Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th 50 Hot Products To Sell On The Internet

What to sell on the Internet this February 15th, 2011? That's actually a daily question for most online marketers and merchants, because finding what's hot on a daily basics can be very exhausting, specially if you don't know to do online market research or you don't have the right marketing tools for such study. And even if you have the tools you need to know exactly how to use them and read the reports so you understand your market and easily spot trends and hot products on demand that can be use to set up new revenue streams for you and your business.

Before I show you the tools I use and the list of popular selling items, let me give you some tips on how to monetize this list.

  • Do a good keywords research to find different targeting search terms that your audience is using to find those items.
  • Set up pre-selling landing pages on your site or using content web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, and Google Knol.
  • Make sure to use original content so your landing pages would get traffic from search engines. If your content is not 100% original and if you have a little marketing budget, you send traffic to your sites with PPC advertising.
  • If the topic has a bass amount of sub-topics that can be turn into quality content, I recommend you to start a blog about the subject this way you can get a big advantage over single page sites.
  • Find merchants selling the goods with an associate program. You can check my list of top CPA and affiliate networks to help you find the right merchant or network. Also you can google the term and add 'affiliate program' in quotes at the end.
  • Also you can find a drop-shipping or wholesale company and sell the item on eBay or any other high traffic auction site.

So, are you ready to make some money online? I hope so!

The List Of On Demand Products.

  1. Spice rack.
  2. Athletic tape.
  3. North face fleece.
  4. Cleopatra costume.
  5. Toaster.
  6. Plantronics s20.
  7. Firewire scanner.
  8. Window fan.
  9. PDA case.
  10. Ruby ring.
  11. Miter saw.
  12. Scrabble deluxe.
  13. Prince of Persia.
  14. Infant car seat.
  15. Skateboard shoes.
  16. Air hockey table.
  17. Can crusher.
  18. Camelbak classic.
  19. Essential oil.
  20. Illy coffee.
  21. DVD player.
  22. Turntable.
  23. Gas generator.
  24. Dominoes.
  25. Bcbg shoes.
  26. Pocket watches.
  27. Stacking chairs.
  28. Graco pack n play.
  29. Croquet.
  30. Evening dress.
  31. MP3 player.
  32. Recliner.
  33. Wall safe.
  34. Mini bar.
  35. Frontpage.
  36. Febreze.
  37. Diamond ring.
  38. Needlepoint kits.
  39. Lip gloss.
  40. Dominoes.
  41. Short wave radio.
  42. Beanie hat.
  43. Hammock stand.
  44. Bose 601 speakers.
  45. Donut maker.
  46. Rubber chicken.
  47. Easy bake oven.
  48. 1 day Acuvue.
  49. Greenhouse.
  50. Hiking boots

Each of this hot sellers are potential profits for you if you set up your selling funnel the right way. If you want to take your marketing and profits even further you need to start an email list building campaign this can give you way more chances to increase reputation, leads, and sales. You can also apply same tactics to yesterday's Valentine's Day top products list.

Some of the marketing and research tools I use are:

- Keyword Elite.
- Mass Money Makers.
- Bebiz: Niche Business Builder.
- Affiliate Elite.

If you decide to get BeBiz, you may not need Keyword Elite because Bebiz already comes with a bunch of marketing tools that can help you check your market for profitable keywords and more. Let me know if you have any questions by posting in on my Facebook page or sending me a tweet on Twitter.

Best regards,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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