Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Make Money Online With Micro Niche Blogs [Case Study Video]

Micro Niche Formula!

Today I want to share a very powerful training video, which is in fact a marketing case study about a micro niche blog that makes over $2,800 per month online. When I refer to micro niche I mean the blog targets a very specific niche or part of a popular market that has profit potential. As you going to see in the video this smart marketer targets a very small audience from an on demand market, and he had created an unusual business, but very profitable one.

To do this you simply need to target your Internet marketing efforts on the
long tail keywords not a general search term. I always explain this on this blog is because in order for you to make money online fast and with low risk you need to forget about going after top general industry key-phrases like 'iPod', instead build an Internet business that focus on selling or educating about 'iPod Nano Accessories for Girls.' You see the big difference between the two terms, the first one is a very general one, but the second one targets a very specific micro niche, in this case is 'girls looking for female accessories for their iPod Nano.'

The main benefit you can get from adopting this blogging method is rapid and easy high ranking on search engines for that term, and this SEO benefit give you even more success juice to your business:
  • Free high quality traffic.
  • Visitors are potential instant buyers not just tire kickers.
  • With proper on-site White Hat SEO you can keep that top spot forever.
  • You can also build an email list of hot leads for back-end sales.
  • Will open doors for networking and joint venture partnerships.

There is more, but before I bored you, here is the case study video on how a micro niche blog makes over $2,800 every single month without much effort:

I hope you enjoy the video, specially I hope you learn a lot about how to create small long tail based sites or blogs that can generate a passive monthly stream of income for you.

Remember that if you want to increase your income the only thing you need to do is build another site targeting another hot selling product or on-demand trend, apply same method and done. Then continue building as many as you can handle, just don't over do yourself.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Online Marketing Specialist.

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