Wednesday, September 21, 2011

17 Effective Video Content Strategies To Boost Your Marketing

Millions of people are watching and sharing videos online, that's why is not surprise to know that video content creation is a very effective marketing strategy that should be in every online marketer and small business action plan.
There is many types of video content you can create to boost your brand and market authority on the web, here I researched a quick list of some of the top versions on interactive media you can develop to use as a promotion weapon and shoot your business to the top!


Here are three quick resources to help you start creating excellent video content right away.

Here is the type of content your should be creating:

1. Product Demonstrations.
Having a demonstration of your product, service, or app is an excellent way to boost your conversions.

2. Product Overview.
Provide a summary of your products' features and benefits to help your audience understand it better, which can turn in an significant increase in sales.

3. Sneak Peaks.
Excellent for paid tutorials, training materials, app or software, and book.

4. Content Index.
You can show the index of a book or ebook or the modules of a training course.

5. Tours.
Make a tour of a members only area of your website, show your product in action.

6. Tips.
Make quick clips providing an specific tip to help your audience solve a problem. Excellent to to create many clips one tip at a time.

7. Complete Tutorials.
Gather a few of your tips and develop an educational tutorial about a problem in your niche.

8. Facts.
Show why your product is a must by showing facts and statistics about your industry.

9. Interactive Infographics.
As you know infographics are very popular right now and they go viral super fast. Well, you can do the same with videos just create slide shows showing some interesting facts and statistics about your industry or anything relevant to your market.

10. Webinars.
Use webinars to educate your audience about your products, or to give some useful advice.

11. How-To Videos.
Develop step-by-step tutorials about different areas in your business or to show how to use your products effectively.

12. Niche Shows.
Become a popular targeted online show host, provide tips, reviews, or just news relevant to your market.

13. Company PR.
Use online videos to share your company's news,  and updates. Excellent to post on your Youtube channel, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..

14. Go Nuts And Go Viral.
Post clips making fun of different areas of your business or industry. Or do crazy video memes of your products and anything you can think of. Example: 'Will It Blend!'

15. Stat Shows.
Post clips of polls and surveys results. People love informational statistics, which is why infographics work so well, this clips are like mini infographics.

16. Video Articles.
Turn you articles into videos, you can also do it with blog posts, email newsletters, etc., and easily develop interactive clips from your current content, and then submit it to many video sharing sites.

17. Sales Speech.
Just in case you don't know using interactive presentations instead of a long sales copy have way better responses... Yes, videos win over regular text.

As you can see there are many ways to use video content strategically in your marketing, just make sure you have set your goals and done some research to see what will be the right approach or method to interact with your audience. Also try to keep your campaign focus on your goals and your target market this way you raise the success factor of your marketing.

Best regards,

Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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