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10 Free Web Marketing Lessons From A Yoga Retreat Site In Italy

Yoga and free web marketing doesn't go hand to hand. I know, but here is what happened...

With summer almost here I was planning my yearly summer vacations, and this time my wife and I were looking for a yoga retreat resort in Italy. I have a few family members and friends in that beautiful country so it was a good idea to go over there for a very relaxing and fun vacation... No, I will not accept any Internet marketing consultation orders on the those days, first because I really want to relax and have a good time with the family, also, my wife would kill me if I do any work during the yoga retreat, I will not honey, don't you worry ;o).

So, where to go? I looked in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even AOL, but I got search result overload, have you ever got that? That is when you find to many things online and make the decision even harder. This is why I decide to ask my social media friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, and what I did I will go with the company or yoga resort with the most recommendations.

After, a little bit waiting I got the winner, the yoga retreat Italy site with the most recommendations was Their site is very simple, professional and very useful. Here is what the site says:
Your day at Sardinia Yoga starts with two hours of energizing ashtanga-style yoga on our private beachfront yoga space. This will give you a clear mind and invigorated spirit to make the most of the day.

You will be staying in the wonderful Grand Hotel in Porto Cervo and visit the gorgeous Cala Granu beach is just moments away, or you can stay at the hotel and stretch out on the sun loungers by the pool or visit the hotel’s Finnish spa.

I decided to review the site today because after so many recommendation they must be doing something very good, and a great way to increase your own success it's learning valuable lessons from successful people and niche businesses.

Free Internet Marketing Tips.

By the way I gonna be going to Sardinia Yoga retreat resort their prices were good and they were very helpful and handle my request with professionalism. Here are some of the tips you can get from such a great company:

1. Make you site simple and very easy to understand, so visitors can feel confortable surfing your web pages and information.

2. Present your message in a professional way. Remember that first impressions is everything, it tells new visitors to navigate the site to learn more, or will scare them away forever.

3. Have a good looking logo and business name representing your image and brand online. This is part of giving a good first impression to your prospects.

4. Make sure your site homepage give a good explanation of your company main services or products.

5. Make your site easy to navigate by having your main navigation buttons or links where visitors can find them very easy. The best spots are on top of your pages over or under the header image. Also if you have links to site rules and legal information keep those on the bottom of your site.

6. Be sure your contact information is easy to find. In the case of this yoga resort they post their business phone number and email link (for fast response) right on top where anybody can find it without trouble. Also, a link to their contact page is part of their bottom navigation links for people who need more ways to contact them.

7. They educate and show their potential clients what they can expect from their resort and the many activities they can be part of. This is very important specially if what you are selling or offering is new or needs a little more explaining.

8. I love this method. They have a virtual tour to show their potential clients in a interactive way what they can expect at the resort. This is great because as your know online video direct marketing can help you increase your leads and sales dramatically.

9. Make it easy for web users to share your site with their social media peers in networks like Facebook or Twitter. If some of them have a good amount of online social connection and they have a nice relationship with them your message can go viral.

10. Now this is one of the best lessons you can learn from Sardinia Yoga. They know that to build a long term Internet business you need to generate a database of hot leads by applying permission email marketing and list building strategies that can help you generate a list of qualify prospects, whom you can develop a strong business relationship with and follow up with offers. Remember, email marketing is the best way to turn lookers into customers.

I really like when I find successful online businesses with great web presence and service that can help beginners and other small business owners learn more about how to build and promote your company on the Internet. In this case you got 10 strategic web marketing methods from a yoga retreat Italy site, check them out, they have an awesome service.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Business Specialist.

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