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February 27th 2011 Internet Marketing Tips Roundup

Tips to increase your web traffic and profit!

Here is a list of the most popular free Internet marketing article or blog posts this last week of February 2011. The roundup only list the top posts for the week, no the latest articles... Here they are:

* Complete List of Hot Marketing Topics.
Here is the complete list of this blog labels, tags, or categories to help you find what you are looking for.

* 17 Best Selling Products or Items On The Internet.
First you need to know that almost any type of products or services can be promoted online, but because some goods sales depend on a more personal level of selling process, not everything can be sold directly online, at least not yet. But with all the new web innovations launching everyday, giving us more and more ways of interactive communication that can be use to improve your online sales conversions we are getting to a level of ecommerce breakthrough that weren't expected before.

* Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO Techniques Cat Fight.
This is a real question for all my fellow Internet marketers out there, which SEO technique do you prefer, black hat or white hat? As you know all the search engine optimization techniques I share with you in this blog are 100% ethical white hat tactics, and even after all the several questions I get from readers, subscribers, and customers asking me to share black hat tricks, I always answer with 'sorry, but I don't want to be the person responsible for you site getting ban from any of the top search engines." I just can't do it, I don't mine giving away some good optimization tips, but nothing tricky or loop-holes just pure good proven techniques.

* Xtube Adult Affiliate Marketing - Like YouTube.
We already learn a lot from one of the first YouTube adult video sharing site called Porntube, and yes there are many other adult social networking sites (Mashable) that can teach you a lot about how to apply strategic Internet marketing tactics that will increase web traffic and web conversions, today I'm going to focus on Xtube (visite the site here, but be warn that the site is for adults only) another adult video sharing site that makes most of their money from affiliate marketing and adult Google Adsense look alike ad network.

* 100 Free PLR & MMR Hot Selling Product Added To Members Area.
If you are looking for digital goods to sell online you are reading the right article. Today I just wanted to give you a quick update with more new quality hot selling PLR and MMR products available for you in the members area of  PLR. You are going to find a large arsenal of digital items that can be sold online, and the best of all is that you are going to find private and master resell right items for several niches.

* May 14 2009 Top Selling Products on The Internet: Make Money.
When you are looking to start selling on the Internet the first thing every smart online marketer should do, is a complete market and keyword research to make sure you are going to sell popular or on-demand products from a good niche with hot trends. When I said hot trends i mean markets with high demand with a lot of search juice and spent money. Is no reason to get in to a market that will not generate enough revenue to help you financially...

* February 15th 50 Hot Products To Sell On The Internet.
What to sell on the Internet this February 15th, 2011? That's actually a daily question for most online marketers and merchants, because finding what's hot on a daily basics can be very exhausting, specially if you don't know to do online market research or you don't have the right marketing tools for such study. And even if you have the tools you need to know exactly how to use them and read the reports so you understand your market and easily spot trends and hot products on demand that can be use to set up new revenue streams for you and your business.

* Top 25 Products On February 17 2011 That You Can Sell Online.
This is one of the best time of the year to increase your online sales by focusing on hot selling trends like today's 25 popular products. You can dramatically boost your revenue by doing two simple things first promote to your audience the exact item or service they are looking for. And second, by offering a good deal or discount or at least tell them there is a discount they can take advantage of today, if they order on February 17th 2011 or any expiration day, this will give them a sense of urgency.

* 5 Easy Ways To Create Niche Profit Sites To Make Money Online [Videos].
I've been sharing a lot of tips to help increase your web traffic, also I gave you endless lists of hot selling products and popular keywords. Today I want to share with you some short Internet marketing videos that will teach you 5 different ways to make money online by using high targeted search terms to build niche profit sites. The keywords research tool that is use in the training videos is Micro Niche Finder, which is of the best tools you can own to help you boost the success of your web business.

* Email Marketing Click Through Rate Statistics Put Restaurants On Top.
At the of 2006 a email marketing study was made to know which industry get the best web conversions from email promotions, the study was made by Harte-Hanks Postfuture Index, which results show that online restaurants promotions generated the best open rates compare to other top industries using email as a form of direct marketing method.
That's a lot of reading, but also you are going to learn many different Internet marketing strategies you can use right away to boost your business success!

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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