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Three Golden Rules Of SEO For Beginners

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

My Friend Jeffro Says SEO Experts Are Full Of Crap! Crap That Makes Internet Marketing Beginners Confuse... Here Is Your Eye Opener!

Many SEO experts that talk or write about this Internet marketing channel focus on making it look like ranking well in top search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN is an impossible task, when the fact is if you put three simple golden rules of SEO to work you, you can start seeing some natural search traffic in no time. But, like any aspect of online business and marketing you need to get up and take fast actions... Off course, if you plan to run a good marketing campaign you need to have all the pieces part of SEO success factors, this factors include:
  • Commitment.
  • Planning.
  • Products And Services.
  • Training.
  • Patience.
  • Website Usability And Design.
  • Strategic Keyword Research.
  • Analytics And Metrics.
  • Tools.
  • Crawl ability.
  • Content.
  • Links.
  • Social Marketing.
  • Reputation Management.
  • And Trust.
I agree with my friend Jeffro, that many search engine optimization information that beginners can find for free is to push you to buy expensive training materials or ebooks that will be outdated by the time you put it on practice. He also point at industry consultants that charge a lot of money to give the same advice you can find for free anywhere, or at least in some good reliable sources. I really like the tips that Jeffro wrote, which he called the "three golden rules of SEO", that I just have to add it to this post... Here there are:

"1. Write Well - Writing well can make or break content. The best of both worlds is writing well while injecting a sprinkling of keywords into the content. There is nothing wrong with adding specialized keywords into your content just so long as they don’t take away from the article/release.

2. Be As Relevant As Possible To The Niche You Are Writing About - It’s all about relevancy. From the blog title, meta site description tags and meta keywords, it’s about taking everything your site has to offer and making it relevant towards whatever niche you are writing about. For example, if you are writing a tech blog, don’t write about popculture events or if Brittany Spears is back in rehab. Also, don’t use hundreds of keywords in your meta tag area. This will penalize your site in the search results.

3. Write Unique, Desirable Content - This one is pretty self explanatory. If the content you write is unique, chances are, people will link to it. This creates back links and will propel your content ahead of others. The desirable content is content that your audience wants. Find out what your audience needs and provide that to them. Desirable content will also aide in generating back links if your content covers a wide audience.

Do those three things on a consistent basis and I guarantee you’ll notice a spike in organic search engine traffic."

You can definitely start seeing increase on your web traffic from natural search results, and you can have your blog rank on Google faster than before, no submission necessary. Now, here is where you need to think, do you want just a little search traffic? Do you want to rank well for many relevant key phrases? Or do you really want to rank high for popular keywords in your niche? Do you have the budget and time to way until ranking well for top traffic keywords? Do you have the budget to spend on off-page optimization?

Is not the same having top natural search position on keywords like "Diet tip and tricks to get fit in in less time" than if you get top ranking on the keyword "Diet" or "Diet Tips". Don't get me wrong you will get rank in many other long tail search phrases with good relevant content, but you need to have a strategic search marketing plan base on good market and keyword research data. If you are blogging about a niche just because you like it it's OK to follow only those three rules, but if you are looking to make money or to make a living out of blogging you need to have every piece of SEO success factors. Specially the factor that includes good links, because you can forget many things but not one way back links.

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In Conclusion: You can start with these three SEO tips, but you need to have a good amount of research data for those rules to work, and then you can develop a strategic SEO plan with all the main factors for a long term success.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

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Haiku said...

You and your friend really got the SEO nail with a big hammer... Nice post, This is the first time I see real talk about this topic.


Michelle Tukachinsky said...

Thanks so much for your post! I agree.. good content will always be king!

bluetick said...

I couldn't agree more...There are so many good ways to obtain good organic rankings and they all start with good quality content. Over come the content issue and any newbie is well on their way to successful rankings. My suggestion to anyone new to SEO is to work on your keyword research and center your whole web site around one niche area. If anyone wants some free daily seo tips that are simple and easy to apply to their web site sign up for these tips.

Blogger said...

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