Email Marketing On Autopilot

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

If Email Marketing Beginners Automate Their List Building Process, You Can Go From Newbie To Advance Level In A Flash!

That's the dream for many of the new online entrepreneurs out there... Automation! This simple Internet marketing strategy for email list building can help you generate a massive list of subscribers in a matter of months. For this to work you need to follow a few rules and steps that are essential parts of your list building campaign success. You can find advanced email marketing and list building strategies in this next ebooks (digital books):
- "Insider Secrets To Email Marketing"
- "Email Strategies Explained"
- "List Profit System"
- "Subject Line Secrets"
- "Get Message Read"

Today I want to talk of one of the strategies that many top marketers including me use to build a list almost on autopilot. I'm talking digital giveaway... Offering something for free is one the best methods to make web visitors subscribe to your email list... so, check the list building tips below and use your creativity to set up your own email marketing plan to increase subscribers, and profit from your list.

1.- Ebooks
Write an step-by-step guide about avoiding problems related to your industry, then promote your free guide (ebook format) on your web site and blog with an email opt-in sign up form. For more information about ebooks read "eBook Marketing Beginners Plan - 7 Steps For Newbies With Low Or No Money".

2.- Report
Write a extensive list of tips plus resources to help your list members find what they are looking for easily. Here is a book that can show you how to profit from short reports or ebooks:

- "Small Reports Fortune"

3.- Viral Reports or Viports
Write an article that will point a possible solution to a problem but leave it open for comments and creates a path to more research by your subscribers.

4.- Mini-courses
Write a five or more days courses with articles giving a solution or pointing how people get into an specific problem and leave the solution for last.

5.- Blog Post
Ask your blog readers to subscribe to your email list (Not RSS Feed) for advanced tips. You can add your email form at the bottom of each blog post or on the top of your blog.

6.- Quick Tips
Write or find a series of mini tips about your niche and offer them to your email list subscribers on a daily basics. Make each tip really useful.

7.- Interviews:
A series of question and answers with one or more experts on your niche is a great email marketing promotion for list building campaigns.

8.- Free Bonuses
This is one of the most use list building strategies. Because people love to get bonuses, specially when they don't have to do nothing hard like just writing their first name and email address to get those free gifts.

9.- Follow-Up Sequences
Write a guide or resource list and provide the first 20% or 30% of the this guide for free preview on your site and then offer access to the rest of the guide if they sign up for your email list.

10.- Audio Files
Create an audio file version of your articles or ebook and make it giveaway for new email subscribers. Audio is a great way to present your information to members because people learn faster when someone is telling them the info instead of reading it.

11.- Videos
Same as with audio this will make people sign up even faster because video formats add more value to your giveaway than any other format. The only type of giveaway or bonus that have better perceive value than videos are physical products.

12.- Surveys
This is another good way to build your list just because people love to give their point of view about anything they know or they are interest in, and surveys give them the opportunity to share their opinions. Make sure to tell subscribers that after the survey they will get the survey results, and extra information by email.

13.- Compact Discs And Physical Bookles
Like I say before physical products have better perceive value than any type of digital book or software download, and for that reason they are one of the best giveaways you can provide to build your list. The problem with this strategy is that requires some up front investment for the creation of the product and to mail it to your prospect, so make sure you use a format like a CD or DVD to create your product that way your mailing expenses can be lower than if you try to mail a small book or booklet.

14.- Articles
Articles are a excellent way to provide a preview of some of the content to your prospects and use the "About The Author" signature box to send readers to get a sign up for your email course. To learn easy ways to use article marketing to bring traffic and build your brand check:

- "Bum Marketing Methods"

15.- Teleseminars
Teleseminars is just like getting VIP access to one on one couching with an expert in your market, that's why they work excellent to generate a massive email list by promoting your free teleseminar with a squeeze page or email opt-in form page.

16.- Ongoing Series
Create an ezine or digital newsletter that can be deliver on a monthly basics, full with quality information, an ebook or digital report, an expert interview, and list of good resources about the topic you are targeting. You can also add audio and video to make it even more valuable for your prospects and have them sign up to access the ongoing series training by email.

17.- Software
Softwares are great bonuses to gain subscribers. Just make sure is something useful, and that actually works.

18.- Contests
This is another good strategy that is actually use by top online retailers or e-tailers to build their own list of future buyers.

19.- Free Couching or Advice
If you have a bast knowledge about your product, niche, or industry this is a great way to get new list members. Just make sure you give good advice full of useful information. To avoid phone calls deliver your answers by email.

20.- Free Services
This can work great if you have a service that is related to your niche and is something your main target market will be interest in.

I recommend you to use manual traffic exchange services if you don't have money to invest, but if you do go direct to PPC advertising for faster results. Here are two web sites you should check:

- Traffic Swarm
- Search Engine Marketing Lab

Hope little tips help you build your list faster....

Here is an article that will give some useful tips about list building and direct email marketing:
1. Your first priority is to build a quality opt in email subscribers. That means that you will want to have all of your website visitors subscribe to your personal opt in list. You will want to focus on people coming in to YOUR site and giving them their personal permission to send them your newsletter. The more subscribers you get on a daily basis, the better.

2. There are places online with companies who will try to sell you subscribers for a fee. You will come across them through a website that someone else recommends or even through email that the company sends you to get your attention and your money. This is not the way to go because this kind of email marketing is called SPAM email. This will not do you any good in the short and long term.

3. Buy a domain name that describes what you do. If it is a "Home Business" website, try to get a domain that has "Business' in it. The next thing that you will want to do is to add at least 3-4 different places on your site that allow the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. Try to also put an email subscription form right at the very top of the page so that your visitors can see it as soon as they come into your website.

4. You also need to add, in every email that you send out, a place to unsubscribe. Not everyone on your list will like what you send them. Some will reply back to your emails and ask you to remove them from your opt in list. You should do that immediately.

5. You will eventually build sub sites to your original website. You will also want to add an email subscription form to them. Every page that you create, make sure to have, again, at least 3-4 email subscription forms.

6. Work at developing a relationship with those subscribers once you have an opt-in mailing list. Your main goal is to become a trusted person that offers them valuable information in each and every email. As you develop that trust you will be able to sell to your list more easily. Anytime any of your subscribers email you with questions, do respond back to them. You don't want to ignore them even though they didn't buy anything from your yet. Treat each subscriber as you would want others to treat you. 7. Don't send them schemes and scams through email. This will hurt your credibility with them and online. Your goal is to be able to go back to your list and sell over and over for years to come.

To learn how can you be part of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club click here.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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